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Review: Loving & Hating MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural #Medium

Almost everyone I know own something from MAC. I don’t walk in to MAC previously and I’ve mentioned it in this post before. But my itchy hand just gotta get something from MAC and I came home with 3 new products back in August. I’ve always wanted to purchase their compact powder and here it is!

I was recommended Mineralize Skinfinish Natural #Medium (RM115) instead of Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation as it’s more natural coverage and it’s not cakey.

Let’s talk about the packaging. Nothing to shout about on the typical usual box packaging of MAC.

To pay RM115 for a 10g product I’d say I’m pretty disappointed with the casing. I get a complete plastic casing and it’s MAC! Although the content is just 10g the casing is nothing near to small.

I was matched to “Medium” which is just perfect and suits my skin tone well. The compact doesn’t come with any brush or puff/sponge. So yeah. RM115 with plastic casing and no sponge.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is more like a domed baked face powder. Something like a baked eyeshadow? It is claimed to have minerals in it and slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. It is also said that this provide low coverage.

When I see the sides of the dome powder I knew I’m in trouble. There will certainly be powder transfer on the side inner rims. But anyway, I’ve read that this small 10g powder last quite long. Mine is getting flat after a few usage so I really doubt so. Unless you use it once or twice a week like me so you’d feel that this will last you long.

When I heard that this provide a natural-matte finish I was happy. I have combination skin so the word “matte” excites me very much. I was told mineral powder’s coverage normally is quite sheer. I was even told Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is low coverage. But funny enough I don’t think so. The first swatch of the dome provides a more sheer coverage no doubt because it’s still new but after that it’s too heavy and cakey for me. It took me several usage to finalize on how to use this properly on my face.

Just for this compact I also purchase a MAC Buffer Brush (RM165) to use with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. The brush is really soft and fluffy but a bit too dense for this compact. On the second usage it’s cakey on me. At one glance you’d know that I had MAC on my face. So I tried several times on different occasion and finally figure out the best way for me. Once I swirl the brush on the compact…I can only brush once and in one direction on my face. And it works.

I actually like the huge fluffy brush very much. Sometimes I’m using it for other powder foundation like Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Powder Foundation and it works just as good. One thing I don’t like about this brush is that it doesn’t pick up powder to cover my pores so whenever I’m using this Mineralize Skinfinish Natural with Buffer Brush I had large pores. Not only it doesn’t cover any pores…it actually intensity the size of my pores.

The finishing however is really flawless. I still looked like I had MAC on me but the coverage depends on how you use it and buildable too. I’d suggest you to go light with the brush and swirling.

As for the “matte” claim, I say it does absolutely nothing to matte my face. I put on the powder around 8am and it started to oiled up around my T-zone by the time I reached office around 10am. Throughout the day I need to keep blotting so it’s really crappy in terms of oil control. In fact my face oiled up more whenever I had MAC on. When I’m out in the sun the powder gets thicker on my face and it started to look cakey.

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That’s why I love and hate MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural at the same time. I’d most probably not going to repurchase after I finished this one as I wanted to try others too. If you wanted to get a compact powder from MAC I’d recommend this. If you prefer heavy coverage then you might want to get Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation instead but let me warn you Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is already so heavy on me so Studio Fix would be far more worse.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural & Buffer Brush is permanent and it’s available at all MAC outlet nationwide.
Price: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – RM115 for 10g and Buffer Brush – RM165


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Oh no, I don’t think the Mineralized Skin Finish is a matte powder at all. It does leave a slight sheen and when applied with a light hand, it’s quite lovely as a setting powder. I sometimes use it on its own with a denser brush and it helps provide some coverage. And you are right, it pretty much sucks at controlling oil.

    • I chose this over Guerlain lol but according to Paris of MWS… Guerlain one are not mattifying at all too.

      Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn’t. Not too bad I would say.

  • just to let u know that the Mineralized skin finish powder actually is Satin is not matte finishing. this powder it contain minaral is help to moisture your skin and is not for control oil, i think u using the wrong powder and i found out u also quit concern about ur pore, maybe u can try the Urban decay pore filler is really good & it help control oil as well after then use the powder on 🙂

    • Hi Denise. I think you misunderstood my review. The natural-matte claim is by MAC not me. My review is to let people know this is not mattifying at all as claimed. And I did not quit concerning my pores. I didn’t put on any pore minimizing because I want to tell people that this powder fail to cover pores and it intensify it.


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