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Review: Kanebo Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner; Not-So-Bad Liquid Eyeliner After All

A cheap find at Kanebo Warehouse Sales early this year changed my perception about liquid eyeliner. I only have one liquid eyeliner at the moment while I had tossed away the rest after I bought this. I was told Coffret D’or is retrieving from Malaysia market and will only concentrate on Lunasol which is on the higher range. Coffret D’or in Japan is considered lower range but sells quite expensive in Malaysia previously. The brand has 2 type of liquid eyeliner. One which is non-refillable while another one is refillable. I decided to purchase the non-refillable one since Coffret D’or is retrieving from Malaysia anyway. What if I fell in love with it but couldn’t find the refill anywhere? Wouldn’t it be devastating?

For eyeliner I’d prefer Black color. No exception for Kanebo Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner which I’ve gotten a BK-28. I never understand Kanebo’s product color code especially the numbering at the back.

The tube is a shiny, silver, mirror long and slim tube. I’m always attracted to this type of packaging as it looked much more nicer than color tube. Just my preference 🙂

What I like about this liquid eyeliner beside the tube is the super fine tip. I’ve been using this for so many months on and off now that the fine tip stays intact. I see no sign of deform so far.

Although stated as Black liquid eyeliner…the color payoff is not that Black at all. If I put this for too long the color came out quite watery and uneven. It’s like the black ink is separated from water, if you get what I mean. But nothing can’t be solve with a simple shake of the tube :). Before I use normally I’d shake the tube vigorously although I’m unsure if it helps or not. I suppose it helps as I get more thicker color from them tip instead of watery black.

With the super fine tip I can easily create a thin line. I like my liner to be slightly thicker since I have small eyes. Duh Asian!! The liner doesn’t “feather” out which is good. Some liner when you swatch on the hand it feathered. God knows what will happen when it’s on the eye. This one? Not at all. The color is buildable which I like. I can layer until I’m happy with how the Black turns out.

I’ve been neglecting Kanebo Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner for quite some time as my right eye tear for no reason. Recently I took it out to use as I wanted to practice my skill using a liquid eyeliner. And I tear lesser nowadays after using Eye Mo Moist everyday. I’m quite happy that the liquid eyeliner works perfectly still and I’m much better drawing eyeliner now. I had been trying out different style of eyeliner and I found one that I like and it’s also the one that I can draw better 🙂

When I look down or close my eyes you can hardly see a thick eyeliner on my lid.

But in fact I had the liner winged out. Sorry for the messy sides and crocked line. Didn’t managed to clean it before snapping away! I prefer this type of eyeliner as it’s much more easier to draw and it looked good too. This is how thick I usually drew.

Note: Below picture’s eyeshadow is applied using my Mistake Proof Two Tone Eyeshadow Tutorial heh!

My eyeliner is not as dramatic as others although it does intensify my overall look and I looked fresher in real. When I’m not in a hurry I like to use gel eyeliner. When time is an issue I’d use this Kanebo Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner instead.

One thing to note about using liquid eyeliner is that precision is very important. If I pressed the tip too hard on my lid while looking through the mirror with only one eye, the line will be too thick. Try to go slow and apply a thin line then slowly build the thickness. Remember to curl your lashes before drawing eyeliner otherwise your hard work will be stuck on the eyelash curler lol!!

Why did I said this eyeliner is actually not bad for me? That’s because it’s smudge proof. Once it dries up it stays put on the lid no matter how oily my eyelid is by the end of the day. But it’s not waterproof. It doesn’t really matter if it’s waterproof or not unless you cry or walk under pouring rain a lot. I had this on last Friday and due to some work issue I cried. The wing came off on the tissue as I dab but it left a trace so I am able to redraw the wing after that. I tried walking under drizzling rain and so far so good. The liner still intact. Can’t guarantee that for pouring rain 😛


Kanebo Coffret D’or Natural Clear Liner is no longer available at Malaysia market. However Kanebo is constantly having warehouse sales to clear the balance stock so keep an eye on the internet!
Price: RM29 (Stock clearance price that I bought)


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I have this brand eyebrow pencil :)) like it ^___^
    I like pen liquid eyeliner more than pencil type, pencil type always smudge on me until i never trust any brand anymore lolx. but pencil liner sometimes looks more natural and we can blend it , when we apply dark colour eyeshadow…
    aiks >_< fiona~ you dont use pencil eyeliner do you? cause i remember you said, you have happiness tears problem~

    • Coffret D’or is actually not bad. Actually now I’m using gel, liquid and pencil on rotation. If I’m in a rush I’d use liquid. If I have time I’d use gel. Pencil is for smudging and intensify the eye. I’ll do a tutorial soon when I recover 🙂

  • Beautiful! It defines your eyes and they look great 🙂 I have not mastered any eye liner at all, pencil makes me tear up and fear I will jab my eyeballs out lol, liquid makes me look like a panda as I have oily eyelids. No luck…Granted, with eyeliner, it completes the eye make up and make it look better.

    • Practice makes perfect dear. I just mastered eyeliner recently lol. Now I can do gel, liquid and pencil 🙂
      I have oily lid too. Put some eyeshadow on top so it’ll not smudge.

  • Heavy rain -> raccoon eyes. Haha.

    • I don’t dare to imagine that hahaha

  • you sick for quite a few days already o.. I wish you recover the soonest =) take care ya ^__^

    • Still recovering. Thanks for the kind wishes dear 🙂


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