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Hada Labo AHA + BHA Face Wash: Does Your Face Need Acne Control or Oil Control?

Hada Labo AHA+BHA Face Wash
Oh wow. I’ve been sitting on this draft for hours and yet I have not type anything down lol 😛

So, Hada Labo brought out two new AHA + BHA face wash and I got it a few months back. I have been desperately trying to used up my every other face wash so that I can open one of the Hada Labo AHA + BHA Face Wash to try. To be honest I have not tried their AHA + BHA cleanser before so you can understand why I’m so intrigued, especially when I have been receiving DMs on the Instagram on the difference between these two.

The Hada Labo AHA + BHA Face Wash comes in two variants – AHA + BHA Acne Control Face Wash and AHA + BHA Oil Control Face Wash. First thing first, both of the variants are formulated with the same Triple Anti-Pollution Formula to purify and protect the skin from environmental pollution. This is done by reducing the particles ability to adhere to the skin and also to form a protective barrier on the skin to shield against pollution damages. Then these face wash are formulated with Double Action Exfoliating Formula, whereas AHA (Glycolic Acid) and BHA (Salicylic Acid) in the formulation helped to soften skin, remove dead skin cells and restore its natural radiance overall.

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I’ll Look Passed the Bulky Squarish Softlips Cube For I Like the Lip Balm Inside

Softlips Cube 1
Remember there was one point of time I had so many lip balm sent over that it was too overwhelming? Not anymore 😛

I always appreciate lip balm sent over my way because I rely heavily on lip balm on day to day basis. When I had an allergy on my lips last year, clear moisturizing lip balm was all I used. I keep a tube on my work table so I can reapply constantly to keep my dry lips moisturize and I always, ALWAYS apply lip balm as I do my makeup so that lipstick goes on smoother.

Let me be honest. When Softlips Cube landed on my desk, I was not too impressed. I do not like the squarish bulky packaging at first glance. Maybe it is just me because all my handbag are so small and sometimes I can’t even fit a lipstick in. To bring Softlips Cube out and about is out of the question no thanks to its packaging. Cute, yes. Convenient? Not for me. But on my desk, it is just perfect as it sits nicely without tumbling down. The cube design is said to resemble ice cubes so that you look snazzy when applying lip balm. Seriously? lol

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Lip Pure Lip Balm: Cracking This Out As Saviour For A Sudden Allergic Reaction on The Lips

Lip Pure Lip Balm 1
Roughly about 2 weeks ago, for the first time in my life I had allergy attack on my lips. Yeap. My lips. It is not as sexy as Angelina Jolie as my friends said it is. It is so swollen, dry, tight and awfully painful. I quicky found out that the cause to the allergy attack was the Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White Toothpolish. Who would have thought! Toothpaste causing allergy. I do know I am allergic to some whitening products. But toothpaste? This is the first time. Two days after the allergy attack, I flew to Singapore. I grab none of my beauty products but two lip saviour. They are Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil and this Lip Pure Lip Balm. The lip oil from Clarins works for my dry lips but later on I kinda got tired with the stickiness. Thank goodness I grabbed the Lip Pure Lip Balm along. Initially I have no intention in cracking into another lip balm to use but because of my lip allergy and how it saved my lips from the pain, I have to come in here and tell you about it.

Lip Pure Lip Balm is formulated with food grade ingredients, 5 types of essential oils, 3 types of honey extracts and plant extracts. Phew! That is as natural as you can get for a lip balm. The concoction of 5 natural essential oils such as Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil are the main saviour to my lips. They product the best (in my experience and opinion) moisturizing and nourishing benefits. This Lip Pure Lip Balm reminds me a lot of the previous Orange version, which I reviewed here before. The previous one has a hint of Orange scent to it and this new one is scentless. I have to mention that the old one melts in my hot room. This one? I have it in my room for near to 3 weeks now and it is still like new 😀

Lip Pure Lip Balm 2
Lip balm can be a little daunting in a sense that some leaves a white mark on the lip surface, some dries the lip even more, some causes the skin to peel off and so on. I am happy to report that this new Lip Pure Lip Balm does none of that crap. It has anti-aging properties as well thanks to natural plant ingredients namely Meadow-foam Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract.

I was relying a lot on Clarins lip oil as the gooeyness of the product sort of soothe the pain my lips. After a few days, I got tired of it. I was desperate for something moisturizing and light. I have 11 brand new unopened lip balm and I finally decided to open this up to use mainly because this is unscented, colour-free and I remember how good Lip Pure was in terms of moisturizing. Anything with heavy scent and colour will send a sharp pain to my lips. Now I am glad I have this, which I do not know what to do with it last time lol.

Lip Pure Lip Balm is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.
Price: RM17.90 for 4g

For more information, please visit


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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Hada Labo Hydrating Premium Lotion: Slap Your Skin With 5 Types of Hyaluronic Acid for Long Lasting Intense Hydration

Hada Labo Hydrating Premium Lotion 1
My eyes were so huge when I saw the new Hada Labo Hydrating Premium Lotion. The existing original version of the famous hydrating lotion is already making an impact in the market whatmore a premium version. Hada Labo lotion is known to be the lotion to use for hydration but what if you are in need of long-lasting intense hydration for your dry skin? This Hydrating Premium Lotion is the answer.

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ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator: An Affordable But Good Gentle Lip Scrub To Treat Chapped Lips

e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator 1
For someone who love liquid matte lipstick, lip exfoliator is a must to do everyday before putting on the lipstick. As much as I need lip exfoliator, I am not someone who would will spend RM80+ for one from Sephora. If I need to pay that much, I might as well DIY myself at home using sugar grains and honey 😉 . I have had my eyes on ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator for quite some time at iHerb. I never get to buy it because it is always out of stock. It went back in stock for a day and poof, it is gone the next day. That is how well it sells. One fine day it was in stock and I bought four at once.

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Chu Lip Tinted Lip Balm: Kisses Now Comes in a Hint of Pink

ChuLip Tinted 1
When Chu Lip Lip Balm was launched last year, I had the opportunity to try it and review it. It is one of the most cute and fun way to apply lip balm. It is also my staple lip balm right before my makeup. When I hit the pan on that particular Chu Lip lip balm, there I was standing in front of my vanity table scratching head trying to figure out if I have any other lip balm at home and if not what should I buy. Just when I am still scratching my head, this new Chu Lip Tinted Lip Balm arrived my doorstep. Tinted lip balm is my favourite of all 🙂