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SEPHORA Malaysia relaunched its Loyalty Program with the introduction of SEPHORA Black Card

Two days ago I received a SEPHORA newsletter and the title ‘You’ve Been BLACKLISTED’ gave me a shock, thinking what have I done that I’m blacklisted by SEPHORA. It turns out that SEPHORA is relaunching their Loyalty Program with the introduction of SEPHORA Black Card. Now, that’s one catchy heart pumping title that can make any beautyholic clicking into their email in a split second.

I was invited over to SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid to get blacklisted and at the same time enjoying all the benefits and activities as a SEPHORA member. It’s kinda exciting for me because all these while I only zoom into SEPHORA to buy something that I want and then zoom out. I have no idea there is so much activities happening in the store from time to time. So let’s follow me as I see it through the eyes of a SEPHORA member.

Sephora Black Card Launch 1
The new SEPHORA Black Card with its new tagline “Look Good In Black” enables you to earn shopping points across three countries namely Malaysia (RM5 = 3 points), Singapore (SDG1 = 1 point) and Thailand (THB25 = 1 point). Members will also get to enjoy birthday surprises, VIP access to private sales, events or workshops and also 10% savings for every 250 points. It’s simple to get ‘blacklisted’ to become a Black Card member. Anyone who has an accumulated 250 points in their SEPHORA White Card account will be upgraded to SEPHORA Black Card automatically. You will then get your personalized SEPHORA Black Card Welcome Pack through the mail instead of having to walk into selected SEPHORA store to collect. This is what they called as taking Beauty To The Next Level! Keep an eye on your post box beginning October 2014 onwards 😀

Sephora Black Card Launch 2
First thing first. If you are a SEPHORA White Card member I’m sure you already received an email newsletter from SEPHORA two days ago on this. Head over to SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid, KLCC and Gurney Paragon Penang from 18th September to 1st October 2014, update your mailing address and present the said mailer to the BA. You will receive a complimentary SEPHORA shades like the one below. It is important for you to update your details during this period especially if you’ve moved to a new address because SEPHORA Black Card Welcome Pack will be send to your house directly.

Sephora Black Card Launch 13
SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid is holding a 14 days in-house promotions and special activities from 18th September to 1st October 2014. When you walk into the store, you will be greeted with balloons and then you will be given a 3D glasses. What is the 3D glasses for?

Sephora Black Card Launch 6
For this! You will see a photo booth setup in the middle of the store. There is no way you will miss this as the BA will explain to you at the entrance when they hand you the 3D glasses and furthermore the photo booth is located right in the middle as you are walking towards the check out counter 😀

Sephora Black Card Launch 3
SEPHORA is currently running an Instagram contest where all you need to do is to put on the 3D glasses, take a photo and upload it to your Instagram with the hashtag #MYSEPHORABLACKROCKS. You will be in the running to win 1 of 20 Beauty Boxes worth RM300 weekly sponsored by GlamGlow, Make Up For Ever and Issey Miyake 🙂 . And of course take photo at the photo booth as well as bringing home a photo strip.

Sephora Black Card Launch 4

Sephora Black Card Launch 5

Sephora Black Card Launch 7
Photo booth props

Since I was there to enjoy all the benefits and participate in the in-house activities as a SEPHORA member, you bet I took a photo at the photo booth, not once but twice LOL. I had to do it fast when the store is not crowded yet. By the time I leave (2-hours later), the store is so busy and the photo booth is constantly occupied. Do go with a group of girlfriends for extra the fun!

Sephora Black Card Launch 8

Sephora Black Card Launch 9
Yes, I do <3 SEPHORA
Sephora Black Card Launch 10
Photo strip will be printed out on the spot for you to bring home and you will get the soft copy by email as well

After you’re done having fun at the photo booth, you will be given a sample too. Did I just see Naked Skin sample in it?? Ohhh I want to try that!

Sephora Black Card Launch 11

Sephora Black Card Launch 12
Return your 3D glasses if you want to. I didn’t because I want to keep it for my vanity table

Now this is only available on the weekend from 20 – 21 September and 27 – 28 September 2014. Cake pop! Rich chocolate cake pop that you can eat after shopping in SEPHORA is also handed out at the photo booth area. The staff will hand it to you when you’re there but if they are too busy and missed you, be sure to ask for one.

Sephora Black Card Launch 14
My favourite promotion from the store besides all the fun is this SEPHORA Travel Kit + 2X Points with minimum RM300 purchase.

Sephora Black Card Launch 15
The travel kit consist of a makeup pouch and a luggage tag. Both is gorgeous and quite well-made. However this GWP gift is only for SEPHORA members and while stock last. You can join as member on the spot if you’re not one yet. This is also the right time to make a purchase because only at this period you will get double point. I assume this double point exercise is for you to collect sufficient 250 points to convert to SEPHORA Black Card.

