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SK-II Beauty Bound Returns For Season 2

Beauty Bound Asia Makeup Artist KF Bong
One of the activity from Beauty Bound Asia Season 1

If you missed SK-II’s Beauty Bound Asia last year, fret not as Beauty Bound returned for Season 2 with a twist. Season 2 will incorporate first of its kind beauty web reality series involving judges and mentors from varied niches beyond the beauty industry while creating a community of beauty creators for beauty creators. All of us would get to follow the journey of aspiring digital creators as they chase their dreams to be the region’s next beauty vlogging sensation through these web series.

Beauty Bound Asia Event News SK-II YouTube

SK-II Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 Post-Event Report

Alright girls. As promised in my Beauty Bound Asia introduction post and Phase 1 post-event mini report, I attended the Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 workshop, which was held on the 3rd October at Ruyi & Lyn Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre together with the lucky 29 finalist, meticulously chosen from 73 contestants from Phase 1.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2
Although I did not participate in Beauty Bound Asia, however I was appointed as one of the influencer for the program and guess what? I get to be at the workshops together with all the finalists. That means, I get to learn whatever these finalists are learning as well lah. In fact, I reached Phase 2 event venue just in time for the YouTube session. It was the highlight agenda of the day for me because I get to learn the tips and tricks of YouTube. You know, just in case I decided to start a YouTube channel. Who knows? 😀

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6 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 3

You are reading this 6 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 3 because yes, I am still very much into watching YouTube and discovering interesting YouTubers to follow. My routine every morning with a cup of coffee is to click on each and every channel listed in my 20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels and 10 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 2. Why only six YouTube channels this time? I didn’t want the title to be a repentance i.e. 10 or 20 so I decided to talk about six YouTubers instead 🙂 . And, these six YouTubers happened to be my current favourite channel to stalk 😀

(1) Jaclyn Hill

YouTube Channel –
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Jaclyn Hill is HUGE in YouTube. I have no idea why I did not know about this last time but it’s not too late. Jaclyn Hill recently collaborated with Becca Cosmetics for her own highlighter named Champaign Pop. It is the best-seller highlighter so far and constantly sold out. She is affiliated with Morphe for Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette (which is currently out of stock as well), Gerard Cosmetics for two lipsticks (Buttercup and 1995) and two lip glosses (Rose Hill and Buttercream), which she no longer want to be associated anymore, an up-coming eyeshadow palette with Makeup Geek, and her own makeup line, which will be named as Jaclyn Hill Collection.

Jaclyn Hill YouTube

Beauty Bound Asia Event News SK-II YouTube

Beauty Bound Asia Powered by SK-II on YouTube: The hunt for top beauty creator in Asia

Search programs are well-known in the USA and trends are slowly moving into Malaysia. When it comes to a beauty related search program, Beauty Bound Asia would be the first. It reminds me of Masterchef, but on a digital platform.

Beauty Bound Asia, presented by SK-II on YouTube is the region’s premier digital search and creator cultivation program for emerging online beauty talent. Like I said, this would be the first beauty related search program therefore it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact and learn from the world’s best beauty creators, beauty brands, and digital experts.

Beauty Bound Asia

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10 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 2

After posting up my 20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels, I ended up discovering more YouTube channels that I like. Because I watch a lot of the same YouTubers most of the time, I actually refer to my own 20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels blog post as a reference daily to check if there’s new videos. I know I know. I should subscribe to these girls instead of checking them everyday. But I enjoyed doing so. So at the mean time I will still want to check their channel daily. Because I use my previous blog post as a reference and I’m getting old with lack of memory to remember the rest of the channels which I just discovered, I thought I should do a part 2. Here’s another 10 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels 😀


(1) NikkieTutorials

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I discovered Nikkie from Desi Perkins channel. Oh boy I love this girl so much! She is funny, as real as she can be and she has great personality. Her makeup is always flawless and beautiful. I learnt a lot from Nikkie too. You gotta watch her channel to know what I’m talking about.

NikkieTutorials Youtube

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20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels

At the moment, I am obsessed with watching YouTube beauty channels. I have quite a number of beauty gurus to watch daily so I thought I could give you a glimpse of who I’m currently following. I meant to post this up earlier but just when I was about to, I was drowned with numerous issues from the recent mishap from Mysale parcel. Now that its partly over, I can now go back to my comfort time and that is watching beauty tutorial videos. This might be a little bit lengthy. I have a lot of favourites. I can’t just tell you half and leave the other half 🙂

Here we go. Here’s my 20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels.


(1) Itsjudytime

YouTube Channel –
Daily Vlog Channel –
Mummy Channel –
Benji’s Food Channel –
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Judy is my favourite beauty guru on YouTube. I think you probably know that already as I absolutely love love loveeee my It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette, a palette that Judy co-created with BH Cosmetics. It’s the only palette I wore daily since the day I got it. Best purchases ever! I’m also obsessed with her daily vlog. If there’s no vlog, the whole night I would feel lost *lol*. I can see how stressful daily vlog can be for Judy and Benji. It’s addicting and I keep going back for more. I’m not the only one who felt this way if there’s no vlog for the day. Most of her fans feels the same 🙂

YouTube Favourite 1 Itsjudytime