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How to Prevent Party Season Skin Fatigue
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Beauty Hack: How to Prevent Party Season Skin Fatigue

During the year-end holiday season, your skin is more prone to damage from traveling, air-conditioning, sleeping less and partying more. While all of this added stress can cause dullness and dehydration, an extra boost of moisturization and nourishment is what you need to get your skin back on top. Rescue tired skin with this pampering ritual so you can start the year looking your very best.

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Holiday Beauty Tips for this Year’s Festivities

With holiday office parties, white elephant exchanges and events with our friends and families in the works, you’ll want to make sure you look your best in the upcoming months. Take a look at these holiday beauty tips to ensure you’re party ready.

The holidays are a time to indulge, and when it’s comes to beauty, you’ll want to indulge in good skin care specialist in order to keep your skin in the best shape possible.

Beauty Products Expiry Calculator
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Beauty Products Expiry Online Calculator

When I first started dabbing my toes into beauty, I kept buying and buying without realizing how important it is to keep track of all the product’s expiry date. As time goes by, I started doing research on how to read the codes on the products as not all products stated its manufacturing date or even expiry date on the bottle or box. I find it a bit dodgy that brands prefer to put some mysterious code that no one but only them will understand what it meant. Then I found Check Cosmetics.

How to lighten acne marks
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Beauty Tips: How To Lighten Acne Marks

I’ve always said that having a well-hydrated skin is the key to having a good skin. I have said it many times here in the blog but yet I still make the first fundamental mistake. That, is to forget that acne marks took a long time to disappear due to dehydrated skin.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago when I paid a visit to Premier Clinic TTDI that I was reminded about how a well-hydrated skin will get rid of acne marks. I was like ‘God! How on earth did I forget about that?’.

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Know Your Skincare: How much skincare product amount do you need to apply?

I stumbled upon an interesting article on Huffington Post yesterday that I thought I should share it with everyone here at Street Love. Often I was asked about the amount of skincare product to apply. Honestly I’ve been bad myself as I slather probably more than I should on my face. Yeap. I’m guilty of doing that. So to not repeat my mistake, here is an infographic chart brilliantly done by Tiara Chiaramonte.