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Review: SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct, Uniquely for it’s Triple Action Formula on Whitening, UV Interception and Wrinkle Improvement

Still on the CC Cream craze, I absolutely are not aware that SKIN79, the brand that are famous for their BB Cream came out with Complete CC Cream range that consists of two variant. My oily skin doesn’t appreciate BB Cream much and only CC Cream tamed the oiliness down therefore I am more than glad that SKIN79 have CC Cream now 🙂

Between both CC Cream variant – Control (Orange font) and Correct (Pink font), I chose SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct. Initially my choice would be Control but later on I found out that it doesn’t have make-up effect so I decided on Correct instead 🙂

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 1.24
For those that are new here, you might be curious on the difference between a BB Cream and CC Cream. BB Cream is makeup product while CC Cream is skin care + makeup. SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct contain a thin Korean skin care product and light foundation properties in it. Most CC Cream function as primer for BB Cream or foundation. This SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct is not exceptional either.

Avène Bio-Essence Clarins Coffret D'or Hada Labo Kanebo Skin79

Newly Opened – 1st to 3rd Week Feb 2012

Beginning of this month I opened up quite a number of new products to use.

Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Touch 1ml
This is a sample unit and I currently have 3 pieces which I’ve used up 2. I’m using this as a concealer to cover up my acne scar. The color of this is slightly tinted and appears pinkish. So far the concealer does a good job.

Kanebo Coffret D’Or Eyes Appeal Shadow in (01 Sweet Brown)
Bought this from last week’s Kanebo warehouse sales at Kanebo Internation Salon Bangsar. The color payout is very light and but very shimmering. I like that it’s not just shimmering, it also contains shimmer particles.

Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact
A Taiwan Marie Claire magazine freebies. The shade is a bit light but with my darker shade liquid foundation, it’s not a biggie. I usually swirl this with Ecotools Blush Brush. This compact powder also contains shimmer particles.

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm
It says “Lip Balm” but I don’t recommend using it as lip balm alone as you could look like a ghost! There’s this satin sheen on the lips and I like to apply this just before my lipstick. It gave my lipstick a beautiful sheen and it’s quite moisturising too.

Clarins Concealer Stick 2.6g
Bought two of this from Clarins beauty fair last year for RM30 each. Original price of this is RM92 can you believe that. It’s something like Instant Light Perfecting Touch. The only different is the texture. This is more solid creamy and Instant Light Perfecting Touch is more liquid.

Bio-Essence Aqua BB Cream 30g
I got this from an exchange program back in January. Read here. If you know me then you’d know I hate the company Ginvera and all the products under it’s umbrella. This BB cream is a crap. For some reason I don’t feel safe applying this on my face. I’ve used it once and it’s now in my rubbish bin.

Clarins Pure and Radian Mask With Pink Clay 15ml
Review: Read here
One of the best mask I’ve ever used! Apparently this is my 2nd last 15ml tube. If you use this mask on the night, you’d get a more radiant skin the next morning. Makeup glides on smoothly and stays on smoothly too.

Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream 15ml
This was given to me as one of the GWP. I’ve been using it on and off. Maybe because of that I haven’t seen any significant result. I think I need to use it more often to see a better result?

Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum 30ml
I gotten this from October last year points redemption and this baby costs RM238. I was advised by a BA at Jusco MV in September 2011 to purchase this but I refuse as I find it expensive for a 30ml hehe. I didn’t use this everyday as I was alternating between 3 serums.

Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF20 15ml
This is given to me to try by Clarins Malaysia as this is their new White Plus HP product which just launched not long ago. This will be replacing the current Whitening Day Emulsion. The new Velvet Emulsion comes in 2 version; one with SPF20 and the other one without. The one without SPF20 could be use at night time. I kinda like this new version as it’s less oilier and felt more light on the skin. This will definitely suitable for combination skin.

Kanebo Coffret D’Or Natural Clear Liner BK-28
A non-refillable liquid eye liner by Coffret D’Or. First impression is this is kinda watery. It’s like the water and the black ink is not properly mixed. Then I start to shake the pen vigorously and it’s ok now LOL. Hard to remove though. Don’t expect this to be easier to remove like Maybelline HyperSharp Liner cause it’s not.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch 4ml
Review: Read here
Makeup artist around the world called this the second skin. I couldn’t agree more. I’m using this to cover up my forehead lines. Yea I tend to frown and lift my brow when I do my eye makeup. Bad bad habit. And I’m using this to cover up my pores on the cheek as well.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion 9ml
A sample from Hada Labo FB redemption. I always wanted to apply something liquid and moisturizing after each mask session and this is perfect! I could see myself purchasing the full size bottle of this soon.

Chinese Magazine Marie Claire Magazine Skin79

Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 X Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact

I snatched a copy of Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 issue immediately at Kinokuniya last weekend after seeing that the magazine comes with a rather interesting brand item. I have a thing for compact powder so this is just what I wanted! It comes with either a Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact or Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact. Unfortunately I didn’t get the one I want 🙁 but it’s okay.

Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 X Skin 79 Crystal Finish Pact

Brand item is included in this special packaging. I like this because we get a clearer picture of what we are getting rather than just a small blurp on the front cover.

Tadaaa! Here’s the compact. I like the packaging although it’s very bulky.

And I even love that the sponge included is at another separate compartment!

Nice right? I haven’t start using this. But I do see some shimmers. This compact is something which I never own before. The expiry date is this year so it’s not recommended to stock up on this.


Skin79 Beblesh Balm Cream – Hot Pink

My Skin79 BB Cream died on me last week. Thank god I still have some Missha BB Cream samples to last me for another 2 days while waiting for the shipment of my new BB Cream.

Initially I plan to get Lohashill BB Cream as the price is fairly cheap in LYN. However with such a price, there’s a risk of possibilities on buying the fake one. How do we determine who’s selling the original and who’s not? Sellers don’t show the picture of their real stock. They normally use pictures from the original website. So to save all the hassle and headache and I was seriously out of BB Cream, I decided to buy the same Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream from the same seller previously. Last year I remember getting this at RM60 thru COD. This bottle lasts me for 1 year! Can you believe that? Oh wow. I’m shock myself hehe. Anyway, the seller has dropped the price to RM48 including postage. I upgraded to PosLaju with just topping up RM4. 

The description on the back of the box

The ingredient used

BUT. Despite all the rave…Hot Pink is always associated with controlling sebum / oil but it doesn’t work on me. My face doesn’t stay oil-free at all. My nose will become shinny even before noon and my forehead somewhere after noon. This is also a reason why I wanted to change to Lohashill. Skin79 doesn’t work for me.

The search for AUTHENTIC Lohashill is still on-going…