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A Peep into My Beauty Storage + A New Beauty Organizer Purchase

As fast as I get bored with using the same product, I get bored with how I store my beauty products as well. Truth be told, I spring clean my room once a month and rearrange all my beauty products every quarter. Usually everything is not in it’s original placement by the first month and by the time I hit the third month, I have stuff on my work table, on the floor next to my chair, next to the vanity table and so on. Time for another rearrangement again. Just in time as the rotating organizer I begged a friend to bring back from oversea arrived.

Here’s my latest and most exciting purchase. I’m not even a bit less excited just because it’s an inspired version as my friend said the original version ran out of stock in the US and this is the best she can get for me. Oh well, cheaper and it works so why not 😀

Beauty Storage 1
First, let’s take a peep into my vanity table. I wish I’m into beauty when I’m younger so that I can plan for a bigger space. When I’m younger I’m married to my job so my work table is bigger and complete with all the office essentials. I also clean my work space frequently while ignoring my vanity table, because I wasn’t into beauty that much.

Just before Chinese New Year this year, I changed my wardrobe and finally got the heart to change my vanity table as well. I was a bit reluctant to part with my first vanity table as it’s in pink and my parents special order a custom build unit for me. The original idea was to take out the old vanity table completely so that I can have a bigger wardrobe but mum said vanity table with a mirror is useful especially that I’m a girl. While I was looking for a suitable wardrobe, I took a casual stroll to the vanity table area and saw one small unit that I like. It’s small but it has a simple design which is what I’m looking for. Best of all, the mirror is tall therefore it look huge and it comes with two drawer unit. The mirror is slidable to either left or right and I hide all my cotton pads (I haul a lot) and fragrances inside. The vanity table wasn’t something from a branded store but I’m absolutely in love with it.

Beauty Storage 5
I was eyeing on MUJI PP A4 3 Drawer Unit but heck that thing was RM109.90. I wasn’t ready to fork out that much for a drawer unit so I hold on hoping MUJI will have sales. One day Sabrina posted a photo on Facebook of her drawer unit haul and it was only RM28.90. It’s a perfect dupe of the MUJI version so off I go to Robinson. I only bought one because I don’t have much to store after the new vanity table. I mainly put new product testing in here. Once the review is up, the product will be out from the drawer 😀 . I never return for a second unit because believe it or not, all three drawer is still empty. I only store product boxes now lol. One thing that I don’t like about this drawer unit is that I can’t put heavy stuff on top. The top will curve down a bit making it hard for me to close the first drawer. Nonetheless it was a good purchase 🙂

Beauty Storage 3
I placed new product testing on top of the drawer unit and a few other skin care and fragrance at the back. I tried not to stress the front and middle that much as it will curve downward easily.

Beauty Storage 2
I store all my skin care at the bottom drawer of my vanity table. I didn’t realize I opened up so many skin care until I moved all the products into the drawer back in January 2014. It’s quite stressful looking at it day and night for me as I am someone who doesn’t like to waste anything. As for the top drawer, nothing interesting. Just my hair brushes, MUJI cotton, wet wipes and a calculator! 😀

Beauty Storage 4
The latest purchase is this. I saw a review online on Etude HousePrincess 360° Rotating Organizer but it is so small. After a chat with my friend and some searching, my friend helped me to bring back a few rotating organizer. The original version cost almost $200-$300 and it was out of stock. So she got me an inspired version instead. I bought a few extra so if you want to get it, email me for details 😉

A lot of you ask me on Instagram and Facebook on whether this organizer is sturdy enough for all the products. I think the pictures I posted for the past 2 days speak louder than words. I have no issue with it so far even after transferring the whole thing with all the products in it several time. I’m not suppose to do that and it’s heavy. I could have broke the organizer in two!. The rotating organizer has four different angles after I put everything in it.

Beauty Storage 6
As I have way too many stuff to put in, I have to carefully think of what the theme is. I finally decided that this will be a organizer for products that I want to finish up, for all my lip products and for a few staple skin care. This organizer is said to be able to store up to 200 products. You can also use this organizer to store your accessories, medicines, nail polish and many more.

Beauty Storage 7
What I like about it beside the fact that it can rotate 360° and that it’s huge, it also comes with a sliding compartment in the middle. Literally no space is wasted. It gave me a full maximum usage which I appreciate very much.

Beauty Storage 8

Beauty Storage 9

Beauty Storage 10

Beauty Storage 11
This rotating organizer is not made from acrylic but plastic. If it’s acrylic it won’t be as cheap as this. Nonetheless the quality is superb. The only downside is that the rotating is a bit lagging. Yesterday morning I took everything off and sprayed some WD-40 onto each roller balls at the bottom dish lol. I thought I spoilt it because it became even more lagging. Once I reassemble the organizer and put back all the products, the rotating is actually easier. Eventhough so, I would still prefer to hold the bottom base to rotate because the whole thing is basically just plug and play. The middle wall might not stand the left or right push with all the weight on it.

Beauty Storage 12
There is two compartment with lid on the top. I suppose these compartments are suitable for cotton pads, cotton buds, accessories or even hair clips. I store some round cotton pads in one of the compartment.

