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Bangs Cut Supporter: A quick and easy life saver tool for fringe trimming

When I had my fringe chopped off a few weeks ago, many people were shocked and asked why the change because I have had the same hairstyle for ages. I’m a well-organized person and I like to plan for everything but I can get very random at times, which I think is important to change the rules a little, taking a step back and enjoy what life is all about. Living it!

Let me tell you a secret. The reason why I chopped off my fringe was because I saw this Bangs Cut Supporter at Mr. DIY. Immediately I thought I could easily do the first cut at home and then do follow-up trimming at home whenever needed.

Bangs Cut Supporter
So as I said earlier, I assume that I would be able to do the first fringe cut at home easily with this tool. I don’t think it will be hard but I was afraid. After all it’s the first cut. I wouldn’t want to mess up and having to live with badly cut fringe for a few weeks 😀 . So I went to a hair salon. Honestly speaking, I don’t think so the salon did a good job either. I hated my fringe for the first two weeks. When the hair started to grow out and I was heading to Penang, I had them comb to the side again as I knew I would get all sweaty in Penang. On the same night I was back to KL, I took out this Bangs Cut Supporter to trim my fringe.

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Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring/Summer Season COLOR ME KNOT Hair Trends

It is quite rare for me to do a season trend look, what more a hair trend. Not that I don’t want to do but I didn’t have any information on hand nor am I the expert. Just last week I was at the launch of Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster and I was handed the 2014 Spring/Summer hair trends book, which Shiseido Professional named as COLOR ME KNOT. I was so interested with the content and I thought why not share it with you girls too 😀

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 1
Just to recap what I said earlier in Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster launch post. Mr. Yoshiyuki Takahashi shared the latest trend in Japan. He said that most magazine in Japan now features lots of white-based color coordination. So Shiseido Professional creative team back at Tokyo Japan studied the trend and came up with COLOR ME KNOT. It is a nuance of accentuating the colors of hair and fashion styles in contrast with blank canvas of white. But this White in 2014 Spring/Summer will be powerful, futuristic, sharp, mysterious and goes well with everything. However it will not be completely full white. So for this season, Shiseido Professional had came up with Wet & Dry, Natural & Strong and Tight & Flared hair styles that will complement the white well.

Hair Care - Styling Product Hair Syle Hair Tutorial Kérastase Review: Hair Care

Hair Tutorial: Cute and Simple Side Braided Bun

A year ago I stumbled upon a Youtube video on this simple, cute side braided bun and I’ve been doing the hair style since. I must admit, having all your hair up in a bun is not a favourite here because you could risk looking like an “auntie”. The last time I had my hair up in a bun is during my ballet classes 😀 . Boy it was a competition on who have the neatest and nicest hair bun of all!

I’ve seen some stylish girls doing it and it actually looks good. The key to this look is to put on jewellery, pairing the look with modern attire such as dresses and don’t forget the makeup 🙂 . For this side branded bun hair tutorial, I’ve only put on a light makeup as I was in a hurry. Hope you like this hair-do!

Hair Tutorial Side Braided Bun 1

Hair Care - Styling Product Hair Syle Hair Tutorial Kérastase Review: Hair Care

Hair Tutorial: Wrap-Around Half Do with Kérastase Couture Styling

If you’re my Instagram or Facebook page follower you’ll definitely remember this wrap-around half do which I shared a few months ago. I know I know, I promised you a hair tutorial on this hair-do. It took me this long to finally do it because of two reason. (1) This auntie have totally forgotten about it as usual lol and (2) I haven’t figure out how to take photo of my head from the back.

I’ve been toying around with some styling products from Kérastase Couture Styling range and recreating this wrap-around half do. Let me tell ya’ recreating this hair-do is not easy at all but here is the tutorial as promised 😀

Hair Tutorial Kerastase Couture Styling 1
The first time I tried doing this wrap-around half do is in the office. That time I’m equipped with just a comb, a few hair tie, a few bobby pin, a can of hair spray and I nailed it on first try. Not only recreating the same hair-do is difficult, I also face with the shooting challenge as well. My bigger camera is once again sent to the service centre so I have no choice but to use a smaller camera. Some photos may be a bit blurry as I can’t see the camera screen at all. I think you get what I mean 🙂