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Bangs Cut Supporter: A quick and easy life saver tool for fringe trimming

When I had my fringe chopped off a few weeks ago, many people were shocked and asked why the change because I have had the same hairstyle for ages. I’m a well-organized person and I like to plan for everything but I can get very random at times, which I think is important to change the rules a little, taking a step back and enjoy what life is all about. Living it!

Let me tell you a secret. The reason why I chopped off my fringe was because I saw this Bangs Cut Supporter at Mr. DIY. Immediately I thought I could easily do the first cut at home and then do follow-up trimming at home whenever needed.

Bangs Cut Supporter
So as I said earlier, I assume that I would be able to do the first fringe cut at home easily with this tool. I don’t think it will be hard but I was afraid. After all it’s the first cut. I wouldn’t want to mess up and having to live with badly cut fringe for a few weeks 😀 . So I went to a hair salon. Honestly speaking, I don’t think so the salon did a good job either. I hated my fringe for the first two weeks. When the hair started to grow out and I was heading to Penang, I had them comb to the side again as I knew I would get all sweaty in Penang. On the same night I was back to KL, I took out this Bangs Cut Supporter to trim my fringe.

This weird but useful tool is selling for just RM6.90 at Mr. DIY. The good thing about Mr. DIY is that there are no price increase nor do I need to pay GST separately. All GST are absorbed by Mr. DIY! The tool comes in a 3-piece, which requires a little installation before use and dismantling after using (unless you ditch the box).

Bangs Cut Supporter Content
This is the hilarious part. It’s absolutely hideous but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. My original fringe from the salon are way too wide so I took off some hair from the left and right, put a bobby pin to keep them away and gather the hair that I wanted to trim to the ‘uneven comb’. However I find myself not able to see anything clearly from the plastic pocket which catches all the hair. It won’t be a problem if you do it slowly. Sometimes I get my mum to trim for me 🙂

What’s cool about this tool is that not only the uneven comb helped to create a natural zig zag trim, the plastic pocket protects the face and eyes from hair and it catches the hair from the trim. What’s not to love right?

Bangs Cut Supporter How to Use
Here’s the result. This is my second trimming using the same Bangs Cut Supporter. First trim was more straight, which I don’t really like. I like the second trim more where it’s more uneven. The more uneven the bangs are, the nicer it is 😀

Bangs Cut Supporter Finish Look 1

Bangs Cut Supporter Finish Look 2
My hair grows out on a super fast rate. I thought the toughest thing to go through having a fringe is the itchiness on the forehead despite everyone telling me it’s the trimming. Now that my forehead has gotten used to having a fringe, I find that the constant trimming is pretty annoying, just like what my friends warned 😀 . I trim mine once every week. Another challenge for me is to ‘make’ the fringe stays in place whenever I’m going out. Yes, having a fringe really takes effort and time. And yet I don’t regret having it 😉


Bangs Cut Supporter is available at Mr. DIY stores. Please take note that not all Mr. DIY store carries the same product. I bought mine from Bangi store.

Price: RM6.90


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • So clever! Lol. Hugs and pats on your back! This is awesome idea because I keep bangs and sometimes I’m too lazy to go wait at the salon to trim it. Sometimes when my hairstylist goes bonkers, I get this dog bitten look which I absolutely detest. Also it’s expensive to just trim bangs. So I normally trim my hair as well. Love your creativity and resourcefulness. I have to say Mr DIY is also my mum’s favourite store when it comes to 101 things like CNY decor, household thingamajig and most recent purchase was the Mr Happy placemat that instantly brought more joy and happiness to the dining table. Great thing your mum can help you trim properly because the plastic cover looks quite thick and high chance will distort your view. Loving your bangs. Keep it and you’re forever sweet 16!

    • Lol. I’m the queen in sourcing anything weird hehe. My nightmare is also when the stylist goes bonkers. I usually go to my aunt, which she don’t charge me anything regardless full hair cut, trim or bangs trim. But I insist in paying. Bangs trimming is around RM5-RM8 right? One time it’s fine. Constant trimming can be costly in long run. This has got to be the best RM6.90 I invested 😀
      Some Mr. DIY store are good, some are too small. I like the store if they have the shelfs all lined up in the same direction or row haha.

  • Hands down, you are the Queen of (Quirky BUT Wonderful) Procurement.
    I honestly LOVE everything you share. You know that because I’ll be wanting to know where I can get one too. Hope you don’t mind!

    This is great and I almost want one except that I don’t think I can do a straight fringe – hair too thin 🙁
    But yes, if I ever think I want to try for it – I now know where to go for a DIY option. Thanks, Fiona!

    You seriously need to start working for Home Shopping Network but then I might go broke and my hoarding might get even more crazy than it already is.

    • Haha. It’s fun discovering quirky, weird and cheap stuff that made life easier 🙂 . Nah, I don’t mind. If you need me to get it for you, let me know!
      My hair is thin too, especially the top of my head are with lesser hair than the bottom half of my head.
      Home Shopping Network eh? Good idea! Seriously considering it 🙂

  • I ran out to buy this for my 2 kids after you posted the photo on FB.
    But i had a hard time trying to figure how to instal it (Am i densed or what!? #FeelingStupid )
    I was sitting on the floor, sweating it out trying to instal it this way and that way or that way and this way for a good 10-15 mins while my toddler ran around the house in his diapers and nothing else!
    Adoi… finally, i got it right!
    But he wouldnt stand still enough for me to fully utilize it properly.
    Hahahahaha…. so i had to resort to trimming it the normal way… #SadButTrue

    • Haha I had a problem installing the top part for the longest time 😛 . I think Lucas is too young to sit still at his age now. He will be curious with the tool than the hair cut. Wait till they are slightly bigger 😀

      • They should have came out with the instructions on assembling that 3-piece tool! LOL… I was so afraid that if i tried to push too hard, it will break. Ya, guess i’ll do it the usual way for now…. But can loan it to my aunt to trim my 3 nieces’ bangs 😀
        Not wasted! Whoo-hoo! <3

        • That’s what I thought too when I had a problem installing! Ahh that’s good. It’s not wasted definitely 😉


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