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The Chic Initiative: Premier online retailer for clutches, evening bags and minaudières

As you know I am a huge hugeeee fan of beauty box subscription. I still remember my very first beauty box. It was Fabulous Finds. Fabulous Finds left a fond memory to me as they are the first beauty box in Malaysia and who can forget the ever so bubbly, inspiring CEO and Founder, Hui Ling. I can remember how sad we were when Hui Ling decided to discontinue Fabulous Finds due to health reasons. Throughout the past years I do bump into Hui Ling and we kept in touch through Whatsapp. But can you imagine how happy I was when Hui Ling called last month? The good news is, Hui Ling now has a new venture called The Chic Initiative. It’s an online retailer of women’s dinner clutches and evening bags, with pieces curated from abroad. We met up for coffee and the rest is history!

The Chic Initiative 1
Why dinner clutches, evening bags, and minaudières (mee-nor-dee-yers)? Hui Ling said that it is hard to find the right evening clutch. I could not agree more! Yes there are some shops that has clutches but it s never the right one. Personally, I find it hard to find even one single clutch when I needed the most. And there is also lack of online retailer selling evening clutches. Since Hui Ling are very much into fashion, she thought why not she do this as a passion project to fill the market gap? I say that is a brilliant idea! 😀

Each and every piece of clutch from The Chic Initiative are handpicked and brought back from oversea. You can be assured of the quality as Hui Ling personally triple (and more) check each clutches to make sure they are perfect before putting it out for sale.

The Chic Initiative 2
I had the rare opportunity to see, touch, and feel some of the clutches over coffee. I was wow-ed. I have seen such clutches on magazines or from live red carpet show but I have never seen any in real. These clutches are so exquisite. I can tell you that no other retailer carry such clutches. I had my eyes on one particular clutch that night. It caught my attention immediately as it reminds me of the Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutches. The McQueen clutch in Bronze looked similar to Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch but this one from The Chic Initiative are more subtle and wearable. At one glance, you would not think that I would want this style of clutches. But hey, it is Fiona we are talking about and I am known to be different 😛

The Chic Initiative 3
The Chic Initiative brought in three colours for the McQueen collection. Gunmetal and Champagne Pink were sold out immediately as soon as the stocks were in. That is how HOT these clutches are! Bronze is just as beautiful. Even more beautiful in real. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The clutch itself comes in a hard textured case, with heart-shaped knuckleduster gold hardware clasp. The noob me do not know how to get the clutch to open at first. I later learnt that in order to open the clutch, just tilt the clasp back slightly and voilà!

The Chic Initiative 4

The Chic Initiative 5
One thing I did not expect is a little tag of The Chic Initiatives inside the clutch. All the details put into the whole concept is amazing. I would not have thought of this myself. The inside are all lined and protected with black velvet fabrics.

The Chic Initiative 6
The clutch measures at 18 cm (L) x 12 cm (W) x 6 cm (H). One would think a clutch is small or mini in size but not this one. It is actually quite roomy on the inside. It fits a phone but not iPhone 6 Plus ya as it is too huge, a small wallet, car key, a packet of tissue paper, lipstick and a mini powder (and more). Each clutches also comes with a shoulder strap so you can choose to sling the clutch on your shoulder as you like.

The Chic Initiative 7
Now let’s talk about their signature packaging which was meticulously designed and thought of. From the paper bag to the outer brown box to the dust bag. Every single details such as the material, design, and even the yellow colour are carefully thought of. As The Chic Initiative is an online retailer, every parcel will be send out using courier. Oh did I mention it is FREE SHIPPING for Malaysia and Singapore? Now you know 🙂 . The actual box will be protected with a brown carton box, something you would remember from Fabulous Finds days. Nothing fancy according to Hui Ling but even the brown carton box looked so chic! And no, you do not get a paper bag due to the odd size. It does not fit into the box.

The Chic Initiative 8
The actual signature box for the clutch is AMAZING. It is made from thick and sturdy cardboard, sealed with a signature black ribbon. If you are a box collector like I am, this is one box that you should collect 😀 . I like how The Chic Initiative gold logo imprinted on top of the box. The logo is simple and yet stood out prominently. I had forgotten to open up the box for photo *facepalm* but fret not. It’s empty inside hehe. I was told by Hui Ling that there will be black tissue paper on the inside around the dust bag.

The Chic Initiative 9
Each clutch will be placed in a dust bag before placing in the signature box, which will be sealed with a signature black ribbon, before putting into another brown carton box. I like the dust bag as much as the box. Reason is that the material is thick. The gold TCI initial on the dust bag makes everything better don’t you think so?

The Chic Initiative 10
Are you impressed yet? I am! I never imagine all the details that needed to be thought of and put into consideration when it comes to being an online fashion retailer. This is how ‘premier’ retailer should be. Every single details defines the brand and the retailer itself.

I brought my McQueen clutch out with me for The Face Inc launch last month at Ruyi & Lyn. I figure the venue and ambient was just perfect. The clutch is a stunner, not me lol.

The Chic Initiative 11
Just three more days to Christmas and you can still make it for Christmas if you order now 🙂 . A clutch from The Chic Initiative makes a good Christmas present for yourself or for your loved ones. And they just launched their Christmas Collection too.


The Chic Initiative clutches, evening bags and minaudières are available at

Free Shipping to Malaysia and Singapore.

Price: Ranging from RM179 to RM289.

For more information, please visit The Chic Initiative WebsiteFacebook page, and Instagram page.


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  • Yay that Hui Ling is back and you are working with her on this! You two makes a good combo la^^ I hope Chic Initiative kick off with a bang. And Modern Mavens too 😛

    • It’s certainly good to hear from Hui Ling and I’m so happy she look for me to work with Chic Initiative 🙂


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