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Malaysia’s Fairuz Nadia Anuar Crowned Beauty Bound Season 2 Asia’s Next Top Beauty Creator

SK-II Beauty Bound Asia Season 2 Winner
After eight intensive months of auditions and challenges in SK-II Beauty Bound Season Two, one winner has risen above hundreds of hopefuls and has been crowned by Chiara Ferragni, Global Fashion Icon & Global Judge Beauty Bound Season Two as Asia’s next big beauty name to watch out for. Culminating in Okinawa, Japan, the final battle saw nine aspiring beauty creators pit themselves against each other in a series of heart-thumping challenges set in the wild. At the end of two grueling days, Fairuz Nadia Anuar of Malaysia or better known as @innermaverick on her social media channels such as Instagram and Youtube channel eventually won the hearts of fans and judges with her creativity, charisma and conviction.

Beauty Bound Asia News SK-II

Beauty Bound Season 2: Who Will Be Asia’s Next Top Beauty Creator?

SK-II Beauty Bound Season 2
Since Beauty Bound was initiated last year on July 2016, more than 400 aspiring beauty creators from eight countries auditioned and compete to become Asia’s Next Top Beauty Creator. For Beauty Bound Season 2, the game plan has changed. Fans is now able to follow the entire journey of young hopeful 64 contestants in the pursuit of their dreams. A first-of-its-kind beauty web reality series by luxury skin care brand SK-II premieres globally on YouTube on 1st February 2017. The web series will be released in two phases: the first five episodes follow the top eight in each country as they battle it out in their local Beauty Base for a spot in the global finale. The grand finale episodes featuring the finalists from each country will be released in mid-March 2017.

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Beauty News: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Get Dressed in the Multi-Colored Phoenix Limited Edition Design

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Multi-Colored Phoenix
SK-II never fail in releasing Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence bottle design for various occasion throughout the year and with the recent successful release of SK-II’s festive Suminagashi-inspired designs, now launching exclusively in Asia comes the limited edition Chinese New Year SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Multi-Colored Phoenix design.

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Beauty Hack: How to Prevent Party Season Skin Fatigue

How to Prevent Party Season Skin Fatigue
During the year-end holiday season, your skin is more prone to damage from traveling, air-conditioning, sleeping less and partying more. While all of this added stress can cause dullness and dehydration, an extra boost of moisturization and nourishment is what you need to get your skin back on top. Rescue tired skin with this pampering ritual so you can start the year looking your very best.

Step 1: Eliminate Impurities

Beautiful skin starts with a clean surface, so it’s vital to remove all of your makeup, along with any dirt and impurities from the day by thoroughly cleansing. Opt for
SK-II’s Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, which conditions your skin as it gently removes impurities in and around pores.

Step 2: Strengthen Skin

Strengthen Skin
Strengthen your skin with the multi-benefit Facial Treatment Essence, which instantly soothes dehydrated and dull skin. Containing over 90% Pitera, this iconic essence penetrates easily into the skin for immediate hydration and moderates the renewal cycle to improve your skin’s texture. An essential in any skincare regimen, Facial Treatment Essence is the key to long-lasting, crystal clear skin with a natural radiance.


Step 3: Lock Moisture In

Lock Moisture In
Tired skin can cause rougher skin texture and more visible pores. Run an ice cube over your skin, then smooth in a dropper-full of R.N.A. Power Essence. The combination of cold water and anti-aging serum will immediately help to tighten the pores and improve your skin’s texture for a smooth, pore-less surface. Then layer on the R.N.A. Power Radical New Age for a healthy dose of moisture that leaves your skin silky soft and hydrated. Work it gently into your skin with light fingertips to give yourself a comforting massage at the same time.


Step 4: Revitalize and Relax

Revitalize and Relax
One of the best me-time rituals is a luxurious sheet mask. What is more relaxing than zoning out while a Facial Treatment Mask does its magic on revitalizing your skin? Each sheet is soaked in an indulgent concentration of PITERA™, instantly immersing your skin in intense hydration. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for fatigued skin as well as your senses.

Now you can go to all the party invitations without any worries 😉 . Happy New Year peepes!


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Beauty News: Give The Best Gift This Christmas with SK-II The Gift of Crystal Clear Skin

SK-II Crystal Clear Skin Set
What’s the best time to gift someone you loved with the best product that you personally love but Christmas? A gift of SK-II for Christmas promises the recipient #crystalclearskin. Every drop is miraculous and precious; every drop harnesses the power to transform skin. This is SK-II’s BEST GIFT to you and your loved ones.

Surprisingly this year, SK-II only came out with one gift set. It might be more but based on the information I got, this is it.