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Tips: How to Revive Hardened Gel Eyeliner

I used to avoid gel eyeliner as it’s troublesome to use and you really need to be good to use it. I’m nothing near to good when I first started with eyeliner even with liquid. I only got hooked to gel eyeliner after all liquid eyeliner smudge on me due to my eye’s tearing issue. After being persuaded by a friend then only I venture to gel. I did some research on how to use gel eyeliner and let’s just say since then I never look back. Gel eyeliner are much more natural-looking, way more easier to draw (if you know the trick) and staying power is far better. However there’s always a down side. Less than a month upon opening my new pot, the gel hardened. I tried a simple trick to revive hardened gel eyeliner which work perfectly. Here’s what I’ve been practising to revive my pot of hardened gel eyeliner and hope it benefited you too. It’s really simple.

All you need is a hair dryer and of course your hardened gel eyeliner.

The rest of the steps are pretty simple. Just ON your hair dryer and point it directly to your jar of eyeliner. Don’t forget the sides, top and bottom of the jar. Do this for about 1 minute. If it’s still harden continue the process.

Do note that this effect doesn’t last long. You need to repeat this whenever your gel eyeliner hardened again. As for me I do it once a month.

If you are really really lazy…there’s a simpler way. Just pop this to microwave for 30 seconds and you’re done. I prefer hair dryer so I’ve never tried microwave before.


So girls. Don’t throw away your gel eyeliner if it hardened. There’s always a way to save it 😉


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  • wow awesome tips…lucky my gel liner did not dry yet even i used it for a year..another tips always place the eyliner facing downward while you are drawing the line. This will help recude the chance to exposed to air!

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for the tip. I do that too. Sometimes haha. Maybe I knew I can always revive it with hair dryer so I don’t turn my jar upside down most of the time :p

  • great tips! I have one hardened gel liner and I am about to throw it lol. >_< its from Kiss Me. happy that I read this post from you :DD

    • Wah don’t throw! Luckily hehe. Try the hair dryer

  • I use to use the liquid eyeliner, i like its convenience..

    • Agree. Now I rotate between pencil and gel 🙂

  • There are other products that we can pop into the microwave oven to get the last bit. Until now, I have yet to do so for fear that it might explode in the microwave oven. Haha. Talk about being paranoid.

    • Everything can pop into microwave as long as it’s glass not plastic 😉

  • I have the same fear with Angelina. haha. the cover of my gel liner is plastic. Should remove the cover if i want to microwave it

    • Just for a while won’t explode. Or you can remove it.

  • Hollaaaaaa dear!

    There are a few tips to gel eyliner, I am a liquid eyeliner girl now of course due to convenience, but tbh I still like the gel the best, the colour and the result it created is so beautiful.

    1. Turn it upside down. Scrap away the residual on the cap at all times.

    2. Put it in the ziplock bag.

    3. Scrap a little bit of gel eyeliner and put it in a new bottle so the old one is not opened that frequently.

    4. With opened cap, place your gel eyeliner under faucet so a small stream of water can flow through the bottle, then cap it so it is air-tight.

    5. Microwave (I am skeptical with this oh well).

    Please tell me what are your fav gel eyeliner brand and brush? :DD

    I like Maybelline and Essence and I am too cheap to invest in higher ended brands since they might dry up if I don’t invest time for maintenance. Yeah and Ecotools brush 🙂

    I totally forget how to apply gel liner already…..

    • Thanks Elin, I knew all the trick to prevent gel eyeliner from drying out. Basically this is just a trick to “revive” hardened gel eyeliner :). Maybe next time I’ll post another post on “how to prevent” 😉


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