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Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Lotion Sunscreen: Convenient, Quick Dry Sun Protection for Active Lifestyle Go-er

Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Lotion
Oh I love these! I was so happy when Mr Postman handed me the Sunplay PR parcel containing the brand new Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Lotion Sunscreen. Sports plays a big part in my lifestyle besides my love for everything beauty. Being someone active and constantly out under the hot sun, sun protection has become even more important than before. I must admit, I am so bad in applying sunscreen. I tell everyone to slap on sunscreen but I myself rarely do it. I am always eager to jump out of the car and run!

Review: Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Mist SPF50 PA+++, The 1st high SPF daily sunblock that is cooling and matte. Plus it comes in a convenient mist bottle

Judging from the title you might already know what I’m about to talk about today. The keyword – high SPF sunblock, matte and mist bottle already excite me 🙂

This, my friend is a brand new product imported directly from Japan. Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Mist SPF50 PA+++ is the first of its kind daily sunblock that comes in a mist bottle. When I say the-first-of-its-kind, I do mean high SPF50 PA+++ with broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB harmful rays, spray-on application, non-sticky (in my term it’s matte), odourless, cooling and colorless.

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Mist 1
The very main reason why most people would rather go on the day without any sunblock on is the stickiness. Traditionally, daily sunblock (especially higher SPF ones) leaves a sticky residue on the skin that can cause discomfort and shine on the face. I don’t know if you’ve tried sunblock from years ago because I have and they stinks! Now you will have no excuse anymore to skip sunblock because Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Mist SPF50 PA+++ is formulated with fine Silky Powder technology that gives a silky smooth feeling to the skin and it also has sweat control feature to keep the skin surface dry. In another word, Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Mist SPF50 PA+++ is superb to be used on a hot and humid weather like Malaysia.

Review: Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock & After Sun Gel Takes Care of You When You Are Outdoor

I am not someone who do most activities outdoor like cycling, swimming, jogging, running and so on. But, I do have my fair share of staying under the sun most of the time – I roam around Klang Valley from meeting to meeting :D. During my younger days when I was very active with car races. I used to go Sepang International Circuit (SIC) most of the time. If you are a regular you will know SIC is extremely hot. Temperature at the circuit is much more hotter than KL. Other than that I used to drive up to Penang on every weekend for fun. I got tanned from the driving and I love it! So yeah, I was quite tan a few years ago and let’s just say I’m thankful that I don’t suffer any skin disease because I did not apply any drop of sunblock at all! Oppss 😀

There’s this incident that happened to me just a few days ago. I can’t remember which day it is but I had forgotten to apply sunblock to the face. I was roaming around town for meetings as usual and when I reached home, my face was literally darker. No it wasn’t the foundation that oxidize on me as my face still looked darker after I double cleanse the makeup off. I was wondering what happen. Then only I remember I had forgotten my sunblock. Wow. The sun is really strong nowadays eh? What about the body? I strongly recommend these. Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock SPF 75 PA+++ and Sunplay After Sun Gel.