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Tips: How to Transform Perfume Miniature Into More User Friendly?

Recently I’ve been wearing my Jimmy Choo EDP miniature perfume everyday for the past 1 month. The miniature is a dab-on type and it’s getting a bit troublesome day by day. I took off the stopper completely and the perfume just vaporized by itself!

In this week’s tips post I’m gonna be sharing with you a simple and easy way to transform your dab-on miniature into a spray perfume. As my EDP is totally vaporized, I’m going to use a brand new Jimmy Choo EDT 4.5ml miniature perfume.


What you need is a miniature perfume of course, an empty and clean atomizer perfume bottle (you can get this from Daiso for RM5) and most importantly a cosmetic syringe which you can also get from Daiso. Do not use medical syringe ya LOL!


The atomizer perfume bottle that I’m using is only for 5ml. However do note that not all 5ml perfume can be fit completely. This is because the spray pump will be occupying the 5ml space as well. I’d say this atomizer only fit 4ml.


At first I thought of tilting the miniature into the perfume bottle and voila. But I was so wrong. The perfume just won’t flow from it’s bottle! So I have to make some time to go back to Daiso to get this cosmetic syringe. Which explains the delay of this post which I promised last week. This cosmetic syringe is to transfer the perfume liquid into the atomizer. Very easy to use.


Just 2 simple step. First use the syringe to suck out the perfume and pump it back in the atomizer bottle. Repeat as needed. My syringe only fit 2.5ml so I’d need to do the transfer twice.

There you have it. My favourite perfume in a portable spray bottle.


No more missing perfume. Lol!!


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  • that is so clever!! it’s a bummer that the atomisers in the singapore daisos don’t come in clear bottles though.

    • Is it? Maybe out of stock. Because I notice each Daiso outlet is a bit different. Try checking other outlet if any? 🙂

  • I saw your post so I went to daiso and got the siringue and bottle but i think my siringue needle is too thick 🙁

    • Oh! Shouldn’t be because they only have one type of cosmetic syringe. My Jimmy Choo miniature opening is very small but fortunately the needle fits 😀

  • I only saw this post now…
    I’m so outdated!
    this is a very handy tip! Thanks for sharing with your readers (Y)

    • Hehe not outdated, it was posted a few years ago 🙂

  • Well we have the top solution for this perfume refilling problem innovated in the Netherlands.
    It’s called TRAVALO, just google it and you’ll see what I mean.
    You can adapt this Travalo refill mimiature on any perfume bottle and refill , so easy !

    Good luck, Sandra


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