Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not 6
The basics in beauty such as facial cotton and cotton tips are never a topic or rather not spoken at all because it was often forgotten. Yes the products are the star of a show but I also believe the tools are equally important as well. I always stock up on facial cottons and makeup cotton tips whenever I see a deal at Guardian. Why Guardian? Because they happen to carry all three of my most used and favourite tool of all time! And no, this post is not sponsored by Guardian by the way LOL.

We often thought that in-house brands are not the best and so we like to avoid buying them and go for a more known brand instead. This is true to an extend and I do prefer to go for known brand most of the time, however I find it to be a different story when it comes to these facial cotton and cotton tips.


Soft & Care Ultra Soft Facial Cotton (RM9.88 / 3 x 226 pcs)

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not 7
I have been through so many types and brands of facial cotton. My favourite is still the cotton rounds from The Body Shop but since I go through a lot of facial cotton in a day, the price is not feasible for long run. I used to stock them up when they are on sale and recently I don’t see them on sale as cheap as before. Then I bought the Guardian Soft & Care Ultra Soft Facial Cotton and immediately found a new love. These are 100% pure cotton that are dense enough for makeup removal or toner application, and not too harsh or hard for the delicate skin. It doesn’t have a non-woven outer layer which tend to slide off the face and peel off during usage, which I am so glad about. It looks like the old time Premier facial cotton, only denser. So if you like that you will LOVE this as it doesn’t break into pieces on the face 😀


Make-Up Cotton Tips (RM6.13 / 100s)

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not 8
Now, this Guardian Make-Up Cotton Tips I have a box of them that could last me for a few more years! Same as facial cotton, I go through several brands before settling for one that I like. Which is this one from Guardian. I discovered this accidentally as I ran out of make-up cotton tips and I was at Guardian. I bought a tub home to try and went back for more, and bought even more when I saw them on sale. Can’t remember how cheap but it was really cheap. I think it was two tub for a special price. I know make-up cotton tips are almost similar everywhere but what I like about this particular one is that the round end/tip has ridges on it so it doesn’t break easily after several use. Therefore it is highly durable. If you’ve go through make-up cotton tips as much as I do, you will know what I mean. I use this for everything especially during makeup application to clean up smudges or any mistake I make.


Children Cotton Tips (RM6.55 / 200s)

Facial Cotton, Cotton Tips and What Not 9
I never thought of using a smaller cotton tips as my make-up cotton tips until I saw Youtuber Estee Lalonde talking about it. I think she was using the Muji one and even mention that Daiso has it too. Since I am not one that will purposely drive to Muji as it’s only at certain mall, I though Daiso would be a better option. But before I even go to Daiso, I saw this Children Cotton Tips at Guardian. And the price is cheaper than Daiso. I don’t have much expectation for these children cotton tips but surprisingly these are good! In fact I like these much more than the regular Make-Up Cotton Tips. It is smaller so it gets into nook and cranny more precise without messing the makeup more than it should. It cleans up makeup mistake much better too thanks to the smaller tip. I like this especially to clean my eyebrow pencil at the end of the brow to give the brow a sharp tip. It clean the under brow much better and precise too. I have somewhat a box of these too thanks to Guardian sale last year 😀 . Is it necessary to use this if you are already using a make-up cotton tips? No. I rotate between both since I have so many tubs of both type and use whichever I feel like that day.

Do you have a favourite facial cotton brand and type? Which one do you think I should check out?


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  • I never thought that there’s so much to consider about when buying cotton pads and tips…
    LOL… I only buy whatever is in the drugstore that I go to, when my supplies run out.

    • LOL. Well actually just go with the flow, no need to think too much as I also simply just walk into a drugstore and buy as and when my supplies run out. But I found the particular one I like so I stock them up 🙂

  • Yes I am using Guardian facial cotton too!! I really like the texture. Don’t even thick cheap stuff is not high quality.

    • I’ve been using Premier a few months before I discover Guardian one. After I used Guardian facial cotton, I asked myself where have I been all these while using crappy stuff LOL

      • I alternate with Watson one. I think Watson also not bad.
        Guardian easily out of stock I don’t know why.

        • I think I’ve tried Watsons one before. Still like the Guardian one. Oh I know! It’s selling well so it’s always OOS haha

  • To stretch my Ringgit, I opt for affordable products from Daiso. Currently I am hooked with their facial cotton housed in pink box. It has embossed sides and woven material. As a skincare person, I got a kick from seeing the dirt and sebum left on the cotton after toning process but I must remember not to press my skin so hard.

    • This Guardian one cheaper hehe. Daiso is cheap yes but not as cheap as this one. RM9.88 for 3 packs of 226 pieces per pack.


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