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Make Up Tips – Simple Winged Eyeliner

For the past few months I’ve been doing my eye makeup in the office. That means I have all the longer time (not too long otherwise my boss will kill me when he read this heh!) to draw eyeliner. With no rushing, no traffic jam to stuck with…I can have a more peaceful mind to practice my drawing skill. You know I’m really bad at eyeliner right? I still do!

So what I’m doing here? Let’s put it this way. I experiment with different eyeliner style a lot and I finally found a quick and simple way to draw eyeliner that I want to share with you. Once again disclaimer. This is just my own sharing. I’m no makeup guru or expert so most prolly I’m not as good as some expert you 🙂

Make Up Tips 23
What I like about this method is that you can practically use all types of eyeliner makeup that you can get i.e. liquid, gel, crayon, pencil and gel. If I need to recommend it would be liquid eyeliner for this. Because I have happiness tear problem I would prefer gel pencil aka gel eyeliner in a pencil form. What exactly is happiness tear? Basically I “cry” when I’m talking to someone or even when I’m laughing, smiling or even just nodding with a smile while talking to someone. It’s really bothering me a lot as the other party may think they upset me or something. It’s insane to continue smiling and nodding with the “winged” eyeliner melted at the outer corner of the eye lol!!

Let’s start. This would be one easy tutorial as everything is with large thumbnail pictures + point form explanation.

(1) Decide on what type of eyeliner to use. In this tutorial I’m using CLIO Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner #Golden Black No.5. CLIO doesn’t have black and the darkest and nearest to blackest black would be Golden Black 🙂
(2) Draw a line from inner to outer corner. If you are new to this, just draw a smaller stroke. CLIO gelpresso is creamy so it’s easier to draw in a single stroke.
(3) Just in case you wonder why my line are thin, well it’s not. Normally I drew a thicker line as my crease are hidden when my eyes are open (the other eye which is not in the picture).
(4) Draw a “tick” at the end corner. The thickness of the “tick” should not be too thick or long.

Make Up Tips 24
(5) Fill in and connect the whole line with the “tick” earlier. The eyeliner shape is now beginning to take place and look better. But we are not done yet.
(6) Drag the end of the line further out say around 1-2mm longer to get that “winged” effect. If the end tip is too thick and harsh, use a cosmetic cotton bud to clean off some of the liner. Why 1-2mm? This tutorial is not about cat eye winged eyeliner. This is a much more natural eyeliner which suits everyone.
(7) If you notice picture no. (6), the area near the eye lash root (waterline) is still looking white. Use a finger to gently lift up the lid and fill in the waterline.
(8) Voilà! Eye is now more defined and darker.


Here’s another tip. Do you have a problem where your eyeliner is transferred on the eyelash curler? I get that too. What I do is to wait for the eyeliner to dry/set before using eyelash curler. I discovered this solution one day when I stopped to check and reply my work email before proceeding to eyelash curler and mascara. I find that there’s no transfer at all. It works for me and I do hope it works for you too 🙂


Drawing eyeliner has never been this easy now. What’s your secret to a perfect winged eyeliner? Do share with me your method. I’d love to know 🙂


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  • Nice and simple really. I’m going to try your method. I’m not good with eyeliner. Right side appears fine but left is always the problem. Do you get that too?

    • I had that allll the time! But I don’t fix both eye’s eyeliner after that. Normally I’ll only fix the right eye. Before the liner dry down and set, you can still do it. So be fast!

      • Thank you for the extra tip. I will try to correct the mistake fast^^

        • No prob. Update us ya 🙂


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