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“I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

Everytime a brand released a new highlighter, you went crazy and swear THIS IS your highlighter and IT IS THE ONLY highlighter you need. You hunt for it, you bought it and then, another brand also released a new highlighter, you find yourself repeating the same reaction or process. And another brand, and another. The story goes on. “I only need this highlighter in my life”. How often have you said that or heard your friend said that? Too often 🙂 . “I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

As much as I still go gaga or ooohhhs and ahhhhs over new highlighter releases, I don’t find myself wanting to purchase them. It’s getting stale. I find that everybody in the whole wide world is forever never ending releasing a new highlighter. It’s getting too repetition that I got bored and stopped buying highlighters. Let’s be honest here. Highlighter never finishes! I piled them up on my face every day and I don’t see that I’ll hit pan anytime soon. Let me show you my small little highlighter in my collection, which are my favourite and why I don’t purchase anymore highlighters.

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December 2014 Favourites: It’s all about the eyeliner pencils

Soooo. I’ve totally missed October and November 2014 favourites. I went back to working life and I didn’t expect to be home that late and the need to work on weekend as well. For the past one month, I’ve totally missed all the usual blogging schedule. I’d be lying to you if I tell you I didn’t panic. I did. I tried adjusting my life back to blogging but I really couldn’t find the time. There was so much to do and catch up on weekend. I didn’t even have the time to take photo for the blog. It is a tough time for me so please bear with me for a little while more. I want to thank each and every one of you for the never ending support and love. You girls rocks! <3

Since I missed October and November 2014 favourites, I thought it only make sense for me to post up December 2014 Favourites sooner than expected otherwise I’d miss it again. This month is all about the eyeliner pencils. It really is. Until I started to dig out my other favourites to balance out the eyeliner pencil overload LOL.

December 2014 Favourites 1

Guerlain Holiday Collection 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Guerlain Un Soir A L’Opéra Christmas Collection

Once in a while Sephora will organize beauty workshop for their members especially when any of the brand’s principal is in town. I couldn’t make it for Guerlain’s consumer event held on Saturday at Mandarin Oriental but I managed to RSVP two spots for Guerlain’s Special Christmas Event at Sephora KLCC last Sunday. Supposedly my friend were to go with me but she ended up in Pavilion and not KLCC. It’s no wonder she kept telling me she couldn’t find Sephora regardless my directions to her. It turns out we are not even talking about the same mall!

It was a quick beauty workshop with José Luis. It wasn’t a hands on event like the previous Make Up For Ever and Tarte workshop. I would prefer something that is not hands on so this one is perfect. José did five different look on five attendees and then we started exploring the collection. What I’m going to feature here is extracted from Guerlain website AND it’s all available at Sephora Malaysia stores 😀 . Yes, ALL OF IT. I don’t have the price so do go over to Sephora personally.

Guerlain UN SOIR À L'OPÉRA Christmas 2014 Collection

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My Guerlain Meteorites Perles Collection

I feel so bummed out that I wasn’t able to post up Little Black Box review as I wasn’t happy with the individual product photo. I suppose I’m too used to take beauty product photo that I’m clueless on fashion accessories? I am not kidding when I said that. It’s depressing lol. There’s no backup plan at all. I usually have a clear mind set and mentality well-prepared on what to blog for which particular day. For the first time I didn’t know what to blog about! Not knowing what to talk about for the day drives me cray cray 🙁

Just when I was about to shut my laptop and call it a night, I’ve decided to look through both my camera’s memory card and search if there is anything that I have taken photo but have not blog about. Then I found these! My long overdue Guerlain Meteorites Perles collection :D. Get ready for some eye candy peeps!

Guerlain Meteorites Perles
I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Guerlain Meteorites Perles. Why not, right? I mean just look at the price tag. It’s no wonder I don’t mind being a late bloomer at all. It took me quite a long time to finally get my heads around the product and the price.

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Review: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Beauty Booster, A BB Cream That Goes On and Finishes Like a Foundation

I have to admit. I’m not a fan of BB Cream. Whenever someone told me that she only use nothing but BB Cream, I gave them a yuck look. It’s funny when I think of it. It’s the Korean that first came out with BB Cream and it was also the product that was made famous by the Korean. Somehow I feel that Korean BB Cream just doesn’t work well on me. I do have a favourite Korean BB Cream mind you but I would prefer Western version of BB Cream anytime.

It is not a secret that I’m a fan of the brand Guerlain. Back in April 2013 I posted up a sneak peek on Guerlain’s upcoming BB Cream release – Lingerie de Peau BB Beauty Booster. It’s about time I share with you what I think after using the BB Cream for a good few months. Can this Western BB Cream change my mind on BB Cream overall? Will this Western BB Cream be any better than Korean BB Cream? We’ll see 😀

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Beauty Booster 1
Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Beauty Booster packing is really luxe. The tube is tall, slim, and comes with well-made cap and dispensing nozzle. I like that the Beauty Booster comes with a pump nozzle, not screw-cap type of packaging. With the pump nozzle I can control the amount I needed to pump out so there is no wastage here and I can even pump out bit by bit to top up as needed during application. So convenient 😀


NEW from Guerlain Makeup – Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation, Les Voilettes Evanescent Powder & Brushes

Looking for a foundation that can give you a flawless and infaliable, dream complexion? Now you can with Guerlain’s new Tenue de Perfection, its first ultimate lasting perfection foundation that enhances the skin’s natural beauty.


Tenue de Perfection has met the challenge of withstanding the whirlwind of life. Imperceptible on application due to its incredibly fine and silky smooth texture, its powers are gradually revealed. First of all, the complexion becomes even, the skin texture refined and imperfections fade away. Then, you discover an utterly soft, velvety feel. As the hours go by, you become aware of its incredible hold. The complexion remains intact, the colour does not change, and the skin breathes and glows without losing its splendour. Allies in creating this ideal complexion, Les Voilettes – totally imperceptible loose or compact powder – offer even greater perfection by weightlessly setting and mattifying the complexion with breath-taking sensuality.