Sephora Black Card Launch 16
While I was at the check out counter, I was handed a fortune cookie and was told to open the cookie immediately on the spot. Reason is, everyone will get a different gift based on what is stated on the paper strip in the fortune cookie. I secretly hope for a discount code lol but I didn’t get it. Instead I walk away with a generous travel size of Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity. Not bad eh? I was eyeing on this one earlier that day. I kept walking back to Soap & Glory section figuring if I should get it as I was attracted to the suspending beads inside haha.

Sephora Black Card Launch 17
This is something that not many people are aware of. All around the store there is numerous QR code wobbler. Most of us just concentrate on the beauty goodies without realizing the existence of the wobbler. That is quite normal actually. I would be too. After reading this, make sure you spot the QR code and scan it with your phone. I scanned and was surprised with the gift of RM30 discount for RM50 SEPHORA brand purchase. But do take note that not everyone will get the same gift. You might get a better deal than me 🙂

Sephora Black Card Launch 18

Sephora Black Card Launch 19

Sephora Black Card Launch 20
Last but not least, makeover station. I skipped this because as usual I went with full makeup on. Just to let you know about this makeover offering that you can enjoy at the store too.

Sephora Black Card Launch 21



SEPHORA Malaysia is kind enough to reward me and FIVE lucky readers of Street Love a RM30 gift vouchers to shop at SEPHORA! [THANK YOU SEPHORA!] Winners will need to collect the vouchers from me on the below date, time and place. Do take note that the vouchers will need to be used by 1st October 2014.

* Pavilion / Fahrenheit 88 / SEPHORA Starhill – 23rd September 11am
* Pavilion / Fahrenheit 88 / SEPHORA Starhill – 27th September 12.30pm
* KLCC / SEPHORA KLCC – 28th September 11am

Sephora Black Card Launch 22
All you need to do is to answer the below simple questions correctly. Winners will be chosen randomly. Closing date for the giveaway is Monday, 22nd September 2014 at 1pm. Winners will be announced by the end of the day.


Good luck and Happy Shopping! Remember to drop by SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid from today until 1st October to update your mailing address, fun, activities, free samples, beauty offers and many more. Psstt, there’s cake pop today 😀 😀 😀


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  • Wow! So fun and exciting! Sephora opened at Avenue K last Friday but I was working through lunch and by the end of the day, I only left office at 10pm on a Friday night. Sigh. Oh Thanks for sharing. Glad to see your photos and review. Hehe.

    • Oh yes. Across of KLCC. I didn’t go. I have no idea how to cross the road properly without getting paranoid lol. I’ll just stick to KLCC, Starhill and Sunway Pyramid branch haha

      • There’s an underpass from KLCC Concourse Level (Tutti Frutti/ RotiBoy side) that will lead you straight to Avenue K, Fiona, so you can bypass the scary traffic.
        From here, you will end up passing the LRT entrance – just follow the crowd and go a little beyond the turnstiles and you will be in the underbelly of Avenue K. Easy!

        • Oh yeah. Now I remember. I used to take LRT to KLCC for work and I used the underpass before. It has been 15 years ago! Thanks for reminding me. Phew. I have always wanted to go Avenue K but didn’t want to drive there 😀

  • I got the email too:) Is any purchase needed to redeem the shades ? Still considering if it is worth a trip as I don’t even wear shades. Recently with Zalora starts selling Sephora products, with frequent 20% off, I shop less in store, unless there is a good deal.

    • Nope Kai. No purchase needed when you update your mailing address. Just show them your mailer will do. I usually go to Sephora for international brands. But then, you get to save now on Sephora brands like I did yesterday. I saved 60% by scanning the QR code 😀

      • Ohmigosh, I was there and didn’t scan the QR Codes…actually never scanned a QR Code in my life as I haven’t download the app yet!
        Oh, and no balloons, or photo booth and today was Sunday 21st Sept. Lovely, practical recap to help the rest of us navigate the madness that is a Sephora promotion. Thanks, babe!

        I did, however, grab my sunnies and get a deluxe sample with purchase so not all was lost.
        I have to check your dates to see if I’m available to meet you before I enter your giveaway. Don’t want to enter if I can’t meet you, right?

        • It can be very confusing sometimes being in Sephora, missing out all the promos and activities. Just like yesterday where I bought a Benefit set and I’m entitled for a brow service! I didn’t know about it. I only found out a few hours ago from Facebook. Thank goodness I don’t have any brow that needed waxing or plucking lolol.
          I didn’t get the sunnies as I’m already upgraded to Black Card by Sephora. I walk away happy with the fortune cookie gift 🙂
          No worries about the date. We can meet for coffee out of those dates 😀 *wink*

          • Too right, Fiona! We need to have eyes like a hawk and have researched a full mission before tackling any Sephora promo lol Your blog/ FB updates are part of my research ammo haha. It’s hard enough keeping up with the promo as a beauty blogger, I think the average person on the street has less of a chance, don’t you think?

            Ok, I entered…but now that I’ve spotted your latest FB post…now I wonder if I got my answers wrong too…oh well, too late but that’s ok. I’ll live.

