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A Complete Guide to 11 New Mon Chéri Collection De Bouquet Cosmetic Products

Mon Cheri Collection de Bouquet
Mon Chéri, a French-inspired skincare company has already built a name for themselves when it comes to skincare offerings. Now, Mon Chéri has launched a complete cosmetic line named Collection De Bouquet and this completes its existing Petal CC Cover and Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner, which was launched in February 2017 as a whole complete cosmetic range.

The entire cosmetic line has 13 products in total, 11 which was newly added into the Collection De Bouquet line. Packaging wise in my personal preference is absolutely beautiful and aptly done according to the brand’s identity and theme. It features white and champagne gold packaging with Mon Chéri signature flower decorated all over to complete the look of elegance and luxury.

Mon Cheri Collection de Bouquet All


Glowing and Matte Lipstick (RM75)

Mon Cheri Glowing Lipstick
The show-stopper is the lipstick range – Glowing Lipstick and Matte Lipstick. A total of 17 colors were launched all together, with 5 color selections (rose pink, coral, peach orange, rose red) to choose from. There are two texture and formulation as well – G, which I asssumed stands for Glowing aka cream lipstick and M, which stands for matte lipstick. It has all the usual goodness ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Plum Seed Oil and 3 antioxidiant ingredients. The matte lipstick are not a full on matte but a velvet-like rich matte with satin effect. The shades offering are not that huge with just 5 shades available. All 17 Glowing and 5 Matte lipstick are absolutely beautiful!

Chameleon Lipbalm (RM75)

Now, this one I like! The tinted, color-changing lipbalm. This lipbalm doesn’t need much introduction. It changes color according to body temperature and lip color. Ingredients in the lipbalm are equally good too – Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. Similar to their lipstick except for the change in Olive Oil.

Mon Cheri Glowing Lipstick Swatches


Foundation (RM149)

Mon Cheri Foundation
Featuring Shine Fit Technology to enables the foundation to add a layer of luster to the skin to soften the look, Mon Chéri Foundation is a thin and lightweight foundation that claims to leave zero-burden and non-sticky texture on the skin. However, darker skin girls would need to bear with the limitation shades at the moment as there are just 3 shades available at the moment.

Compact Powder (RM125)

I love compact powder to set my foundation, but it has to be a thin coverage type so that I don’t add extra product onto the foundation. This Compact Powder from Mon Chéri is just that. This powder helps to rectify uneven skin tone and brighten dull complexion. With that, this does has a little bit of coverage. The finishing is matte, just as any other compact powder. It also comes with a puff too.


Loose Powder (RM96)

Mon Cheri Loose Powder
This Loose Powder gives me flashback to those days where sponge-top packaging are in trend. If you are a loose powder fan but dislike the dusty mess it gives like I do, this is your answer to that problem. The loose powder gives a soft and comfortable finishing, hence protecting the skin against dehydration. Perfect for those who dislike matte powder. The powder also absorb any excess oil, leaving you with a fresh look throughout the day. It has a somewhat soft touch effect therefore minimizes the appearance of large pores and fine lines.


Concealer (RM96)

Mon Cheri Blusher
You can now go for one concealer for the under eyes and spot concealing with this Concealer. Featuring a unique Perfecting Fitting Layer System, the concealer allows pigmentation particles in the cream to cover dark circles and even dark spots.

Blusher (RM80)

I think most people at the launch are attracted to these beautiful marble Blusher. The baked-texture enables a three-dimensional look for the cheeks. It is lightweight as a feather but because it is a baked blusher, the longevity tend to last longer up till the entire day. At the moment only two shades available – Pink Marble and Orange Peach.

Mon Cheri Blusher Upclose


Eye Shadow Palette (RM130)

Mon Cheri Eye Shadow Palette
Another item caught my eyes is none other than the Eye Shadow Palette. This quad has different shade depth from highlight to deep outline the eyes. I think you all are already the expert to know what to do with this quad without me even telling you which shade to use on which part of the eyes 😛 . It has 3 matte shades and one satin. Quite a versatile palette that suits most people’s preference these days.

Mon Cheri Eye Shadow Palette Upclose
Mascara (RM115)

Another item to take note is the Mascara, which has smaller spiral brush. The kind of brush that I like. This brush enables you to achieve that curl and fuller volume effect. It claims not to give any clumps with repeated application.

Water Proof Eyeliner (RM78)

We all need a waterproof eyeliner. All the rain and crying doesn’t help 😛 . Comes in two everyday shades – Black and Brown.


There you have it! A full glance into the most exciting launch of the year for Mon Chéri – the Collection De Bouquet cosmetic line. And I’m also happy to announce that Mon Chéri is on board to be our #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bay 2017 Edition sponsor! 🙂


Mon Chéri Collection De Bouquet is available at all Mon Chéri counters nationwide – Gurney Plaza Penang, Lartistry Professional Penang, Robinsons The Gardens KL, Scent Galerie AEON Shah Alam, Parkson IOI City Mall, MyTOWN Shopping Centre KL, M+ Pharmacy Bangsar Village, M+ Pharmacy Atria Shopping Mall PJ, M+ Pharmacy Damen USJ and Parkson One Utama.
Also available directly at Mon Chéri Website.

+ Glowing Lipstick – RM75
+ Matte Lipstick – RM75
+ Chameleon Lipbalm – RM75
+ Foundation – RM149
+ Concealer – RM96
+ Compact Powder – RM125
+ Loose Powder – RM96
+ Blusher – RM80
+ Eye Shadow Palette – RM130
+ Mascara – RM115
+ Water Proof Eyeliner – RM78

For more information, please visit Mon Chéri Website, Facebook Page or Instagram.


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