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Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event 2016: Promoting Taiwanese Beauty in Malaysia

2016 Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event in Malaysia
One of the rare opportunity to be invited to be a part in the Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event which was held earlier this week. I have missed the French networking event two years ago and I ain’t going to miss this one. K-Beauty have been taking over Malaysia recently by storm and as a beauty blogger, it is my duty to know what is out there from Taiwanese beauty. Invited attendees includes top 2 health, beauty and personal chains – Guardian and Watsons as well as beauty companies and beauty bloggers as well as Youtubers.

The event was organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) , Taiwan and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur with 11 Taiwanese leading beauty brands delegates . These delegates have formed an alliance known as the Taiwan Beauty Alliance to promote and further grow the popularity of Taiwanese beauty industry. Their duty is to introduce and share Taiwanese beauty to other countries. After the networking event, the delegates paid a visit to Watsons and Guardian to see if they can expand their brand here for us in Malaysia.

2016 Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event in Malaysia Delegates
A little background on what Taiwan Beauty Alliance is. The alliance consists of 11 distinguised Taiwanese beauty brands, carefully selected that possess 5 major features: biotechnological, medical, innovative, fashion-forward and green. For example, 76-year old Cellina is a collective memory among Taiwanese people. On the other hand, 23.5’N has been a rising star since its establishment 6 years ago.



This has got to be my favourite brand of all. After trying out their mask series, I am sold. This is a rising brand that makes good use of Taiwanese manufacturing process.




Cellina is known for their history of 76-years among Taiwanese people. Their best-seller and most sought after product is actually body cream that is similar to Nivea. Even the packaging is similar too. Quite the affordable too.



Dr Jou
Dr Jou, which I know as Dr Morita here in Malaysia is known for its aesthetic facial sheet mask. Their other brand Dr Morite launched the mask series in Malaysia last year. It is one of the most high popularity facial mask in Asia.



Dr Wu
Dr Wu is not a stranger here in Malaysia. You can find the brand in SaSa outlets. Dr Wu is known to be Taiwan’s No.1 dermatological brand.



The brand that I most wanted to meet and talk to was For Beloved One. Unfortunately they are the only brand that was not present at the networking event 🙁 . However, For Beloved One is already available at our Sephora stores for quite some time. Come to think of it, I still have their whitening range which I have yet to use.



The most innovative mask packaging goes to Maskingdom. They successfully and creatively integrates the elements from aboriginal tribes to their cosmetics masks. Even the box is a must-keep item. Look at the bird at the back! That is the box that holds all the sheet masks!



Naruko, founded by Niuer, the godfather of Taiwanese beauty industry is definitely not a stranger for us especially when he was just here in Malaysia last week. You may find all Naruko products at Watsons stores.



Another brand found at SaSa outlets. I did not pay much attention to this brand as they rarely do any promo with the beauty bloggers here hence the lack of publicity. Through this networking event, I finally able to find out about them and their other products beside this hydrating range. They are a brand that combines dermatology and bio-tech.



I was told O’Right is available here in Malaysia but I have not heard of them before. In a nutshell, they are known to be an environmental-friendly haircare products.



The only and only makeup brand at the networking event and I have not heard of PSK before this. PSK is known for their Pearl Cream, which has been sold more than 1,000 times the height of Taipei 101 building and their LED light lip gloss. I had the priviledge to bring home some PSK makeup and skincare to try. All are their best-seller products! Excited!



Yuan is of course available in Malaysia. You can find them at some of the big departmental store especially at Isetan KLCC. Among 10 brand presentation that morning, Yuan was the last and the most interesting one. Love their video! Yuan is famous for its excellent herbal application, their handmade soap and their commitment towards the nature and environment as well as towards their employees.

For more information on Taiwan Beauty Alliance, please visit Beauty Care Taiwan Facebook Page to find out more.


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