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MORE May 2014 X Coach Travel Brush Set

As promised last month, I will only reveal the Japanese magazine that is giving away a set of Coach travel brush AFTER I’ve gotten my magazine copy and the brushes passed my QC. I hope you can understand why I’m not willing to reveal earlier. I will and would not want some of you to rush over to Kinokuniya, placed an order for the magazine, get disappointed with the brush set and then BLAME ME. Can you see where I’m coming from?

So to cut the story short, my magazine order finally arrived after waiting for a month. I was told that MORE May 2014 X Coach Travel Brush Set will arrive either end of March or early April since the magazine is May 2014 issue. As I mentioned before, Japanese magazine released their magazine about 2 months earlier last time, now it’s just one month earlier. I received the collection sms on a Saturday morning and I collected it on Sunday afternoon, right before I head to Carlo Rino “Spring into Summer Dreams” Fashion Show at Pavilion. Will talk about that later.

MORE May 2014 and Coach Travel Brush Set 1
MORE May 2014 X Coach Travel Brush Set magazine is priced at the price I had in mind. I knew the cost would be roughly RM30+ and not exceeding RM40. If you’ve been buying Japanese magazine as frequent as I do, you’ll be able to guess the magazine price roughly. Some guess it based a hardcore calculation from Yen to RM etc, I guess it based on the magazine title and the supplement included. No calculation needed 😀

Coach In Red Magazine Japanese Magazine Review: Magazine

InRed March 2013 X Coach File & Folders

I haven’t been to Kinokuniya for weeks! I like to take a walk at KLCC on Sunday but recent weeks is just too crazy. I went to KLCC last Sunday despite knowing that I needed to be at somewhere else. While I was there I popped in Kinokuniya to see what’s up and new. It was only the 31st March so some of the magazine are not on shelf yet like Malaysia Tatler who never fail to give out great supplement.

I spotted 3 magazine at Japanese Magazine section that comes with Coach supplement. I was this close to buy all 3 magazine but I’m less impulsive nowadays so I only bought InRed March 2013 issue that comes with Coach File and Folders. This magazine is retailing for RM42.90 and I paid cash to enjoy a 5% Isetan member rebate upon presenting my card.


Coach Japanese Magazine Review: Magazine WITH Magazine

WITH January 2013 X Coach Pouch, Notebook & Calendar

So, Japanese magazine and mook are quite boring lately. None of the freebies are attractive at all. I’ve collected almost everything I want; pouches, socks, mini bag, wallet, hair scrunchies that I couldn’t afford to take in another pouch at all. But when it comes to COACH, I wouldn’t wanna miss it (provided I have the need for it lah).

Today I went strolling in Kinokuniya. Spotted WITH January 2013 issue magazine that comes with 3-piece Coach stuff. Although I knew such freebies prior from Angelina but I’ve totally forgotten about it. From the blurb on the front cover I can’t really tell what was the 3-piece except for a folder. So I bought it! It’s pink. How to resist 😛

WITH January 2013 issue is selling for RM43.55. If you are Isetan member you get a 5% discount but only on cash transaction. I forgot to bring cash so I couldn’t claim the 5% discount. Well anyway…this is a happy purchase.

Previously there’s a plastic cover covering the box of the freebies for most of the magazine. I don’t see that in this freebies though.

CanCam Magazine Coach Japanese Magazine Review: Magazine

CanCam May 2012 X Coach Scrunchie & Satin Pouch

A few weeks ago I collected my reserved copy of CanCam May 2012 which comes with Coach scrunchie and satin pouch. The magazine is retailing for RM47.65 at Kinokuniya. I only paid RM45.25 after flashing my Isetan card which entitled for a 5% discount.

Normally Kinokuniya only bring in 2 copies each magazine but this time there’s a lot copies available! It’s the Coach effect 😉


As usual the supplement comes in a box. If it’s Coach you can bet the box is pretty too. This is the lightest supplement I ever bought lol.

CanCam Magazine Coach Guerlain Japanese Magazine Uniqlo Women's Weekly Magazine

Guerlain, Uniqlo & Magazine Haul

Happy Easter Day!

Today is my weekly KLCC shopping trip and I woke up feeling extremely happy for no reason. Maybe because I’ve been having migrain for the past 3 days and I couldn’t do anything much. Which explain why I didn’t blog yesterday.

I always wanted to check out buy Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder but I always always forget to drop by their counter! Today I walked in Isetan cosmetic floor, exited and realized I need to go Guerlain so I walked back in lol. It was a good day today as I managed to find what I wanted. This is what I came home with.

Chinese Magazine Coach Review: Magazine

Vogue Taiwan November 2011 X Coach 70th Anniversary Luggage Tag

After a high-tea session at G Tower on last Sunday, me and my friends proceed to KLCC to do some shopping. As my friends wanted to look for a sports shoe next door of Kinokuniya, I went for a quick magazine shopping myself.

I came home with 2 magazine. The first magazine is Vogue Taiwan November 2011 which comes with Coach 70th Anniversary luggage tag. The magazine is selling at RM37.47. No intention to get this but I couldn’t resist the cute luggage tag which look like a blow-up Coach hang tag and I needed to get something in order to enjoy 20% discount for HbG 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER Fairy Sky mook.

Vogue Taiwan November 2011 X Coach 70th Anniversary Luggage Tag – RM37.47

The magazine is boxed in a custom made box which resemble a luggage bag while the Coach luggage tag is hanging on one side. Creative!

The duo luggage tag is in gold colour. Yes, it’s two luggage tag instead of one. I’ll tell you why. It looked perfectly fine on the picture below but there’s a purpose for the second luggage tag attached.

You can’t expect Vogue not having their logo on the tag right? So it makes a perfect sense. They doesn’t want to spoil the brand item so they include a second tag in order for them to do whatever logo printing they want on the second tag. Second tag looks a bit cheapo to me.

On the back of both tag, there’s a clear window for you to slot in the paper which contain your details.

Definitely a Coach collector’s item for me 🙂