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6 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 3

You are reading this 6 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 3 because yes, I am still very much into watching YouTube and discovering interesting YouTubers to follow. My routine every morning with a cup of coffee is to click on each and every channel listed in my 20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels and 10 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 2. Why only six YouTube channels this time? I didn’t want the title to be a repentance i.e. 10 or 20 so I decided to talk about six YouTubers instead 🙂 . And, these six YouTubers happened to be my current favourite channel to stalk 😀

(1) Jaclyn Hill

YouTube Channel –
Blog –

Jaclyn Hill is HUGE in YouTube. I have no idea why I did not know about this last time but it’s not too late. Jaclyn Hill recently collaborated with Becca Cosmetics for her own highlighter named Champaign Pop. It is the best-seller highlighter so far and constantly sold out. She is affiliated with Morphe for Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette (which is currently out of stock as well), Gerard Cosmetics for two lipsticks (Buttercup and 1995) and two lip glosses (Rose Hill and Buttercream), which she no longer want to be associated anymore, an up-coming eyeshadow palette with Makeup Geek, and her own makeup line, which will be named as Jaclyn Hill Collection.

Jaclyn Hill YouTube


(2) LustreLux

YouTube Channel –

I am absolutely OBSESSED with LustreLux! I’m a fan girl. I got to know LustreLux through Desi Perkin’s channel as she would sometimes popped into her videos while she was filming. So I search for LustreLux on YouTube and found her channel. Her makeup tutorials are very easy to understand and replicate at home as she zoom in close enough for me to see what she was doing step by step. Same as Desi, Chrisspy, and Christen, LustreLux is also a part of the Ipsy team.

LustreLux YouTube


(3) Chloe Morello

YouTube Channel –

I discovered Chloe Morello from one of Pixiwoo video, and NikkieTutorials’ GET READY WITH ME + Chloe Morello video. She look like Leighton Meester! Let’s not tell that to Chloe. I’m sure she get that a lot and she might get angry 😛 .

Chloe Morello YouTube


(4) Jkissa Makeup

YouTube Channel –
Tumblr –

I love it when other YouTuber feature another YouTuber in her video. This is also how I get to discover more talented makeup artist on YouTube. Which is exactly how I found Jkissa. Thanks to Michelle Phan, I cannot get enough of Jkissa. I wish she upload video everyday! 😀 . I like Jkissa not only for her talented makeup skills but for her unique personality. She embraced her natural skin and freckles therefore she do not wear foundation. How cool is that! Check her out. She is also associated to Michelle Phan’s other channel ICON.

Jkissa Makeup YouTube


(5) CoffeeBreakwithDani

YouTube Channel –

You cannot get anyone as genuine as Dani. She is honestly the most genuine, cheerful and down to earth YouTuber I encountered. Her makeup tutorials are the ‘girl next door’ kind of tutorials, very real to life. Everytime I watch her video, I get all cheerful and happy from the positive vibe she channeled through her videos. Dani also collaborated with ColourPop for Metamorphosis eyeshadow quad, which I bought and love <3

CoffeeBreakwithDani YouTube


(6) Nicole Guerriero

YouTube Channel –

I think I found Nicole’s channel one day when I was bored and was searching for daily vlog to watch. Then I found out that she is also a beauty YouTuber. She own her own skincare line titled Best Damn Beauty (love that name). I find it funny that in one of her makeup tutorial video that she kept pilling up eyeshadow and kept blending and blending. She did warn about the blending part 😀

Nicole Guerriero YouTube
That is all from me today. I have more YouTubers that I want to tell you about but let’s keep that for the next Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels post ya 😉

Any interesting YouTubers that you discovered as well? Do share! I’d love to expand my list 😀


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  • Inspiration struck! I am going to do my 5 favourite YouTubers! Thanks Fiona!

    Do you know of Lisa Elridge and Tatiana aka Glam Life Guru? They’re both amazing!


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