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Chinese Magazine Elle Hong Kong Magazine Review: Magazine

ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set

I haven’t been spotting any interesting magazine recently. All the Japanese magazine and MOOK has been rather boring with the same ol’ freebies. Nothing to shout about with local magazine and seeing imported Chinese magazine is the same as well makes me even more sad. BUT. All that changed when I make a trip to KLCC last Sunday. My first stop was Kinokuniya. I managed to score a copy of ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 that comes with their travel brush set 🙂

ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set
Initially I wasn’t sure if I want to get it. I would prefer a normal brush size than travel size to be honest. I have yet to use my Shiseido travel brush set and I just broke into my MAC travel set. It was the last copy on shelf. For a RM28.90 price tag, I knew I’d regret if I don’t get it. Because I couldn’t read Chinese and the brushes was inside the closed pouch, I have to make sure I wasn’t just paying for the brush pouch. So I squeeze the packaging and confirmed that there was indeed three brushes inside the pouch.

Chinese Magazine Elle Hong Kong Magazine Paul & Joe Review: Magazine

ELLE Hong Kong February 2014 X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch

One of my soft spot when it comes to magazine supplement is multicase clutch. Eventhough so I don’t buy everything I see. Just the one that I like.

Last weekend I took a casual stroll to KLCC and Kinokuniya is always my first stop whenever I’m at the mall. All the imported magazines has been rather boring for the past few months one year and local magazine on the other hand has been quite interesting. It’s good because local magazine is way more affordable than imported magazine 😀 . I was surprised to stumble upon ELLE Hong Kong February 2014 that comes with a Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch as it’s already March. I have to buy it as it’s a Paul & Joe and I thought it’s “ong” (Chinese saying for lucky) to carry something with horse print on it lol. I mean how often do you encounter a clutch pouch with horse print on it right? Right?

Elle Hong Kong X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch 1
The magazine is retailing for RM28.90. It has Carkit price label on it still so I suppose they are the distributor or something? The clutch pouch was a love at first sight. I can’t read Chinese at all. I thought it comes with a few angpao packets judging from the blurb sticker and card at the back. The pouch is placed on top of the magazine so I took my time choosing it.

Chinese Magazine Fendi ifeel Magazine Japanese Magazine L'Oréal Review: Magazine Vogue Magazine

Vogue Japan August 2013 X Fendi Folder & ifeel July 2013 X L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultimate Smoothing Shampoo and Masque

From my usual Kinokuniya rounding one fine Sunday morning 2 weeks ago, I spotted quite a few good magazine supplement deal but I only picked up two magazine this time round. I was really looking forward to see something for Malaysia Tatler but sadly the day I went is still 30th June. Malaysia Tatler don’t put up their magazine for sale earlier than what was scheduled.

Vogue Japan August 2013 X Fendi Folder and iFeel July 2013 X L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultimate Smoothing Shampoo and Masque.

Vogue + iFeel1

China Glaze Chinese Magazine NewTide Magazine

NewTide December 2012 X China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish Set

Never thought this freebies still available when I was at Kinokuniya yesterday but since it is I just bought it.

For the first 150 customers that purchase a NewTide December 2012 magazine, you can redeem a set of China Glaze Magnetix nail polish + 1 magnet + pouch worth RM75. The magazine usual selling price is RM8 but this issue cost RM16.80. I only found out after I’ve paid for the magazine lol. Totally forgotten to check the price behind.

The pouch is the same as what I won previously from China Glaze’s Blog It, Tag It and Bag It Contest. The Magnetix nail polish color that was given to me is Instant Chemistry which is a dark purple. Totally love it 🙂

Chinese Magazine Giveaway ifeel Magazine O'slee

ifeel 8th Anniversary May 2012 Issue X O’slee Goodie Bag

Wendy informed me about this ifeel 8th Anniversary issue and she asked if I could check out what is the promotion for this anniversary issue at Kinokuniya and this is what I came home with.


ifeel cost only RM6.50 per copy and it comes with a O’slee goodie bag! At first I bought 1 copy but I went back to buy another 2 copies to add in to my blog giveaway 😉


Chinese Magazine Marie Claire Magazine Skin79

Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 X Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact

I snatched a copy of Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 issue immediately at Kinokuniya last weekend after seeing that the magazine comes with a rather interesting brand item. I have a thing for compact powder so this is just what I wanted! It comes with either a Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact or Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact. Unfortunately I didn’t get the one I want 🙁 but it’s okay.

Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 X Skin 79 Crystal Finish Pact

Brand item is included in this special packaging. I like this because we get a clearer picture of what we are getting rather than just a small blurp on the front cover.

Tadaaa! Here’s the compact. I like the packaging although it’s very bulky.

And I even love that the sponge included is at another separate compartment!

Nice right? I haven’t start using this. But I do see some shimmers. This compact is something which I never own before. The expiry date is this year so it’s not recommended to stock up on this.