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Bangs Cut Supporter: A quick and easy life saver tool for fringe trimming

Bangs Cut Supporter

When I had my fringe chopped off a few weeks ago, many people were shocked and asked why the change because I have had the same hairstyle for ages. I’m a well-organized person and I like to plan for everything but I can get very random at times, which I think is important to change the rules a little, taking a step back and enjoy what life is all about. Living it!
Let me tell you a secret. The reason why I chopped off my fringe was because I saw this Bangs Cut Supporter at Mr. DIY.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring/Summer Season COLOR ME KNOT Hair Trends

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 1

It is quite rare for me to do a season trend look, what more a hair trend. Not that I don’t want to do but I didn’t have any information on hand nor am I the expert. Just last week I was at the launch of Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster and I was handed the 2014 Spring/Summer hair trends book, which Shiseido Professional named as COLOR ME KNOT.

Hair Tutorial: Cute and Simple Side Braided Bun

Hair Tutorial Side Braided Bun 1

A year ago I stumbled upon a Youtube video on this simple, cute side braided bun and I’ve been doing the hair style since. I must admit, having all your hair up in a bun is not a favourite here because you could risk looking like an “auntie”. The last time I had my hair up in a bun is during my ballet classes 😀 . Boy it was a competition on who have the neatest and nicest hair bun of all!
I’ve seen some stylish girls doing it and it actually looks good.

Hair Tutorial: Wrap-Around Half Do with Kérastase Couture Styling

Hair Tutorial Kerastase Couture Styling 1

If you’re my Instagram or Facebook page follower you’ll definitely remember this wrap-around half do which I shared a few months ago. I know I know, I promised you a hair tutorial on this hair-do. It took me this long to finally do it because of two reason. (1) This auntie have totally forgotten about it as usual lol and (2) I haven’t figure out how to take photo of my head from the back.