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Papulex™ Gel: Not happy that I have to use it but it does help when I needed it the most

After sitting on the new Papulex™ Gel for a few weeks, I finally had to use it last night. It must be the skin care that I’m using because I haven’t had any breakout for quite some time *touch wood*. Then I did something really stupid. I was generous with the amount of Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream to use two nights ago and I woke up with a few pimples. Thus came this review 😛

Papulex Gel
Although Papulex is a brand that was clinically proven to be effective on acne, I have never heard about it before. The brand focuses on improving skin appearance by reducing breakouts and making sure that the skin appears healthy and revitalised at the same time. In fact, 99% acne sufferers saw noticeable improvement with their skin condition in just six weeks of usage.

This clinically proven Papulex™ Power of 3 optimizes acne management by tackling three main root causes of acneProliferation of P. acnes bacteria, increase in sebum production and lastly inflammation of acne. Power of 3 formula includes:

  • EU Patented ABA Technology – to reduce acne causing bacteria
  • Nicotinamide – to control inflammation and calm breakout down
  • Zinc PCA – to reduce skin oiliness and shine

First thing first, the tube is HUGE. This tube alone would probably last me for years to come. It is by far the one and only super size anti-blemish gel I’ve ever seen 😀 . The only thing I don’t like is the nozzle. I wish it came with a pointy tip instead because the gel keep leaking out. The good news is, there is a way to solve this oozing issue. What I like to do is to turn the tube upside down, tap it on the table a few times before unscrewing the cap off.

Papulex Gel Nozzle
Papulex Gel comes in a clear, gel-ish texture. It is fragrance free and paraben free. This gel contains Alcohol Denat in it’s ingredient. You will find most skin care for oily / acne skin does contain this ingredient as the purpose is to dry out the skin and it acts as a quick fix. So although this gel is basically scentless, you will still smell a slight alcohol scent in it. Comparing with tea tree blemish gel, Papulex Gel definitely smells better in so many ways.

Papulex Gel Hand Swatch
Basically this gel is to be used on localized spot morning and night after the usual skin care routine. I patted it on three pimples yesterday night before bed and woke up with fully subsided pimples! Seriously I didn’t expect this at all so I didn’t even have a photo to show you the before and after 🙁 as the pimple formation came too sudden and I wasn’t even prepared. Besides the few pimples, I also had two bulge forming underneath the skin. I can’t see it but I can feel it with my finger and the pain reminds me that it’s there. I didn’t know what to expect from the gel but I thought I should try my luck and apply some of the gel onto the bulge. The next day the bulge subsided a little bit and the gel somehow brought it to head. So I continue applying on the same night and the next morning it was gone. I was pretty impressed with how fast it works on pimples 😀

Unlike tea tree blemish gel, this Papulex Gel doesn’t sting or feels minty on my skin. I actually like this type as I’m definitely not a fan of anything stinging or minty to begin with. I like treatment product to feel like as if I don’t have anything on and this Papulex Gel fits the bill.


Papulex™ range of products is now available at local and leading pharmacies, as well as selected clinics nationwide.

+ Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel 150ml – RM72.50
+ Oil Free Cream 40ml – RM65
+ Lotion 125ml – RM90
+ Gel 40ml – RM52.80

For more information on Papulex, please visit or Papulex Malaysia Facebook page at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • HI Fiona.
    Thanks for the review.
    I was rather apprehensive about this product (I received some free sachet samples) but after trying them, I decided that I don’t really fancy the entire range, esp the cream, ’cause its smell reminds me of the cheap glue in colorful plastic tubs (in the 80s) that I used in primary school! LOL… That put me off using anything to do with this brand!
    Thanks to your review, I will try use the pimple gel on my breakouts and try to tame them before CNY! 😀

    • Oh man! My comment went missing :'(

      I think because the product is fragrance free therefore it doesn’t smells the best. You know how typical I can be with product that doesn’t smell good. Luckily this gel is very mildly scented only (hardly detectable). I didn’t know there are samples to get to try! But please do try the gel sample if you have breakout. It works out well for me 🙂

      • Ya, will definitely try the Papulex pimple gel! With all those prawn crackers, cookies, bak-kwa and whatnots, my face is gonna be in deep trouble soon! (YIKES!)

        BTW, i’m trying out SF Beauty products now and I quite like the Blemish Corrector pimple gel and oil control Purifying Serum (for T-zone) that helps reduce sebum production (though not entirely, it does help to a certain extent) as well as the Perfect Glow Sunscreen that’s tinted and provides light coverage, yet without the sticky residue and doesn’t leave a typical sunscreen smell, It helps my skin stay a little less oily (or should I say, a little matte) as compared with usual 😀
        What I don’t like is the many different products (up to 7 steps!) that I have to use…. Eeeee….
        So after using their samples, I’m only purchasing a couple of products from them to mix and match with my current products, as I must try to finish up what I already have first instead of all the compulsive buying (Horrors!)

        • Sounds complicated lol. I stopped hunting for anything that said ‘oil control’ because I found out that the more I try to control, the oilier I get. Maybe because my skin type is more on the dehydrated side than the actual oily skin 🙂

          • Ya, too many products! So difficult to remember which comes after which.
            I prefer 3-step type of regime.
            that’s why im only buying a few of the products to use before I put on my make-up.
            I put on make-up less now, about once or twice a week. and go totally ‘nude’ at work, auntie edi, face PC all day long, no one wanna see… and to reduce my breakouts too… hahahaha….

  • thanks for the review Fiona! I might try this as well because no acne gels seems to work magically on me as per now. tea tree gels and oils have been drying my skin until mengelupas already i need to stop using them. i hope if i get to try this papulex it will turn okay.

    • My brother said the same for tea tree oil! He stopped using The Body Shop one that I gave him. He started to develop dry patches because it was drying his skin. In the end I have to give him a moisturizer pulak lol!

  • Does the gel leave a mark after the pimple subside?

    • Nope it doesn’t 😀

  • So impressive! I can’t believe this contain alcohol but it doesn’t sting. Usually product with alcohol always cause sting on acne.

    • It stings probably because of open wound? I use it on pimple bump and no stinging. I did accidentally apply onto sore wound and it stings a bit lol. But I wouldn’t recommend applying on open wound ya 😀

  • This tube may be bigger in size. It’s also more costly than others :P. I’m glad to hear it works for you Fiona. What skincare are you using till breakout?

    • Oppsss! Yes it is. As long as it works I wouldn’t mind paying 😀 . I used too much Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream. Kiasu!

  • do you suggest any products for red acne scares ..i was using Papulex lotion and now im going to by Papulex gel , that could help for acne redness and scares?

    • It helps with scars but not so much on acne redness. The redness will be there if your acne is there. When the acne tones down, redness will also be reduced. What you need to do is to control the acne from flaring up.


    • GOOD LUCK!

  • Hi, is is suitable for oily skin? It can really help dries up acne? Tried so many acne products before but not works.

    • Hi yes it is. This gel doesn’t dries up the acne. It shrink it only. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the time it works.

      • Thanks Fiona. Do u know any other acne products that can dries up acne? Thanks.

        • Hi Mun, try Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I heard it’s very good in drying out pimples. You may buy it from Sephora 😉

  • Haha…i tried it before but not works on me. Anyway, really thank you for your advice. Thank you Fiona.


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