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3 Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps That You Should Do

There are so many ways to deep cleanse dirty makeup brushes. I’ve tried various types of washing methods, cleanser, scrubbing medium i.e. rubber mat, brush egg and so on. However a few months ago I stumbled upon a video from a well-known YouTuber in the UK on how she wash her makeup brushes. There is one particular tip I picked up from her and I’ve been practising since then. Alongside with that, I tweaked a little bit of the way I wash all makeup brushes and it gets the job done in a much faster rate. Here are my 3 makeup brush deep cleansing steps you should do to get rid of dirts and grimes easily. Do take note that these steps are not rocket science. It’s just something that some of us tend to avoid doing for various reasons 🙂

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps

Beauty Products That Didn't Work Daiso NYX

“Sorry” Products aka Beauty Products That Didn’t Work – Part 2

Oh yes, my favourite topic to talk about – Products That Didn’t Work. Following my first edition of “Sorry” Products aka Beauty Products That Didn’t Work, this would be the second installment of the topic. Actually I’ve totally forgotten about this 😛 otherwise I’d have quite a number of products to talk about. I’ve threw away some products and I can only find these at the moment. Rest assured. There bound to be a 3rd installment 😛

Products That Didn't Work 1v2
Let’s see what do we have here. Not much though, just four products that just doesn’t work for me. As I always said, take what you’re reading here with a pinch of salt. You might find it to work on you beautifully 😀

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September 2014 Favourites: Beauty, beauty tools and decor

We’ve come to the 2nd instalment of favourites of the month didn’t we? 😀 . Just as I’ve explained in the previous August 2014 Favourites, all the items listed here has yet to made its way to the blog. I might or might not do an individual review after this. Some product yes, some don’t need to!

In this September 2014 Favourites, I have a good mix of beauty, beauty tools and also decor. I’m kinda into decorating mood at the moment. No surprise here since you’ve seen the amount of trips and time spent at home essential stores lately from my Instagram.

September 2014 Favourites
I thought of doing 10 favourites product every month but for this month’s favourites I am keeping it short as I’m having migraine for the past few days. When the migraine hit, all I want to do is to just sleep and whine. Nonetheless I’m going to present eight of my favourites to you. So let’s start with the beauty, shall we?

Budget - Make Up Budget Buy Daiso Review: Make Up

Daiso Eye Brow Pencil: It was out of stock a year ago and recently back on shelf!

So the story is, I was very much into trying out different Daiso Eye Brow Pencil and this particular eye brow pencil caught my eye due to the catchy packaging and it is the one eye brow pencil that doesn’t look as cheapo as the rest. I bought it, used it the next morning, love it so much that I wanted to tell you about it. I even went back to get a spare. Two weeks later right before penning down my review, I went to Daiso to double check if it’s still available. You know, just in case it was taken out of shelf then it wouldn’t be nice to talk about something that was out of stock. Turns out my sixth sense was right after all. It was out of stock everywhere (the few Daiso I went to).

To be frank, I never stop searching for this eye brow pencil. It has been a year and I still have hope that one day it will reappear on the shelf again. Just last week I went to Daiso to repurchase some Anna Sui inspired brush holder, so I casually walked over to the eye brow pencil section and I couldn’t believe what I just saw. The long out of stock eye brow pencil is now well-stocked up on shelf!

Daiso Eye Brow Pencil 1
Since I wasn’t willing to spend near to RM40 for an Empro from Watsons, this Daiso one would be the perfect alternative 😀 . I am not particular about eye brow pencil brand, price or whatsoever because I go through eye brow pencil like no body’s business. So I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting eye brow pencil to try. Oh gawd, this reminds me to get Shu Uemura H9.

Budget - Others Budget Buy Daiso

Mini Review: Daiso Detergent for Women, as good as their iconic Sponge Cleanser

Many of us know about Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge but do you know that Daiso also carry another type of detergent? I stumbled upon this Detergent For Women while I was picking up the usual Detergent For Puff and Sponge. At first I thought the packaging has changed. When I take a closer look and read on then only I found out this detergent is meant to remove menstrual blood and vaginal discharge stains =P

Daiso Detergent for Women6
Using Daiso Detergent for Women is as easy as ABC. First you moisten aka soak the underwear till it’s wet then squeeze an appropriate amount of detergent onto “affected” area, wash and rinse BY HAND. You can machine wash it if necessary. Because this detergent is so powerful, everything just came off with hand wash therefore machine wash is really not necessary for me. However I hated the scent of it so I always re-wash with normal detergent.

Daiso Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up

Review: Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge Clean Your Sponge in 1-Minute

If you are a compact powder or foundation user I guess you ought to know that you need to wash your sponge when it’s dirty. Or should I say when the powder no longer stick to the sponge or your face look cakey after application? For me I will wash my sponge when I see that the powder on the sponge is all cramped together. When I see that it means it’s time for a bath time.

Ever since I discovered Daiso 2 years ago, saw this Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge on the shelve and bought a bottle home…I never look back. I had repurchase so many times since then that I lost count on how many bottles I’ve used up. I have no reason to. It’s cheap and affordable for all income level plus it’s really that good. How cheap is cheap? Everyone know Daiso sells everything for RM5 each! Yes RM5!

Daiso Detergent1
The bottle design is kept simple and easy to use. Totally hassle free. Just flip the cap and pour and pour and pour.