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Review: SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct, Uniquely for it’s Triple Action Formula on Whitening, UV Interception and Wrinkle Improvement

Still on the CC Cream craze, I absolutely are not aware that SKIN79, the brand that are famous for their BB Cream came out with Complete CC Cream range that consists of two variant. My oily skin doesn’t appreciate BB Cream much and only CC Cream tamed the oiliness down therefore I am more than glad that SKIN79 have CC Cream now 🙂

Between both CC Cream variant – Control (Orange font) and Correct (Pink font), I chose SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct. Initially my choice would be Control but later on I found out that it doesn’t have make-up effect so I decided on Correct instead 🙂

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 1.24
For those that are new here, you might be curious on the difference between a BB Cream and CC Cream. BB Cream is makeup product while CC Cream is skin care + makeup. SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct contain a thin Korean skin care product and light foundation properties in it. Most CC Cream function as primer for BB Cream or foundation. This SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct is not exceptional either.

Once you take out this tube of SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct from it’s box, you will find a slim and long pump tube. This type of packaging reminds me of Guerlain BB Cream and to be frank I would prefer this over bulky, short and fat pump bottle.

Each tube is sealed with a protective sticker as an assurance that the product is brand new and unused.

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 2.3
To ensure the authenticity of the product (yes there’s a lot of fake out there), each tube of SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct comes with an unique 16-digit verification code. You can find this scratch code at the front of the box. Just use a coin to scratch over to see the code. Then go to, find the “Verification Code” link on the top right of the website, enter your code and you will be prompted with the result on whether your SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct is authentic or fake 🙂

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 8 SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 9

The pump work superbly well and dispense the product out without any issue. I find that it is so easy to control the amount to be dispense out with this type of pump system especially when I needed to pump out a little bit more to build coverage. I mentioned before that I like white packaging as it look clean and sleek.

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 3.3
This is not just any CC Cream. Skin79 said this CC Cream is unique due to it’s triple action formula. The uniqueness of this SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct is it’s ability to change color from white to light beige. Yes it is not something new but for a CC Cream it’s pretty new alright. It is also because of the light beige I decided to go ahead with this version. The light beige shade helps to lighten the skin tone, improve wrinkle appearance and the SPF30 PA++ helps to block harmful UV rays.

The CC Cream dispensed out in white. I can see fine grey capsulated mineral powder in it that I suppose is to help the CC Cream to change color to light beige. It has a very light hint of floral scent to it. Not nose clogging, just a subtle scent that my nose doesn’t even pick up during application. It certainly take some time and massaging effort in order to change the CC Cream color from white to light beige. If you massage lesser, just wait for a few minutes and the color will change as well 😀

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 4.3
I find that this SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct is quite lightweight. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all no matter how many layer I pile on. Having said that, I do find this CC Cream to be on the sheer side and a bit too watery. I usually apply this after sunblock and I find it to be too oily on me. I’ve tried it without sunblock prior and it’s much better. The reason for this is because this CC Cream is infused with fresh moisture formula and Amino Soothing Complex for relaxing stressed skin makes elastic, healthy skin and to keep skin moisturised. One pump or one layer definitely doesn’t do the job for me. What you see below is probably two layers of the CC Cream and with a little bit build-up on the cheeks because that’s where most of my imperfection is at. At first I do look a bit white especially immediately after application. The color changes and matches to my original skin tone in a few minutes. That’s when it sets.

Although the coverage is a tad bit sheer but it does cover imperfection nicely and evening out all the uneven skin tone. It doesn’t cover much of my dark circle but I do like to dab on a little bit more on the under eye as the last step. It helps 🙂

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 5
And here’s the complete look. I did not follow up with any BB Cream or foundation. Usually if I’m working with a sheerer base I would prefer finishing powder with slight coverage. Here I set everything with Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder 🙂 . Eventhough the coverage is sheer but it’s definitely buildable. If you still feel that the CC Cream doesn’t cover up uneven skin tone, just wait for a few minutes for it to set. You will then begin to see a difference.

I don’t find my skin to be extra oily despite the moisturising properties. In fact CC Cream actually control my oil sebum much better than BB Cream. If you prefer something matte, do try SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Control instead. The lightweight formula is definitely a plus point for me since I like to build on coverage. I could not even feel any heaviness on my face 😀

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 6
I understand choosing the right CC Cream between two variant can be a bit tough. Here is a summary on both CC Cream by comparison. Hope this helps as it did helped me with my choice 🙂

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct 7

SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct (pink) and Control (orange) is available for online purchase at

Price: RM99 for 35ml

Stay in touch with SKIN79’s latest news, product launch and promotions at their Facebook page at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Happy Chinese New Year Fiona^^

    The ‘After’ photo is looking good. It does brighten up especially when I see the left right picture comparison. I know how to choose the CC cream now based on your guide ^^

    • Happy Chinese New Year dear! 😀

      Yes it does brighten as mine is “Correct” version. I chose this also to even out those uneven skin tone. I kinda like the color changing feature 😛 . Glad to hear that you find the guide is useful.

  • I like your last photo! CC cream really different from BB cream. I can’t tell if you’re using foundation or CC cream, like no difference at all. Its good to hear that CC cream actually not make your skin oily. All Bb cream I use before always cause oiliness few hours after using it. And I like how the CC cream change its tone to be so natural.

    • That’s the purpose! It’s not suppose to look different in the end. CC Cream is less coverage. So I usually use a finishing powder with some coverage to cover up. If I’m using foundation I’ll prefer to use a translucent loose powder so that I don’t over pile on the base makeup. I still use BB Cream but very seldom because it oils up my face, just like yours. So CC Cream would be a better choice besides foundation.

  • This would be a great CC cream if it comes with coverage like the Dr. Brandt CC Mat or Rachel K that you’ve reviewed before. Wouldn’t it be too many product on if I apply sunblock, this CC cream, then BB Cream and then finishing powder? Unless this comes with coverage like BB Cream then I’m sold.

    • I have to agree with you on that. This will be great for those without any major skin problem. I have a bit of scar to cover so usually I’ll dab on concealer and more concealer for the under eye lol. No BB Cream or foundation follow up for me. It’s just too much for my oily skin.


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