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DHC Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleansing Bar

Review: A Complete Double Cleansing Ritual with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap

I’m sure we all know that we should always double cleanse especially when we have makeup on. I have always been an avid cleansing milk user. I am not a great fan of cleansing oil until I discover a pretty good one a few months ago and the rest is history. You can say that I’m sort of neglecting cleansing milk at the moment as I’m still pretty hooked on to cleansing oil 😀

There is one teeny weeny problem with cleansing oil. It always leave a trail of oil after rinsing. I have friends telling me that some brand sting their eyes as they are also using cleansing oil to remove their eye makeup. I never had that because I always believe in using a separate eye makeup remover for the eye 🙂

I’m also sure that you have heard about the brand DHC right? This brand is the #1 direct skincare company in Japan and it is exclusively available only at Watsons store. I had the rare opportunity to try out the highly raved Deep Cleansing Oil together with Mild Soap as Double Cleansing Ritual recently. Let’s just say it totally changed my mind on cleansing oil since then.


Gamila Secret Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleansing Bar

Review: Gamila Secret Creamy Vanilla Cleansing Bar – Is The Reason Why I Still Prefer Original Version

I bet you girls still remember my Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar review as quite a number of you including my friends bought the soap after seeing my Before and After picture. Hope you girls benefited from the soap as I did. Well, I finished my mini bar quite some time ago. I love it so much and Gamila Secret Malaysia could have sense it that I was sent a full size soap bar of Gamila Secret Creamy Vanilla to try.

I started using the soap beginning of January and after more than a month of using I thought I might update you on the progress and difference of both Original and Creamy Vanilla on my face. But before that let me walk you through the unique packaging of Gamila Secret. I refuse to open it before photographing the whole “unboxing” so yes I only saw the soap for the first time as I unbox and photograph. Typical blogger I know 🙂

Let me just start by saying THE BOX IS HUGE! It’s packaged as a resemble to mini gift box which is quite nice. There’s no peeking as the lid is sticker-ed heavily from one side to the other. So much so for taking a peek at the soap eh?

I find that the flavour of the soap is on the side of the box. It wasn’t stated on the lid or whatsoever. Just on one side of the box. As you can see the lid is stickered all the way down to the side. And all the way down to the bottom and up again to the opposite side and lid. That’s why I said there’s no way I can open the lid and take a peep inside.

Gamila Secret Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleansing Bar

Review: Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar

In the desperate need to find something that can soothe my break out skin condition and to lighten some of the acne marks, I stumbled upon Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar which is also known as “magic bar”. I think most of you had read before that I’m not confident without my powder on. Whenever I was invited to a makeover session I cringe a bit thinking how ugly my face would be to the makeup artist. You see… I have acne marks from teenager time. No one in my family know or taught me anything about not picking your pimples, don’t touch your face, don’t do this and don’t do that. Those days there were no internet to google. Wow. I sounded old lol. What I meant by “those day” is the 90s.

What do I know about Gamila Secret from Mr. Google is that many international celebrities all over the world like Madonna, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lynn Harless, Japanese Top Model; Lena and Taiwan Skin Care Expert; Niu Er love it and adores it.

Gamila Secret is made with a unique mixture of herb extracts natural oils and extra-virgin Syrian olive oil, which has excellent anti-oxidant potency and contains a combination of fifteen different plants. A combination that I have developed through hard work. One day, an Israeli reporter heard about the excellent feedback and wrote an article about my first skin care product; soap. The article was titled “Grandma’s Magical Soap”. It sparked an awareness of my soap around the world. I am very blessed to continue my work with my children and grandchildren, sharing my heritage of knowledge of and passion for nature with Gamila Secret. – Gamila Hiar; Founder of Gamila Secret