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Clarins Daiso Skin Care Tips Tips

Tips: Transferring Your Moisturizer to a Pump Bottle

So I’ve heard enough about not buying a particular moisturizer that’s in jar or laziness on using a spatula to scoop moisturizer out from the jar and even laziness on transferring some moisturizer to a small jar like what I mentioned in this post. With a little of brain tweak I figured out a simple yet useful tips for you to overcome this problem. I personally have no problem with skin care in a jar. I’m a hygiene freak so I like to transfer to a smaller jar, wash the small jar when the content finishes, refill with some moisturizer and repeat the process.

For those that don’t prefer jar and you’ve always been avoiding purchasing them, this simple tip might be able to help you to get the moisturizer that everyone’s been raving!

All you need is just a vacuum essence bottle that you can purchase from Daiso for RM5. And of course that jar of moisturizer / cream. In my case I only have Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel. Do bear in mind mine is in gel form which is more watery than cream ya.

I chose this type of bottle because the base inside the bottle will push all the moisturizer up till the top. And it’s transparent and refillable too. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift uses the same type of vacuum bottle. You can read about it in this tips post 🙂

Daiso L'Occitane Uniqlo Vincci

Random Shopping Haul

Mum has been asking me to bring her for shopping as I seldom bring her out for shopping anymore due to my recent busy schedule on weekend. So yesterday I took some time off from everything and off we go!

Destination – 1 Utama. This is the loot that I came home with. We shop from 10am to 1pm 🙂

As it’s my birthday month I use my 30% discount birthday card from Padini to get a few pairs of shoe. I don’t care if you are a Charles & Keith lover and that you think Vincci is a cheapo brand but for me I’ve been wearing them since high school and I’m not going to stop buying them. They made good and nice flats. I’m very much into flats now.

There are a few flats on promotion such as RM80 for 2 pairs. I had my eyes on the holey colorful peep toe flats as soon as I walked in. Settled with a red and blue although I like the brown as well. I was thinking to get all 4 colors LOL. I went with 30% discount on original price of RM49 per pair as it’s much more cheaper than RM80 promo. I saw a black and white pump which resemble oxford pump but unfortunately the heel at the back had a deep scratch and it’s the last pair. So I got the black one for RM89 before discount although there’s a few light scratches on the heel and it’s the last pair too :(. My last pair would be this rope cotton flower high heels for RM109. You should see the shoe from the side. It’s gorgeous. For every RM60 purchase I was given a canvas bag. With my total purchase of RM207.20 (RM88.80 saving) I was given 3 canvas bags.

Daiso Jimmy Choo Tips

Tips: How to Transform Perfume Miniature Into More User Friendly?

Recently I’ve been wearing my Jimmy Choo EDP miniature perfume everyday for the past 1 month. The miniature is a dab-on type and it’s getting a bit troublesome day by day. I took off the stopper completely and the perfume just vaporized by itself!

In this week’s tips post I’m gonna be sharing with you a simple and easy way to transform your dab-on miniature into a spray perfume. As my EDP is totally vaporized, I’m going to use a brand new Jimmy Choo EDT 4.5ml miniature perfume.


What you need is a miniature perfume of course, an empty and clean atomizer perfume bottle (you can get this from Daiso for RM5) and most importantly a cosmetic syringe which you can also get from Daiso. Do not use medical syringe ya LOL!


Daiso Haul

I bought a few stuff from Daiso in 2 separate days and outlet.

Ultra thin insole, 3X melamine sponge aka magic sponge, a case and 2X shoe box.

Bought 2X shoe box on day 2 at Sunway Pyramid to store some shoe in my car. I prefer things to be tidy in the car.

A case to store my rings.

An ultra thin shoe insole for a new pump.

Those 3 packets of melamine sponge is for mum. In our house we use a lot of these sponge since many years ago. Mum has been bugging me to buy since last week. So I decided to skip lunch and go to Daiso on Thursday to buy a few packets for her. She said I bought too much. But this will stop me bugging me for a few months =P

Daiso Maybelline Skin Food Watsons

So Good That I’ve Repurchased

You know a product is good when you thought of repurchasing it. I’ve repurchased a few things that I think it good.

1) Skin Food Egg White Pack – This is my 2nd pack! Read the review here!
2) Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream – I’ve stocked up a 2nd tube before the 1st tube is finish ;). Got the 1st tube at Guardians and the 2nd tube in Watsons. Both is at discounted price.
3) Maybelline Eye & Lip Make-up Remover – Couldn’t resist to buy a 2nd bottle at Watsons member’s day 2 days ago for just RM10! I still have a new bottle in stock (read here) which was bought a few months ago at a special price too and I’ve used this before previously.
4) Daiso’s Good Puff (2 box for RM5) – I’m on my 2nd set already. Each box contains 88pcs. 2 box would be 176pcs. This is the most worthy cotton pad in Daiso :). It’s good too.

Daiso Ellefar Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

Review: Daiso’s Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow

As promised!

The cheapest, most affordable and good eyeshadow is from Daiso!

When I finally stepped into Daiso outlet in IOI Mall Puchong last year, I went around 5 rounds and never wanted to miss a section or a thing. Yea I’m pretty maniac when I see store that sells Japanese stuff and what’s more? Everything is just RM5!! My parents tagged along with me that day. I remembered shoo-ing them to go for another round and another round just because I haven’t shop enough. And of course I bought a lot of stuff back. One of it was not intended or purposely but I was looking around if I could get a nice shimmering pink or purple eyeshadow. At that time I was kinda into purple and was skeptical about cheap eyeshadow. Since I wasn’t good with purple or pink eyeshadow and this would be more like a “training” to me so I bought it. I never regretted after that.

Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow in 5 shades from pearl white, light pink, pink, purple and dark brown.

A you can see. . .I use the pink and purple the most. I will use the light pink as middle tone of the lid and pearl white below the brow. Once in a while I will substitute purple with dark brown.

The swatches. These are not even on eye primer and they are very pearly colour and pigmented too. Imagine layering this over Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer! Which I did a few days before CNY and received lots of compliments from my colleagues.

Now don’t go crazy at Daiso ok? Take your time choosing the right colour and palette. There’s no point wasting money although it’s just RM5.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.