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My All Time Favourite Perfume

My All Time Favourite Perfume
When I was gifted a bottle of Elie Saab Girl of Now on my birthday, I was asked to do a review on it. I said no immediately but after considering it for quite a while, I think I should because it is the latest fragrance release. Granted now the distributor no longer send us any new fragrance 😛 . Before I go into detail with that perfume, I thought I’d tell you about my all time favourite perfume.

I still remember my reaction when I was gifted with a perfume. I think I sent a wrong impression to my friend that I hated my gift. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE PERFUME. Just that I have too much at the moment lol. I currently have about 30 bottles on my vanity table and another 10ish in the cabinet unopen. I wish he ask me what I want and I’d reply diamond 😛


No. 1 Favourite Perfume – Estée Lauder Modern Muse

My All Time Favourite Perfume Estee Lauder Modern Muse
I cannot tell you enough how much I love the Estée Lauder Modern Muse line. Modern Muse, Modern Muse Chic or whatever just give me all. I’ve gone through the entire bottle of the original Modern Muse. Right before that, I was lucky to be sent the new Modern Muse Chic. Both version carries the same scent. For me there’s hardly any difference. I’m about to finish the Modern Muse Chic and Paris B kindly gave me hers! This is a scent where whenever I wore it, everyone would stop me on the street and ask me what perfume I was wearing. It happened at several H&M store, with the cashier asking me what sensual scent I was wearing. You can really smell a Modern Muse chic walking from far. I remember when I was at the Sephora Mid Valley store opening, out of the sudden I can smell a strong Modern Muse storm. I started to look around and waited. Then all the Estée Lauder PR girls arrived LOL. I told them “I can smell you from far” and they were laughing hard. No kidding. It’s really that good. For me that is 😉


Signorina Misteriosa, Opium, Bamboo, Flora and The Scent

My All Time Favourite Perfume Mix
I can’t pick the secondary perfume because I have many! But if I want to save my Modern Muse and use something equivalent, it would be YSL Black Opium. Oh my God. This perfume is so sexy and seductive. The scent is strong but not nauseating. It lasts the entire day without the note changes. Perfume usually has 3 notes in it and each will evolve as the day goes by. Not this one. No problem for me as I like it that way.

And if I want to smell delicious and yet still sexy, I would go for Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. I’m a floral scent girl so it is no surprise that I would like this one. The scent is so me according to many people. I go heavy handed with this and I don’t find myself drowning in it. Not bad lol. It’s mature, sexy, sensual, seductive. It’s everything a girl would like.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT has a similar scent to Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, only sweeter. I don’t usually go for sweet scent except for this one, which I’ve used up quite a bit. It has a light scent despite being an Eau de Parfum. The scent doesn’t last long although I literally bath myself in it. So if I want to smell nice and a little sweet for a quick outing such as coffee run or lone shopping, this is what I’d wear.

This next scent has an impact in me personally. My ex and I each received the same Gucci Bamboo for review at the same time. As much I like this perfume and I’m left with 3% of content, I would want to finish this up and toss the bottle away. That’s because I have a new bottle waiting 😛 . If you like a subtle scent, this is the scent for you. It smells really fresh and floraly. I’m kinda obsessed with it. I only wish it was a tad bit stronger so that I don’t have to use so much each time.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa is the “darker version” of the iconic Signorina. I like Ferragamo as a whole brand so it doesn’t take a lot of guessing I like their fragrance line as well. The scent is mysterious as how the brand want to package it. It’s a deep, mature, womanly scent that is also sexy and sweet despite being a floral scent.


The Love of My Life – Elie Saab Girl of Now

My All Time Favourite Perfume Elie Saab Girl of Now
You know how certain things that you don’t like a first grew on you and you fell in love? Again and again, all over. That is how I am with Elie Saab Girl of Now. Very much the same feeling I had towards the person who gave me this gift.

I received this on my birthday. It was my birthday eve, raining heavily that we had to cancel our Japanese dinner and go for a cozy home Japanese food order from Food Panda instead. Not the birthday celebration I expected and I was rather disappointed. I bought a new dress to wear. You know me. And it was my birthday! Food Panda was not good 😛 but the company was. The conversation started out of the sudden like “so I went to ask the lady what is the latest and greatest and the lady said this”. There I was, sitting there wondering what the heck this person was saying (because there was no opening line) and this person bent over to the other side of the table, and put the box in front of me. A perfume?! I said. That person replied yeah, it’s beauty. I did ask why buy me perfume and that I like diamond haha. This person has been telling me a few days ago that it’s something beauty and I’d love it. Because it’s beauty. Beauty is me. True enough. 100 brownie points for understanding me that well. I opened the bottle and mist Girl of Now on my arm. I said it smells like some middle eastern scent and I don’t like it. You know how perfume is. It takes time. After about 30 minutes, I smell something nice. I took a sniff on my arm and I was blown away. The top note has worn off and the middle note emerged. It reminds me of YSL Black Opium, only manlier. The beautiful scent stays on smelling oh so nice for the rest of the night. As I used it more and more, I like it. Now I love it. As I’m typing this now, I’m misting myself with this perfume on me. I find myself doing this a lot lately whenever I’m working from home. I have the bottle sitting in front of me. Hard to not reach out and mist myself with it.

There you have it! My perfume collection and what I smells like most of the time 😛 . Conclusion, Modern Muse or Black Opium hands down. Otherwise it’s Girl of Now 🙂


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  • Perfume, and how to write about them except to describe the base and the notes? Anyone favourite perfume is the encapsulation of the emotions often evoke memories associated around them. And so the dilemma of gifting someone with perfume unless they hinted it because is very subjective to one’s preference.

    My story. I did purchased a perfume called Clinique Happy with my first pay cheque. I love the immediate citrusy burst intermingled with the floral note underneath, it refreshed my senses. Love the cheerful orange cap and straight bottle. A instant burst of happiness for me whenever I need it for special occasion. Alas it broke from slipping off from my hands. My heart shattered at that instant. I quickly soak them up with the tissue almost all of it, dropped them into a cleaned sauce jar, dilute them with ethanol, decant them into a spray bottle. The most that I can do to save the 90% full perfume is to spritz them everyday like cologne. I couldn’t forgive myself hence stopped buying perfume ever since.

    I count myself lucky because I won a few perfumes ever since the sad incident. I have got Burberry Body which I gave away to a friend for her birthday, Miss Dior, Calvin Klein Reveal, Sisley Izia, and Lancome Tresor In Love (exchange from MAS flight points). Having been working part time as a cashier in perfume section during school days in 1995, I developed a liking for old school perfume from Lancome Tresor. I think Parisian still got the best talent for creating timeless perfume.

    • Oh wow. That is smart of you to soak the perfume up with tissue. Many would just wipe it off and call it a day.
      I love Burberry Body. Went through the entire bottle last time. Tresor is an all-time favourite perfume for most people. I had a miniature of that once 🙂

      Totally on the same page with you on gifting perfume. But it’s the common and simplest gift for a lady. I’m glad I’m kinda OK with most perfumes lol although some do smells like pee after some time on me 🙁


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