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What I Wore Vol. 10

What I Wore Vol. 10
Yesterday was happy hour night. Gosh, I can’t remember when was the last time I went out for a drink. I’m more of a coffee person rather anything alcohol for various reasons, especially after I was on clean eating and a healthier lifestyle. My running/coffee buddy said he would want a change so off to drinking we went! I texted my friend in the afternoon saying we should do an OOTD shoot at the beautiful rooftop we found last week coffee meet.

I bought a sleek high-waisted shorts a day ago at H&M. It was buy 2 get 1 free currently so I needed to get the 3rd item. Usually I would rather spend on dresses. Unfortunately there aren’t much choices left at H&M. I bought 2 dresses and this shorts is a free item! At first I saw size 4. I’m usually in between size 4 to 6. For pants, hmmm don’t think so size 4 would fit me. I roamed around and found another piece at size 6. I tried it out and it fits me nicely. The shorts is suppose to be loose fitting and kinda baggy so I’m not so concern about it being huge. The waistline of the shorts makes my waist looked so small LOL. Major love for this piece seriously.

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What I Wore Vol. 8

What I Wore Vol. 8
This outfit (except for the denim jacket) is probably the most asked about. I wore it for my Gaston Luga Pråper backpack photos and I didn’t expect the outcome to be this interesting.

The main star of the outfit is definitely the colorful shinny spaghetti top from Zara Trafaluc Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I knew this type of top is not everybody’s taste but it caught my eyes and I love it. Bought it in a single heart beat 🙂

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Random Shopping Haul

Mum has been asking me to bring her for shopping as I seldom bring her out for shopping anymore due to my recent busy schedule on weekend. So yesterday I took some time off from everything and off we go!

Destination – 1 Utama. This is the loot that I came home with. We shop from 10am to 1pm 🙂

As it’s my birthday month I use my 30% discount birthday card from Padini to get a few pairs of shoe. I don’t care if you are a Charles & Keith lover and that you think Vincci is a cheapo brand but for me I’ve been wearing them since high school and I’m not going to stop buying them. They made good and nice flats. I’m very much into flats now.

There are a few flats on promotion such as RM80 for 2 pairs. I had my eyes on the holey colorful peep toe flats as soon as I walked in. Settled with a red and blue although I like the brown as well. I was thinking to get all 4 colors LOL. I went with 30% discount on original price of RM49 per pair as it’s much more cheaper than RM80 promo. I saw a black and white pump which resemble oxford pump but unfortunately the heel at the back had a deep scratch and it’s the last pair. So I got the black one for RM89 before discount although there’s a few light scratches on the heel and it’s the last pair too :(. My last pair would be this rope cotton flower high heels for RM109. You should see the shoe from the side. It’s gorgeous. For every RM60 purchase I was given a canvas bag. With my total purchase of RM207.20 (RM88.80 saving) I was given 3 canvas bags.

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Guerlain, Uniqlo & Magazine Haul

Happy Easter Day!

Today is my weekly KLCC shopping trip and I woke up feeling extremely happy for no reason. Maybe because I’ve been having migrain for the past 3 days and I couldn’t do anything much. Which explain why I didn’t blog yesterday.

I always wanted to check out buy Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder but I always always forget to drop by their counter! Today I walked in Isetan cosmetic floor, exited and realized I need to go Guerlain so I walked back in lol. It was a good day today as I managed to find what I wanted. This is what I came home with.

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Some ME Time @ KLCC

Drove to KLCC on Saturday. I haven’t been to KLCC for a month now. Kinda curious at the magazines in Kinokuniya. I had flu the night before and thank goodness the flu subsided. Although there’s a book fair happening at the convention centre, I couldn’t afford to walk all the way there and back while under the influence of flu meds.

First stop is of course Kinokuniya at 4th floor. I like to walk from the top to the bottom and not the other way. I wanted to pick up japanese magazine WITH which comes with Tiffany & Co letter set. The magazine cost about RM45+ but I don’t like the stamping on it which says “Special Collaboration for 2011” so I put it back. I picked up September 2011 issue of Malaysian Women’s Weekly instead which cost just RM5.80 and a book by Elizabeth Gilbert; Eat Pray Love for RM37.50. I hope to find some inspiration from the book although watching the movie Sex and The City 2 on Saturday night inspires me a lot.

Here’s the buy of the day. Not much I know. If it’s weren’t because of the Smurf books are so damn thin and expensive, I’d have gotten it LOL.

Malaysian Women’s Weekly (Sept’11) – RM5.80
Eat Pray Love – RM37.50

The weirdest thing is I tried searching for this book at MPH and Borders some time back but to no avail. I wonder where they hide this book. Although many had said the prices at Kinokuniya is slightly higher but I find the place calming and the books are easy to find!

Hope this book inspires me after reading.

I walked 2 floor down from the food court escalator to Watsons. I grabbed two ZA Two-Way Foundation refill at RM24.43 each (read here for my previous review), Nexcare Acne Patch (18 pcs) for RM7.40. Lots of good review for this acne patch. I shall try and do a review soon. Also grabbed two Frozz Mint at checkout for just RM4.90 for two.

ZA Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation Refill #21 – RM24.43 each
Nexcare Acne Patch (18 pcs) – RM7.40
Frozz Mint – RM4.90 for two

Then I walked all the way down to Uniqlo to check if they have restock Ultra Seamless Brief and they did! I grabbed 2 pieces in black and another Body Shaper Shorts in black too. I need the Body Shaper Shorts for a new tight fitting dress I bought last month.

Ultra Seamless Brief (Black) – RM34.90 each
Body Shaper Shorts – RM39.90

Still in the hunt for a new eyeshadow palette though.

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My First Uniqlo Purchase

I decided to pop in Uniqlo KLCC to find some cardigan. I was hoping to see lovely cardigan but nahhh. It was horrible LOL.

To my luck. . .I found a similar polo dress which I adore a few years back. It was on sale! For just RM39.90 only, it was a big fat discount from original price of RM79.90. I wanted to get two but with only 3 colours available (dark blue, black, grey) I just bought one.

The lil haul. . .

Besides getting a polo dress, I got myself one seamless underwear and two shorts collection.

Ultra Seamless underwear – RM34.90

Description behind the zip-lock packaging. I could recycle this packaging for other things.

Bought the Shorts Collection as safety pants.

Shorts Collection – RM36.90 for 2.

Another zip-lock packaging which I could recycle!

Cute right?

OK I’m hooked. I’m heading over again this Sunday.