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My Guerlain Meteorites Perles Collection

I feel so bummed out that I wasn’t able to post up Little Black Box review as I wasn’t happy with the individual product photo. I suppose I’m too used to take beauty product photo that I’m clueless on fashion accessories? I am not kidding when I said that. It’s depressing lol. There’s no backup plan at all. I usually have a clear mind set and mentality well-prepared on what to blog for which particular day. For the first time I didn’t know what to blog about! Not knowing what to talk about for the day drives me cray cray 🙁

Just when I was about to shut my laptop and call it a night, I’ve decided to look through both my camera’s memory card and search if there is anything that I have taken photo but have not blog about. Then I found these! My long overdue Guerlain Meteorites Perles collection :D. Get ready for some eye candy peeps!

Guerlain Meteorites Perles
I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Guerlain Meteorites Perles. Why not, right? I mean just look at the price tag. It’s no wonder I don’t mind being a late bloomer at all. It took me quite a long time to finally get my heads around the product and the price.

My first Guerlain Meteorites Perles is actually from the permanent line. I was told Teint Rose is kinda normal and Teint Beige will give me that needed glow. So I settled with Teint Beige, right until a reader told me that the beige in Teint Beige can make yellow skin tones look more washed out and sallow so Teint Rose will suits me better. Then it hit me. She was right. The illuminating that I was getting from Teint Beige doesn’t suits me at all! I was lucky that a reader who will remain anonymous for now is looking to buy Meteorites Perles and so I sold her mine 😀

At that time when I own Teint Beige, I also bought Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles just a month after my first purchase.


Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles (RM189)

This is my daily staple most of the day as it’s at my reach and the rest is in the drawer :D. After continuous use daily for quite some time, I can see that the pearls is getting about a quarter smaller now. One thing that I don’t like is that all the blue pearls is softer than the rest of the pearls so it is now all crushed into powder in the can from all the swirling. This give me a teeny weeny problem because I may look too blue at times and sometimes my face look too brighten up from the blue pearls. Either way it doesn’t look too good.


Guerlain Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles


Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Paradis (RM203)

I returned to Guerlain counter when Meteorites Perles Du Paradis was released. I’m a sucker for pretty packing regardless metal can or paper cardboard I tell ya. This one is unique. Guerlain ditch their iconic metal can and went back to paper cardboard, which many detest. I didn’t own any so I don’t mind having one for collection. But seriously the price is a bit expensive for a cardboard packaging. It does however comes with a cute puff and the paper jar is larger in width and taller in height. Not only that. The pearls are bigger too! But of course lesser pearl count. I have now contain all the pearls in a clear plastic in the jar because all the swirling causes the pearls to stain the inner white wall of the cardboard jar. These pearls gave me warm and pinkish complexion if I were to be heavy-handed. It’s also the one that I reached the most beside the Emilio Pucci version 😀


Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Paradis


Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Dragon (RM181)

I hated Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Dragon the first time I saw it because it’s just too whitish and shimmering for me. Reviews online also said that this is too shimmery. After a few months I secretly bought it through a friend for a fraction of the price. So yes, the cheaper price is the only reason why I bought it :D. I do agree that this version is a tad bit shimmery but you know what? I kinda like the effect on me. I would say this is something in between the Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles and Meteorites Perles Du Paradis. Sounds perfect right? In fact this is also the one I use the least probably because I have this stuff on the most inner part of the drawer. This reminds me to take it out for more love :D. I really regretted for not buying two because it’s really cheap! Urrgghh!

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Dragon


Guerlain Meteorites Wulong Exceptional Pressed Powder (RM489)

If you like the loose Meteorites Perles, most probably you will like the pressed powder version as well. Guerlain Meteorites Wulong Exceptional Pressed Powder is also from the same collection as Meteorites Perles Du Dragon. The price is absolutely insanely expensive (not sure if there’s such word) but yeah, it’s really pricey. I too bought this from a friend for a much more cheaper price. I have thought of getting two but no reason to do so since it’s refillable. I like this mainly because of the sleek black casing. The pressed pearls on the compact is also quite similar to the loose one. I have yet to break into this so can’t really comment much on the effect other than the gorgeous packaging.

