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Review: Go Beautiful and Never Go Wrong with Highly Pigmented Enuca Eye Essential Quad #Amethyst

While most people would jump up and down upon seeing neutral / brown tone eyeshadow, myself on the other hand is the total opposite. When I first saw a brown eyeshadow palette in my MIVVA box, I didn’t know what to do with it. I am definitely someone who is very much into incorporating blue, green and purple to daily eye makeup. Brown is a no-no color for me. The girls at MIVVA is actually quite thoughtful. They thought I’d love brown (most beauty blogger do) so they purposely put in a brown palette in my box. Who would have thought this auntie is actually quite a colorful person in real eh? 😀

With a wave of the magic wand, I now have a Enuca Eye Essential Quad #Amethyst palette instead of #Sunset! I’ve been using this palette since then for at least 2 days in a week, as an alternative to my one-week-one palette philosophy.

Enuca Eye Essential Quad is housed in a black, plastic casing that is actually quite well made but attract lots of finger prints. I like my cosmetic products to be in superb clean condition and these finger prints is driving me nuts!

Same goes to the outer box. *Phew*

Now. Tell me this absolutely breathtaking eyeshadow quad doesn’t blow your mind. I’ve been seeing a lot of picture of this quad before I get my hands on it. But seeing it in the computer is so different from seeing it from up close. I went gaga over this for a good few seconds before I came to my senses. Even while drafting this blog post I can’t stop staring at the picture 😛

As the name suggest, this palette is a quad so it comes with 4-color shadow. Normally you get 4 eyeshadow but in this Enuca you only get 3 eyeshadow and the 4th one is actually the base. Honestly I would prefer if it’s a highlighter instead, seriously. So I do not need to use a separate highlighter whenever I’m using this palette.

The purple family – light purple and dark purple is shimmering while the peach is more matte. Base on the other hand is matte too.

Side note: Drooling over the eyeshadow.

From the pan itself I can almost imagine how this eyeshadow would be. My first guess is that it’s going to be intense color payoff, smooth & creamy and definitely with fallout.

Side note 2: Still drooling over the eyeshadow.

So how much did I score in the guessing game? I’m quite surprised that my guesses are very much the same with what it would be. Here’s why.

The color payoff is INDEED very intensive. It is so strong that I need not to dip my brushes on the pan too much. Just a light dip will do. Unless I want to look like a crazy woman roaming around Klang Valley lol!

The shadow texture is smooth with creamy satin like finishing. It has this metallic shimmer finishing for light purple and dark purple. The peach one is also shimmering but somehow it’s more matte and powdery. If you are into matte shadow, this is definitely not for you.

Although it is smooth and creamy satin-like, the fallout is absolutely ridiculous. Everytime I use this palette I end up with dirty palette on the inside. The fallout is driving me insane! All the powder migrated over to the base especially which is the lightest color of all.

I can’t get the base. It’s yellow in color. It sure does looked weird to me which is why I don’t use it. I prefer a transparent base 😀

By far this has been one tricky eyeshadow palette I ever own or used although I have been using it for quite some time. Because of the intense color payoff I need to be extra careful and light handed. One wrong move and kaboom. I ended up looking as if I was punched on the eye :D. But, also due to it’s intense color payoff…correcting mistake is a breeze. I stand by one rule and one rule only, which is to blend, blend, blend and blend!

Here is how I usually do my eye makeup using Enuca Eye Essential Quad #Amethyst. Please take note that I am not makeup artist or expert so don’t shoot me if you think your eye do is better than mine. I am merely just sharing how I use the palette okay? :D. Everyone have their own preference and way so there is no right or wrong :). Just do whichever way that you like and suits you!

(1) Apply light purple on the 3/4 of the inner corner of your lid. Bring out some of the color to the tear duct.
(2) Apply dark purple on the remaining 1/4 outer corner of the lid. It does not need to be perfect as you will need to blend the harsh line away later.
(3) Use a blending brush and blend away the harsh line. This eyeshadow is easily blend off so be light handed as well. But if you accidentally blend some color away like I did, fret not. Just add on will do.
(4) Apply peach color on the middle of your lid, exactly on top of the line between light purple and dark purple. This will add some color on the purple so you don’t look too bland.
(5) Apply highlighter below the brow bone.
(6) Apply both purple on the lower lash line, line using your favorite eyeliner, and apply mascara on both top and bottom eyelashes. Then you’re done and ready to go!


Here is the description of the quad on the back of the outer box for your info. I couldn’t capture the ingredient list as it’s soooooo small printed on the side 🙁

And here is the finishing look using Enuca Eye Essential Quad #Amethyst.

