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Tips: How To Achieve a Soft and Smooth Heels

Oh man. I seems to be hit by one problem follow by another one and another one. Not sure if you ever heard about this myth before, I used to hear about people getting cracked heels from wearing strappy high heels often. Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve been wearing strappy high heels all my life. Nope. I don’t find my foot to be drier than usual nor do I suffer any cracked heels. Then I develop a new profound love for pumps so I stopped wearing strappy high heels. But because I have rather large foot, narrow pump hurt my toes a lot. So once in a while I take a breather or rather a break from pump to strappy high heels.

A few months ago I notice that my foot is rather err…ugly, dry and cracked. I asked my mum if this is cracked heels and mum said “oh yeah, that’s certainly cracked heels”. I panicked, then I make my brain work overtime for a home solution. Lucky for me, I have the tools at home, tried one very simple solution and it works well on me. Here’s my version of achieving a soft and smooth heels.

Tips Soft and Smooth Heels 1


Step 1: Scrub Gently

Thanks to MIVVA July 2013 for including a pumice stone in the box that I didn’t have to go search blindly at the drugstore without knowing what to look for. I am certainly a noob in this.

I did a quick Google to read about how to use the pumice stone. I was scared the first time I used this. I cannot help but to think what if I accidentally scrub too hard until the skin peels off. What I do is to wet both my feet and the pumice stone then lightly scrub the cracked heels area while standing under the shower. Of course you can soak both your feet in warm water sitting down and scrub. I didn’t want to waste too much time on this so I literally scrub while standing on one leg under running shower. The first time after scrubbing, I feel that my heels are somehow feeling weird. I’ve checked thoroughly and my heels are still intact lol. It’s just a psychology mind game that’s going on in my mind 🙂 . I usually scrub until I couldn’t feel the rough skin anymore or until I couldn’t see the cracked lines.

Tips Soft and Smooth Heels 2


Step 2: Moisturise With Foot Cream

I have no idea why I bought this L’Occitane Foot Cream two years ago. Initially I read about people raving this cream. So I bought it. It’s quite an impulsive purchase actually. I thought I should apply a foot cream onto my feet just like applying hand cream onto my hands. Eventually I grew lazy and this foot cream has been put on a side.

Again, lucky for me, this foot cream is handy to me when I needed it the most now. After scrubbing with pumice stone and drying up both my feet, I will apply a generous amount of L’Occitane Foot Cream onto the cracked heels area. I choose not to apply all over my feet as that would mean my movement will be limited. Usually I apply before bed. I would rest my leg onto a pillow while waiting for the foot cream to dry. When it does, I’ll change position and sleep like normal. This foot cream does set to a dry finishing. It’s not tacky or sticky at all.

Tips Soft and Smooth Heels 3
L’Occitane Foot Cream has a lavender scent. It’s not my favourite scent of all but since it’s going to my feet, I couldn’t be bothered. It does a pretty good job so far in moisturising my cracked heels. The texture is more runnier than other foot cream and not sticky like other foot cream as well.

Tips Soft and Smooth Heels 5
Perhaps it could be my cracked heels is not that severe so I can see result in just one day. Believe it or not, I woke up with a feet like it wasn’t cracked before. Sad to say this is a temporary solution. I don’t do this process on daily basis. I only do it as and when needed only. If I repeat the process for a few days in a row, I can see a more softer and smoother feet. Sometimes I grew lazy and the cracked heels is back.

Overall, I’m quite pleased to maintain this 2-step home solution because it doesn’t take too much of my time. I have read about other home remedies and boy that is so time consuming and tedious.

Do you suffer from cracked heels as well? How did you combat it? What’s your solution or remedy? Do share! 🙂


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  • Hi Fiona,
    I usually rub with a pumice stone/ foot file and then apply my regular body lotion, then wear a pair of socks on top to prevent the cream/lotion from being transferred to the bedsheet or floor or my shoes.
    Yes, it’s only a temporary solution.
    Guess I have to be more hardworking and use the pumice stone/foot file more regularly.

    P/S – I bought the foot file from Cosway, I find it more effective than my pumice stone (maybe I bought the wrong type – the softer and finer version)

    • I hate wearing socks to sleep so I let all the foot cream absorbed in first 😀 , although I know socks will give better result. Foot file is also like sand paper right? I have that too.

  • Some of my friends said wearing shoes/slippers at home would help, but I’m not sure whether it’s true, but you can try it out!

    • It does helps. I am wearing house slipper. The weather is too hot so it’s not very helpful when it is too hot.

      • i know right!!! later got athlete’s foot haha~~

        See you later at Pavilion ya Fiona! 🙂

        • See ya!

  • You can also try the cracked heel cream from Scholl which promises cracked-free heels in 3 days or something like that. I had this problem last year when I was doing so much discarding and packing over 2 months due to office moving. This cream really works and I do not have cracked heels any more. My skin around the feet area does then to get dry and it is usually solved with a good foot scrub (Scholl again or the nice lavender one from Yves Rocher) followed up by foot cream 2-3 times a week 🙂

    • Just wanna get your thoughts on this. Is there any heel cream that can totally stop cracked heel? Clarins one used to work for me in such way although it’s a bit sticky.

      • Actually, I notice cracked heels on those who perhaps spend a lot of time doing housework or other manual work? I am not sure if such a problem is hereditary. But I was told by my mum who used to have cracked heels due to the amount of housework she does since young is that she cured it by taking Evening Primrose Oil. She got this tip from one the supplement SAs in a pharmacy. I was also told by a colleague that Apple Cider Vinegar from Braggs cured her cracked heels as well due to the ingredients in it. Maybe it is worth a try since both items have other health benefits in them and not just curing cracked heels. For me, my cracked heels has heel but I will always have a cracked heel cream around just in case it shows up again 🙂

        • Lol no dear. I think cracked heels happens to everyone that suffer from dry skin. I don’t get that last time. Maybe age is catching up. Skin is definitely drier than those days. Noted on Evening Primrose Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. I have a few cracked heel cream around. So lazy wanna apply sometimes.


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