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Tips: How To Organize Your Daily Makeup Pouch Wisely

Not really a tip tips but just want to share with you how I organize my daily makeup pouch recently. The method kinda works well for me so I suppose there’s no harm sharing here 🙂

It all started when I changed my working hours 2 months ago. I wake up daily at 5.30am, had a cup of coffee while browsing my phone and bath. By the time I’m about to start my skin care routine it’s already 6am. And I need to leave my house at 6.30am otherwise I’d be stuck in a massive traffic jam. For the first month I did all my skin care as usual. Then I realized I ran out of time for makeup! So I only managed to do makeup on my face, brow and blusher. The rest I pack in my makeup pouch and finish up in the office.

Then I had another problem…choosing eye makeup and perfume every morning is so frustrating! Especially when I’m rushing out of the house. I came out with a lazy plan 4 weeks ago. The plan is pretty simple – to only use the same makeup and perfume for the whole week and change every week. As I am writing this it’s my 4th week on this lazy plan. Mind you I’m not someone that will use the same eye color everyday for the whole week.

Now let’s peek into my makeup pouch starting from 3 weeks ago aight!


Week #1 – I placed Jeanne LANVIN Couture perfume on my table, mist after I’m done with face makeup. I brought RMK 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette in #02 Gray to work because of the complete color selection available. Talika Lipocils & Black was my mascara selection because I needed Lipocils Expert too. I wasn’t in the mood for liquid eyeliner so I brought a CLIO Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner with me.


Week #2 – So in the mood for Ivoire by Balmain. It’s floral yet earthy. I’m quite generous misting Ivoire. I like how the scent dries down to floral then lastly woody. I brought Paul & Joe Manhattan It Girl Color Palette #003 Central Park West (phew what a mouthful) with me that week because of the green in the palette that I like very much. The palette also comes with a coral blusher. So it’s really versatile and handy. The color payoff is quite intense so I need to remember to be light handed.

This week I went back to liquid eyeliner. I used Kanebo Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner as it gives me a natural look which will balance back the intense eyeshadow color. As for mascara, I decided to finish up all my trial sizes so Guerlain Noir G Exceptional Complete Mascara was my choice for the week 🙂

Week #3 – My perfume of the week would be Mary Kay Dance to Life which was sent to me just two week earlier. I like it because it’s very floral. It’s a week of laziness especially eye liner so I brought Estee Lauder crayon eyeliner, draw a line and smudge with a brush. I talk about this pencil eyeliner as base method before here. This method goes well with Burberry Complete Eye Palette #Pink Taupe No.07. But because this palette doesn’t comes with a highlighter, I brought along Kanebo Lunasol Lighting Eyes #01 Shiny White for the brow bone. I also tried Dior Diorsnow New Look Mascara miniature that I bought last month. This is the one Dior mascara that I think is quite good! I actually like it. Too bad it smudge a bit on me 🙁

Can you see the drill and concept here? Pack all necessity on the weekend for the whole of next week. This way you save time thinking what to use on a last minute. And you know what’s the best part? Product will finish out on a faster rate too.

So if you are someone that are in a rush like me in the morning or if you just want to finish your product faster, this simple method will definitely helps.


How do you pack your daily makeup pouch? Do you do it every night or never at all? So far I’m happy with my weekly arrangement. At least I’m only having headache on Sunday choosing my necessity 🙂


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  • So neat and fit for purpose. I have minimal things in my make up pouch as I do not touch up at work haha. Thanks for sharing. Love to have this peek in your make up collection 😉

    • It’s for busy and lazy person haha. I really have no time to sit down in front of the mirror for 2 hours. I still enjoy my long skin care & makeup routine. Different is I do half of it in the office now 🙂

      • You’ve got lovely eyeshadow palettes that can fit into the make up pouch. I’ve only those big palettes. The Burberry and RMK are good purchases. Kudos girl!

        • Big palette as in those 80 colors and more palette? Burberry and RMK are press kit 🙂

          • Lol not 80 colors dear. Just 12 shades. But it is a big square. I think the Burberry one is good. Have seen a lot of positive reviews spring up lately.

          • 12 wow. The more color in my palette the more confuse I get haha :). Burberry palette are versatile. Easy to use too.

  • Niceeee!

    • Thanks Elaine :). I bet yours is more 😛

  • i am the kind that is very spontaneous…if i pre-packed, i would always wake up wanting to use another thing……. very bad habit i know… > . < in the end, i have to lug my stuffs up and down weekly

    • Weekly basis is much more easier right? 🙂

      • nono, as in i lug all my stuffs everyweek! my campus is in seremban.. i go home on weekends

        • Ohhh no wonder. Now I understand why you can get indecisive at times. I would too if I were you.

  • eyeshadows can use very very long time lol. hardly finish them la ><

    • Haha yes. You need to keep using and using. I like bold color so I layer my eyeshadow 🙂

  • wow, I’m amazed by your collection.. I’m the 1-type of thing person. I have 1 perfume, 1 make up kit and thats all.


    • I used to go by the 1-type of thing policy too :). I will only buy when I finish something for example lipstick. Now it’s way off board haha


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