Beauty Storage 13

Beauty Storage 14
And I opened up the other compartment and put in a few important daily skin care staple. I feel that it’s a bit waste to put cotton pads and cotton buds though. Until I figure out what to put in replacement with the cotton pads, it shall remain as it is now 🙂

Beauty Storage 15
Because I love my It’s Judy Time palette so so much, I just had to put it on top as decoration 😀

Beauty Storage 16
Hope you enjoyed the mini tour into my vanity table and how I organize my beauty products. Next to reorganize is my Ikea HELMER drawer unit. It is now storing all my new, unopened makeup products and nail polishes 🙂


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  • Hi, I have been looking for the rotating organizer? where do u get yours from?

    • Hi Peggy. Oppss! You missed paragraph #1 where I stated where I get it 😀 . I have extra. Email me for details.

  • Very very nice! Can’t wait to tour your Ikea Helmer drawer unit 😀

    • Oh that one will take a longer time because I have no idea yet how to rearrange hehe 😛

  • damn… temptinggggg!

    • I just saw you baru spring clean your room 😛

  • Nicely done Fiona….love all the products you have too!

    • Thanks Cas. It’s certainly happier to see everything at one glance. Makes me one happy girl! 😀

  • Oooo thanks for the write up! So excited!

    • Supposely the write up is more detail and longer but changed my mind 😛

  • My stash is a complete mess 🙁
    I’m ashamed after reading how tidy yours is now lol

    • Don’t worry dear. We all went through that messy stage until the extend of “no eyes see” lol. Mine is tidy because I finally dragged my lazy bum to clean it. I was running away from the problem for a month haha. I threw away some stuff and giving out tons of stuff 🙂

  • Wow u really have a lot of stuff!!! All the drawers full of goods. I email you regarding the organizer. Tq

    • There’s more on other cabinets 😉 . Noted on the organizer. Hope your friend like it.

  • wow. ur have lot colection,,

    • More in another cabinet

  • Oops, it’s me again! I’m really slacking in comments these days. 🙁

    My stash has grown tremendously over the last few months and it’s now overflowing out of my allocated drawers. Basically, I’ve taken to moving and squishing my clothes so that I can temporarily use some of the shelves in my cupboard for beauty stuff. >< It's bad, just so bad…

    My main problem is that my room faces the morning/afternoon sun and with the weather these days, it's basically a furnace during the day. So I've had to make sure that everything is stored in a cupboard or drawer and not left out in the open. I never realised this problem until the last few months with the heat wave. When I come back from work and go to my room, whatever beauty stuff I leave on top of my drawer is warm to the touch! I usually leave my lip balm on the drawer since I use it so much and it's starting to melt. 😮

    • Oppss. Hi Ashley. Great to see you here again 🙂

      Time for a new cupboard! There are some wardrobe that comes with internal shelf + mirror for beauty products. Another alternative is to get a drawer unit. My room faces the sunrise as well. Regardless what my room is warmer during the day and cooler during the night. I store all skincare products inside the drawer of my vanity table. This new rotating organizer is next to the wardrobe so it’s kinda hidden from the sunlight.

  • I love this!! This is so pretty and useful!! But I don’t have that many products to fill the organizer up hahaha! Your vanity table is really clean and well- organized!

    • Haha this one is massive. After I gave out some products away, I actually have an empty on one of the side panel and two empties on the lipstick/nail polish panel. Not bad eh.

      • If for me I will have 3/4 empty haha! I love it for being able to be rotated in 360 degrees! Super cool!

        • Rotating means it save a lot of space 🙂 . I’m in love with mine hehe

  • Nice rotating organizer. I got mine from D.I.Y, really exactly the same.. Nice to organize all beauty stuff, look so neat and well-organized.. I’d love your drawer by the way 🙂

    • Thanks. Yea I’ve heard recently that they have the same too.

  • such a pretty organizer… very tempting.
    i just bought a drawer and was wondering if i should put the Ikea’s drawer mat on top of it for protection, just like you did. i see your rotating organizer sitting on top of it, is the mat tedious to clean? does the mat attract alot of dust? there’s loads of dots on the mat, so it might be a pain to clean, is it?

    • When I see other people’s beauty organizer, I was tempted to change everything but then it’s not easy and it’s also not cost effective so I only change what is needed. I usually clean the Ikea drawer mat by rinsing under running tap water in the bathroom. On weekly basis I use wet tissue. It does attract dust like every other stuff so it’s normal. The dots is just slightly raised up so it’s alright.

  • tempted but hehe .. i don’t have that many skincare/ makeup like you (still salivating over your many things). I am a bit paranoid about the products shelf-life, so i tend to limit them. There was a time when i was into blushers but after using them for 2years, i felt sad having to throw it out. Some bloggers still use them as long as it doesnt smell or look different, but since i am acne-prone, i dont want to risk it. do you still use past their shelf-life?

    your drawer top looks pretty with the Ikea mat. i will most probably do mine too and whats worst is my Alex drawer is white .. sure will turn color if i dont take care. I thought of washing the mat in my shower too hehe.

    • There’s this rule of powder lasting longer than anything else even after it’s shelf life had ended. I think it depends on each individual. I try not to open up too many new product to use to prevent all this expiry issue. All my skin care finishes in 3-4 months on daily use so I don’t or have ever used anything past their shelf life.
      You can repaint your Alex drawer when it turns color. It will turn slightly yellowish because my Ikea table which is also white had turned yellow.


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