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Chu Lip Tinted Lip Balm: Kisses Now Comes in a Hint of Pink

ChuLip Tinted 1
When Chu Lip Lip Balm was launched last year, I had the opportunity to try it and review it. It is one of the most cute and fun way to apply lip balm. It is also my staple lip balm right before my makeup. When I hit the pan on that particular Chu Lip lip balm, there I was standing in front of my vanity table scratching head trying to figure out if I have any other lip balm at home and if not what should I buy. Just when I am still scratching my head, this new Chu Lip Tinted Lip Balm arrived my doorstep. Tinted lip balm is my favourite of all 🙂

You must be wondering what is the different between this new Chu Lip Tinted versus the regular clear Chu Lip lip balm. Well, besides the obvious tint shade that the lip balm will give to your lips, this new Chu Lip is formulated with 3D pearl which works to smooth and moisturize the lips. Moisturizing is common and a must in a lip balm BUT this new Chu Lip Tinted comes with DOUBLE moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and further enhanced with a blend of Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Rosehip oil.

ChuLip Tinted 2
The new colours to the Chu Lip Tinted range is Sweet Pink and Vivid Pink, which I have both with me for this review. The packaging remains the same as the original lip balm, with a ready-to-tear back and clear nesting for the Chu Lip itself. Somehow I feel that this new Chu Lip Tinted’s dome casing is more smoother and velvetier. I love that the peach-dome shaped casing has a different top colour than the bottom. So adorable!

ChuLip Tinted 3
Chu Lip Tinted  contains SPF22, which is something I appreciate very much as it is rarely a lip balm that has SPF protection in it. Having said that, I certainly do not use this tinted lip balm to sleep overnight with. First of all, I do not feel comfortable having a tint sitting on top of my lips for so many hours. And SPF needed to be removed properly therefore I am definitely skeptical with night time usage before sleep.

ChuLip Tinted 4
Sweet Pink is described as a lighter pink shade while Vivid Pink is a bright natural pink colour. Both carries pink candy fragrance, which I am not a fan of. To be honest I find the scent to be too artificial and choking for me. Other review I read said the otherwise so I don’t know. Could it be I had gotten a bad batch? No idea. I am just not into the scent.

ChuLip Tinted 5
If you are wondering both shade differences, don’t. You can stop wondering because the difference is not obvious at all on my lips. I could not even tell them apart! I tried swatching on the back of my hand and there is just a teeny weeny difference with both shades. It really does not matter which one you get.

When I first put Chu Lip Tinted lip balm on, I was put off by the scent. Application is as easy as previous Chu Lip so I have no issue with that. I like that it is a tad bit harder. We shall see if this will melt in my hot room lol. The lip balm contains tiny shimmer specks in it. Quite weird for a lip balm actually. Lipstick yes, lip balm? I have never seen shimmer specks in it before. Because this one has a tint in it, one tend to layer on to get a better colour visibility. So did I. When I do, I find it to be too heavy on my lips. It feels uncomfortable as the minute goes by. I can feel the lip balm sitting on my lips and that makes me want to wipe it off as fast as I can.

As for the moisturizing properties, it was alright. It is certainly as moisturizing as it claimed to be. I am just not a fan of the tinted version. I still prefer the original Chu Lip Lip Balm the most 😉

ChuLip Tinted 6

Chu Lip Tinted is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.
Price: RM18.90

For more information, please visit http://jp.rohto.com/chulip/


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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