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My All Time Favourite Perfume

My All Time Favourite Perfume
When I was gifted a bottle of Elie Saab Girl of Now on my birthday, I was asked to do a review on it. I said no immediately but after considering it for quite a while, I think I should because it is the latest fragrance release. Granted now the distributor no longer send us any new fragrance 😛 . Before I go into detail with that perfume, I thought I’d tell you about my all time favourite perfume.

I still remember my reaction when I was gifted with a perfume. I think I sent a wrong impression to my friend that I hated my gift. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE PERFUME. Just that I have too much at the moment lol. I currently have about 30 bottles on my vanity table and another 10ish in the cabinet unopen. I wish he ask me what I want and I’d reply diamond 😛

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Breakout Skincare Routine

Breakout Skincare Routine Full
Recently I had a bad breakout. I’m still breaking out till to this day, can you believe it? This has got to be my longest, most miserable breakout of all these years. So I took a drastic change with my skincare routine. Because I have not had breakout like this for years, I was actually clueless as to what to do.

The first thing I did was to stop everything I was using and re-plan my new skincare routine. The key is to go back to basic. But what? I start from the cleanser and move upwards. And these are what I had come out with.

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“I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

Everytime a brand released a new highlighter, you went crazy and swear THIS IS your highlighter and IT IS THE ONLY highlighter you need. You hunt for it, you bought it and then, another brand also released a new highlighter, you find yourself repeating the same reaction or process. And another brand, and another. The story goes on. “I only need this highlighter in my life”. How often have you said that or heard your friend said that? Too often 🙂 . “I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

As much as I still go gaga or ooohhhs and ahhhhs over new highlighter releases, I don’t find myself wanting to purchase them. It’s getting stale. I find that everybody in the whole wide world is forever never ending releasing a new highlighter. It’s getting too repetition that I got bored and stopped buying highlighters. Let’s be honest here. Highlighter never finishes! I piled them up on my face every day and I don’t see that I’ll hit pan anytime soon. Let me show you my small little highlighter in my collection, which are my favourite and why I don’t purchase anymore highlighters.

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GWP, Beauty Industry’s Most Brilliant Sales Strategy to Date

Estee Lauder GWP Stories 1
I was reading one of the Estée Stories article this morning and one of the article caught my attention. Gift With Purchase or in short GWP. How the entire GWP started back in those days and how it remain as one of the most brilliant and salient sales strategy to date in the beauty industry. I remember back in 2010 when I started all this beauty craze. Admittedly, GWP affected a lot on the decision whether to purchase or not to purchase a certain product or amount. That was because beauty counters at departmental stores do not offer discount. GWP is the way to go. Every week I would keep a close eye on Clarins and later on Estée Lauder for their GWP promo. These two brands had most of my money lol!

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Estée Lauder Limited Edition Advanced Night Repair for Year of The Rooster 2017

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Advanced Night Repair CNY 2017 1
Two weeks ago, I was at an event at Sunway Pyramid and the venue was exactly in front of the Estée Lauder store. So there I was, standing at the event, munching on some sweet crunchy grapes while waiting for other blogger friends to arrive and I was staring straight to the display in front of Estée Lauder store. I thought I saw a red bottle but I could not tell. You see, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair or ANR as it is fondly referred to mostly has always been in the amber brown bottle. And because I was quite a distance away from the display, I could not tell if it is a brown bottle or it is really a red bottle. Last year Estée Lauder did a Limited Edition Gold bottle so it is not a surprise if they came out with another Limited Edition bottle for Year of The Rooster.

True enough, Estée Lauder came out with a Limited Edition Red Metallic Bottle for this year’s Chinese New Year 😀

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Estée Lauder Micro Essence Aquaceutical Mist: Resist Dehydrating With Angelic Glow Anytime, Anywhere, Everywhere

Estee Lauder Micro Essence Aquaceutical Mist 1
While I am still on the face mist kick, I better start talking to you about every face mist I have. Among all of the face mist I own, I am more excited with this one. The Estée Lauder Micro Essence Aquaceutical Mist was sent to me by surprise a few months ago. Why am I excited about this one you asked? First of all, when I received it I am not aware that they came out with a face mist version of the Micro Essence! I thought they sent me another Micro Essence lotion but in a small bottle. Estée Lauder like to secretly launch new product lol. Then this is a face mist. I LOVE FACE MIST. And it’s Estée Lauder, a brand which I spent quite a lot of money on when I started my skincare journey besides Clarins.

Micro Essence is a lotion that works so well with Advanced Night Repair (ANR) where it “carries along” ANR with it, penetrating deeply into the skin surface. If ANR alone is superb for your skin, pairing it with Micro Essence is even better. So what is this Micro Essence Aquaceutical Mist and what it does? Same as the lotion version, this mist is actually an essence-in-mist that reactivate the skin’s youthful and gives the skin an angelic glow. It has concentration of exclusive Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment and Climate Conditioning Complex to get the skin adapt to resist the dehydrating effects of changing micro-climates.