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Valentine’s Day Pillow Box DIY

For this year’s V-Day I decided to gift a few of my friends with a small gift. With this I wanted to DIY my own card but later on ditch the plan as the card that I wanted to do require some die-cut using a knife and it looked horrible as the section to cut out is roundish kind. So I changed my plan to DIY for pillow box instead.

All I need is art card paper, double sided tape and ribbon. First I print out the design which I accidentally stumbled upon last month from google. She have lots of wonderful and simple craft work which I absolutely adore. Instead of using a white art card paper, I’m using a sweet light pink art card paper. The design includes one complete pillow box and four sentiment  hearts (gift tags) for the front namely XOXOX, Happy Valentine’s Day, SWAK and Love, me.


After the design sheet is printed out, cut out the box around the edges, fold the top and bottom curve line, fold the tab on the side and use double sided tape to seal the box.


Prepare your gift. This pillow box is really small so only small gift or candies or even cookies can fit in.  Hmmm why never I thought of candies for my own gift pack eh?


Put your gift in the pillow box. Fold in the brown flap. Tie a ribbon around the box and stick your selected gift tag on the ribbon in the front using a double sided tape. The sample shown on the website which I downloaded the design is actually using a dark brown ribbon but I don’t have any at home so I’m using a red ribbon. Not too bad actually considering my paper is in pink and the gift tag is in red 😉

Here is my V-Day gift pillow box =)


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  • Dear can I know which website you visit for all the cute cute art design print for DIY? So happy when I discover this post of you because I am about to have gifto for someone special >.<

  • I need to do some searching first as I saved the link at my old laptop and that laptop was infected with virus that wiped everything off. Not sure if I can find it but what you can do is you can google for pillow box and there’s lots of DIY design which will pop up.

  • ok, thanks a lot for the info! (:

  • Wow! Great tip! I will make a mental note to do this not only for next V-day, but also as a little token/ “door gift” for my buddies during our next gathering 😀 <3

    • Not only Valentine. This pillow box is great for anytime 🙂


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