            Regarding the Benefit Brow Promo, I saw on FB that it’s valid until 30 Sept and you can present your voucher. I’m assuming that means you can still claim on your purchase?

          • I think so too that average person on the street does has less of a chance. I have a habit of checking all the Facebook page before leaving the house and before getting down from the car (just in case I missed out any good deal) 😀
            Your answer are all correct! 😀 . The key is to read like how you did it 😉
            Nah, my brow don’t have anything to wax off seriously. I’m not even trimming my brow now. Trying to leave it and use a clear mascara to keep them in place so I looked like I have fuller brow hehe. I only pluck + shave the top and bottom.

  • I can see you are enjoying yourself. You should relax and do that more^^ Sephora opened a store in JB. I went on the opening day. Can I join your giveaway? If I win I will pay for PosLaju. Is that possible Fiona?^^

    • Okay I’ll try to have more fun lol. Yes no problem please do join 😀

  • Ohhh, thanks for the reminder. I got the invitation through email and was supposed to head to Sephora this weekend. Had to many agendas and totally forgotten about it. Looks like I gotta set a reminder for myself. Lol.

    Thank you for the sneak peak! <3

    • No problemo. There’s still time to update your details next weekend 😀 . Do keep an eye on the fortune cookie, cake pop (delicious!) and QR code wobbler 😉

  • I’m going crayy crayy looking and reading this post! It has been quite some time since i jejak Sephora and Melaka takde Sephora so KL is my nearest choice. Aiyyooo I hope they’ll open one a.s.a.p in Melaka!

    • Takde means can save more money and shop at one go hehe. It’s frustrated to be in KL as well because there is a few stores to choose from and with sooooo many things to buy! Bankrupt! I hope they will open one in Melaka too. That would be more awesome!

  • woot! I got the email will go to redeem my sunnies when I am back 😀

    • Still got time to redeem don’t worry 😀

  • OMGGGG Fiona!!! So much temptation!

    • Haha it is. I was hit by waves of excitement because there’s so much promos going on 😀

  • I love Sephora!! I didn’t take part in the contest because I am not free for that 3 days to collect the gift voucher! I hope they will open in Melaka la. KL so jammed.

    • Awww next time then okay? I hope they will have a branch in Melaka too because those staying in the middle either need to go KL or JB.

  • Wow it looks so fun!! I will scan all the QR codes in the stores lol! You’re really lucky to get the Soap & Glory Face Soap! Oh ya, I’m curious with the purpose of wearing the 3D glasses when taking photo, will you see any 3D effects in the photos or what?

    • I will sneakily try to scan all the QR code this weekend for the best deal lol. I’ve seen from Instagram some get Tarte Eye Cream as well. But I’m happy with my Soap & Glory Face Soap. It’s something that I wanted to try 😉
      You ask the best question so far!! I’m glad someone ask about the 3D glasses. You don’t see any 3D effect actually. All I see is half blue and half red lolol. I think it’s a marketing gimmick because the purpose of the event for us is ‘to see it through the eyes of a SEPHORA member’. SEPHORA is already giving out sunnies which ties back to the launch of Black Card so 3D glasses is for us to “see” the benefits of being a Black Card member, you know…White Card benefits distorted to Black Card benefits under 3D? Just my imagination 😛

      • Wow Tarte Eye Cream! Hope that you can get some good deals this weekend hehe!
        Half red and half blue hahahaha! That’s what on my mind because there isn’t any screen there for you to “see” the 3D effect. What you explained totally make sense, creative marketing gimmick I would say!

        • I hope so hehe. Wanna scan the QR code until I get a good deal lol. Very creative marketing gimmick indeed. You’ll be surprised people would do it. I’m scared of props lol.

  • Hi Fiona

    I didn’t received the card (by mail) so mean my points not enough to convert to black card?? *sad*

    Ohh By the way, thanks for the voucher. I won!

    • Hi Maggie,

      Sephora haven’t start to mail the Black Card Welcome Pack out. If you didn’t receive the email saying you’ve been blacklisted, that means your points is not enough. You can shop until 1st October for double points 😀

      • ohhh I have received the mail. hahah I have mistaken jor. Since you said the card will be sent out by mail.
        So now what I should do what to go any branch and show them my email?

        • You don’t have to do anything. If you want to get the sunnies you can go to Sunway Pyramid or KLCC to update your mailing details + showing them the mailer for the sunnies. Here’s an excerpt from the blog above 🙂

          “Head over to SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid, KLCC and Gurney Paragon Penang from 18th September to 1st October 2014, update your mailing address and present the said mailer to the BA. You will receive a complimentary SEPHORA shades like the one below. It is important for you to update your details during this period especially if you’ve moved to a new address because SEPHORA Black Card Welcome Pack will be send to your house directly.”

          • Okay, thank you so much!

          • To be safe just update your address at the store if you’re around. Otherwise you can just leave it.

  • Oh no! I missed it!

    • Next time ya


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