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GWP, Beauty Industry’s Most Brilliant Sales Strategy to Date

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I was reading one of the Estée Stories article this morning and one of the article caught my attention. Gift With Purchase or in short GWP. How the entire GWP started back in those days and how it remain as one of the most brilliant and salient sales strategy to date in the beauty industry. I remember back in 2010 when I started all this beauty craze. Admittedly, GWP affected a lot on the decision whether to purchase or not to purchase a certain product or amount. That was because beauty counters at departmental stores do not offer discount. GWP is the way to go. Every week I would keep a close eye on Clarins and later on Estée Lauder for their GWP promo. These two brands had most of my money lol!


The Estée Lauder GWP Story

For Estée Lauder, it all started back in 1946 when Saks Fifth Avenue cosmetics buyer Robert Fisk finally responded to Estée’s “millionth” request on rewarding their customers with free gift with purchase, and agreed but only applicable to an order of $800 worth of product purchase. Estée proceeded to notified all the store’s preferred customers via mail (snail mail, there was no email back in 1946) that they are offering a free cream-based powder with every purchase. It was the first of it’s kind marketing strategy and so the entire Saks Fifth Avenue’s inventory was sold out in just two days. Here are some old Estée Lauder Gifts With Purchase ads from decades past.

1956 GWP: Free Estée Lauder Translucent Face Powder

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Not sure about you but at the beginning, all these ads does not make any sense. At one glance you wouldn’t know what it meant.

In 1956, a purchase of your choice of Estée Lauder cosmetics scored you a gratis box of Translucent Face Powder. This ad also notified customers of a personal appearance by an Estée Lauder special representative and a recommendation for an easy-to-follow skin-care regimen.


1960s GWP: The Quick Facial Kit

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This is where it started to make a little bit sense lol.

Here, a quartet of skin-care essentials to prime your skin for complexion perfection. The set included Cleansing Oil, Creme Pack, Skin Lotion and Enriched Under-makeup Creme, all housed in a rectangular box.


1966 GWP: The Castilian Look By Estée Lauder

This is my favourite.

Estee Lauder GWP Stories 1
How I wish beauty product costs 3.50 now lol

Inspired by the sultry style of Spain, this set contained a Translucent Powder Base, Translucent Face Powder and Castilian Lipstick.


1970 GWP: The Face Of The ‘70s

Here you can see the evolvement of Estée Lauder identity, which is still translated to today’s look. This looks like the current Estée more due to the color ad.

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Housed in chic dark blue packaging adorned with the gold Estée Lauder logo, this cosmetics quartet features a blush with matching brush, Tender Lip Tint, mascara and Fresh Air Makeup Base.


1972 GWP: The Fragrance Gallery

Estee Lauder GWP Stories 5
This set housed three Youth Dew-scented confections: Bath Oil, Body Satinée and Cologne.


1978 GWP: The Country Life Beauty Kit

All-in-one beauty kit? This is where the idea of “box” set came from! I think 😀

Estee Lauder GWP Stories 6
Geographical locations and mixed beauty bags reigned supreme in 1978. This one boasts glosses, shadows, Aliage body moisturizer and a fragrance.


2015 GWP: Opening Ceremony Collaboration

And lastly, this is today 🙂

Estee Lauder GWP Stories 7
The tradition continued with the Estée Lauder Opening Ceremony Fall 2015 designer edition collaboration. The collection featured limited edition cosmetic bags in exclusive signature Opening Ceremony prints in brightly colored thumbprint, ikat and flower designs. Each gift bag contained a selection of Estée Lauder skincare and makeup must-haves like Advanced Night Repair, Sumptuous Mascara, Pure Color Lipstick and Eyeshadow Quad Compacts in either subtle or bold iterations and more.

I love vintage beauty stories and I hope you too!


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  • I love vintage beauty stories too! Interesting read for this morning 😀

    • 😀 GWP back then is applicable for min 3.50. Now? 350 lol

  • I believe their 3.50 refers to 3,50 as in some countries they use full stops in place of comma for separating the numbers. The vintage gwp ads looks intriguing!

    • I know but in this case 3,50 doesn’t make sense for me. Hmmm

  • Interesting !


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