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Marvis and Wonders of The World Limited Edition Toothpaste Collection

Marvis Wonders of The World
If you have not tried Marvis toothpaste, you should because it will change your life. Recently Marvis released the Wonders of The World collection which consists of three limited edition toothpaste.

Marvis is going to undertake a series of incredible and adventurous journeys through the old and the new continents, discovering the ancient cultures as well as a number of new exotic, dreamy places. A trip starting from the Western culture capitals, passing through the extreme deserts, till the end of the known world. A journey by sea and by land for an unbelievable and challenging experience.


Limited Edition Royal (RM49 / 75ml)

Marvis Royal
Royal is a toothpaste with a unique, sophisticated flavour combining zesty Italian lemon oil, Tangerine, fragrant rose extract and nutmeg. This blend enhanced with mint creates an exclusive sensation with an exhilarating tangy taste.


Limited Edition Karakum (RM49 / 75ml)

Marvis Karakum Rambas
A toothpaste with a sophisticated flavor that combines the finest peppermint with the sweetness of orange juice along with the enchanting and aromatic cardamom, a rare oriental spice to create a lasting sensation of alluring freshness.

Limited Edition Rambas (RM49 / 75ml)

A toothpaste has a fruity, velvety taste that combines ripe peach and sweet pineapple with a twist of sweet Alphonso mango. A rich aroma of mint creates a lasting sensation of vibrant freshness.


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