I told myself that I’m not a Guerlain Meteorites Perles Limited Edition collector if I don’t own one of this pressed powder version 😀

Guerlain Meteorites Wulong Exceptional Pressed Powder
The only recent Limited Edition Meteorites Perles that I couldn’t bring myself to purchase is the Crazy Paris Meteorites Perles. I like the motives on the top of the lid but not crazy with what’s on the surrounding of the can. So I’m doing my wallet a favour and saving up for the 2014 new packaging for Meteorites Perles permanent line. I’ve always wanted to get Teint Rose 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading this impromptu blog post about my very small Guerlain Meteorites Perles Collection. Honestly if I were to buy more, I wouldn’t know what to do with all of them and how to finish it lol. I’m alright for now.


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  • You don’t need 10 of these. One is more than enough, four will last you a life time!

    • True. But I couldn’t stop at just one hehe. It’s too pretty to be resisted.

  • Sooo purdy! But the price! 😮 RM489 for powder?! *faints*

    • Very purrrdddyyyy indeed :D. For some reason their pressed powder is that expensive. I read that the latest Crazy Paris edition is cheaper, like RM224 only. Which is about half of the usual price haha.

  • woot look at the price, RM489.. not working so can’t afford to purchase.

    • I won’t even buy it if it’s RM489 lol

  • oh i love meteorites!so far i only have that teint beige (ahem) but i am totally in love with it. using with a light hand it gives me that magical glow haha. no yellowness as far as i see…. i am not sure whether it is there if i peer very carefully hahaha

    and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST! actually any collective post! such an eye candy to look at these beautiful gorgeous pieces *drool*

    • Ahem ahem hahahaha. You are far more fairer than me and I think you are in the middle of yellow tone and pink tone, therefore Teint Beige will suits you better.

      Next collection post would be my brushes as requested by you 😛

      • u are so cute fiona!!! big hug~
        wakaka… eh u are fairer la, and u are on the cooler side i supposed? can look even fairer. i have that cina yellowish undertone LOL

        yay yay yay~~~ brushes~~~~ i love brushes~~

        • Yes I’m fair but I’m on the yellow tone. You are more cooler :D. You’re not cina yellowish la. I am 😛

          Actually right…I love brushes too. I can’t stop buying lol

  • I will like those without shimmering. 😛 The pressed powder is pricey so it better worth it! haha

    • Hahaha Melissa :). Meteorites is shimmering, just a hint of shimmer. It is quite illuminating though. I haven’t tried on the pressed powder. Still contemplating since I have three loose pearls to swirl on 😀

  • Lovely pearls!!! Love your collection of these Guerlain pearls. I think these pearls are collector’s items for girls. Haha, I love pearl necklaces. I have read so much about these Guerlain pearls and sometimes I am tempted to get a can to try. I remember we went to Isetan once to try the pearls but I don’t recall seeing any glow. Might hop by the counter again to try.

    • Oh yeah!I remember that day at Isetan. Try again at the counter. It may not work for everyone I think. But it’s also good as finishing powder.

  • Hi Fiona. I recently bought Teint Beige and I love it! I actually took your recommendation and went to test it out with Irene form Isetan, KLCC counter. I mentioned your name and she instantly recognised it. Hahaha. You must be famous. Anyway, I eventually bought it from Din at Isetan Gardens and he is also super-nice. I think Guerlain counters have some of the nicest SAs around.

    I did not know Teint Beige can make you look more sallow and wash out? I am of medium skintone (NC40- NC42 in MAC) and I have always thought that Teint Beige would suit me better instead of Teint Rose as the latter would suit those with a fairer skin tone. How can you tell that the illumination that you were getting from Teint Beige does not suit your overall complexion? Ever since I started using Teint Beige, I feel like my face has an extra glow and I can understand why people who have bought their first Meteorites continue to buy them because they can be really addictive. LOL.

    • Hey hey. Haha Irene! I’m always at Isetan KLCC Guerlain counter, chatting with Irene. She know me as a customer and as a person 🙂
      Teint Beige only make me sallow and wash out, I didn’t mean everyone will have the same effect as I do. I’m fair skin tone, like NC20-25 and I’m always on the lightest foundation shade in every brand. What this mean is Teint Beige will suit your medium skin tone more than mine. I’ve actually linked Teint Beige review in this post. You can clearly see the different. I’ve tried it with different camera and different lighting. All the same effect. I don’t have this issue with the rest of the meteorites that I own. What’s important is everyone will have a different need for their meteorites range 😀

  • You plan to add more? How to finish? =)

    • I’m aiming for the 2014 version haha. I have one from permanent range (current/old). Wanted to collect the new packaging (2014 new). The pearls does get smaller though.


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