Actually purple eyeshadow is nothing to be afraid of. Most people will avoid it whenever they can. I am somehow drawn to colors :). Usually I would prefer a quad palette as I would need 4 colors at one go to complete a look. By right the peach should be applied on the crease but because the color is far too intense and pink I couldn’t do it. Unless I use a very very light hand, which is quite hard for me LOL. Either way it is still a beautiful peach color to have in a quad. My only complain on the palette is the ridiculous fallout and the base. I would prefer if the base is a highlighter instead. Then it’s a perfect quad.

Hope you like this quad and also a simple tutorial on how to use the palette as much as I enjoyed using it. Did anyone scream in horror when you see a peach color in the quad and not knowing what to do with it or how to do use it? Now you know how to fully utilize the palette! 😀

Enuca Eye Essential Quad #Amethyst is available at Enuca’s online store http://www.enuca.com. Coming soon to MIVVA’s online store!
Price: RM88

Visit Enuca Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Enuca


Disclaimer: Product was from MIVVA June 2013 “Colourific” beauty box. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Once again, I am kicking myself for not buying that month’s box of Mivva. But you know what, either way I think it’s okay to splurge full price to get this quad coz the colors are gorgeous and it looks pigmented enough. You look good in purple so it’s okay for you to hate brown shades, hehe.

    • Awww don’t. Yes you are right on splurging full price for this quad. I think the price is still cheaper than most counter brands and each shadow pan is quite huge too so there’s a lot of product to last considering you only need very little of this 🙂

      Hehe I don’t look good in brown shade. That’s why 😛

  • Somehow u can really rock the colourful eyeshadows fiona!
    Lovely tutorial♥
    I used to love dark smokey eyes and colourful shadows too but I m not sure whether it is the whole outfit or what it just looks not right..
    Now I stick to nude looks with neutrals.. if I even wear makeup haha. nowadays I wear makeup minimally. Waiting for the skin to fully recover

    • Somehow yes hehe!
      I still like to do smokey eyes once in a while cause it always give that kind of look and definition to the whole face. One of the reason why I don’t do brown/neutral tone is because you can’t really see it unless you go very near to the person. I like to have an eye do that people is able to see from a short distant – for example my overall look picture at the very bottom. Although it’s a distant you can still see the purple hue on the lid. That’s the whole point for me on colors for the eyes 😀
      Yes please wait for the skin to fully recover first before putting makeup. You have the luxury to do so. When I had skin allergy that time I still need to put on makeup cause I need to work. If only I can be on MC then I can totally stripped off the makeup thingy.

      • oh your work requires u to have makeup on daily???? wow i didnt know.
        oo i see ya it is true that colours make your eyes pop!

        yeah i am waiting for the slow recovery..every slow especially i am burning midnight oil daily. lack of sleep really slows down everything. thanks for the advice on skii whitening serum i lazy to reply at both thread haha.

        • I’m in publishing advertising and I meet people on day to day basis. Better to makeup lor 😀

          No worries on SK-II. Lazy bum! 😛

  • Oh the colours are gorgeous! I love using purples for my eye make up. 😀

    • Very gorgeous Ashley! I absolutely love purple :). There’s one point of time where I’m so into green 😛
      ^5 for liking purple for eye makeup!

  • I am also quite afraid of purple colours :DD but if we use blend carefully, the eye make up actually look very sexy! 😀

    • Don’t be. All you need to do is blend until you are satisfied with the outcome 😀

  • i like this eye shadow because is pigmented enough….i rarely using eye shadow since i got this from mivva, i fall in luv with it ! always using it when i go out 😉

    • It’s addicting PerttZyana! :D. The dark purple is really dark. You can use it as eyeliner too. This palette can easily be used to create a simple look.

      What color palette did you get? Purple too?

  • Hi Fiona, I do agree that if the base is replaced with a highlight color then it would perfect!

    As for anyone who is afraid of using purple eye shadow, try using a glittering or shimmering purple color instead of matte, you can get away with it better, without looking like you got punched ;P

    • I know right. When I first saw the base I facepalm for a sec. Personally I’m a huge fan of shimmering eye shadow. I’m not into matte cause matte is dull and flat.

      • Haha, I just stared at it xD but it was ok, not the best base but for beginner is ok 🙂 I actually love mattes because they photographs better but I’m starting to love the combination of both matte and shimmering <3

        Nice tutorial btw, very simple 😀

        • The base can still be used so I guess it’s alright :D. The only matte eyeshadow that looks good is still Burberry. That’s the only matte palette that I have and been using regularly.
          Thanks on the tutorial. It’s basically how I use it :D. It looks good in every other way as well.

  • Shades of purple eyeshadows have always been my favorite. Thus, I’m really happy when I received the amethyst quad. Thanks so much for this tutorial, Fiona. Helps a lot.

    • Yay! You get purple too :). Purple lover will definitely happy with receiving Amethyst quad.


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