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Review: RMK Cotton is Not Your Ordinary Facial Cotton

I’ve always wanted to do a review on RMK Cotton but put it on hold as it’s out of stock at all counters. I bought the last box from Isetan KLCC and the last 2 boxes from Isetan The Gardens heh! Estimated stock arrival would be about 3 months or more so if you’re interested please do contact relevant counter to check on stock availability ya.

I was first introduced to RMK Cotton back in July 2012 when I had a makeover with Adrian Sin. I was sold the moment I hold the cotton on my hand as it’s nothing like I ever used or seen.

RMK Cotton is not the cheapest facial cotton in the market. It’s retailing for RM20 with 72 pieces in a box. Considering the size, quality and multi-purpose usage of the cotton…the price is not too bad. I’ll tell you why later on.

What makes the cotton so special is the dual-sided and texture. Linel-gel side will transformed it’s texture when in contact with liquid making it an optimum massaging tool while the Mesh side have a soft mesh texture for a gentle exfoliation purposes.

Let’s take a closer look at both side shall we?

First up, Mesh side. There’s 2 different purpose and usage for each side depending on your need and requirement upon usage.

1) As Makeup Remover – After soaking and massaging remover with cotton onto face, use the Mesh side to gentle exfoliate and remove all impurities.
2) As Toner Application – Soak the Mesh side and gentle wipe all over face. The soft mesh texture will remove all dirt, dead skin and impurities. This method applies for Skintuner application 🙂

Second is the Linen-gel side. Also with two types of usage and purpose complimenting back to the Mesh side usage as above.

1) As Makeup Remover – Massage remover onto face with the Linen-gel side. This will loosen all the dirt and impurities so that it’s easier to be removed later.
2) As Toner Application – After applying using the Mesh side, use the Linen-gel side to smooth toner again onto face. You will feel the gel-texture rubbing against your face. This is also the best way to apply Skintuner.

I’m using RMK Cotton on certain days to apply toner when I feel that my skin is “dirty” even after all the cleansing and scrubbing. It feels so good pampering the skin once in a while with this cotton.

First I use the Mesh side to apply and exfoliate at the same time. Look at how dirty it is! Then I used the Linen-gel side to apply toner onto my face. At this point the toner works better as all impurities had been lifted off earlier with the Mesh side. The cotton is thick so you can really feel the gel-texture as you swipe. Pretty cool and awesome 🙂

RMK never stop surprising me with one of the kind product. I’m trying to use this cotton as slow as I can considering I only have 2 boxes. Have you bought any of these before from RMK?

RMK Cotton is available at all RMK counter at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Parkson Pavilion.
Price: RM20 for 72 pieces
Visit RMK Malaysia Facebook page for future updates


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • After trying, from: I want this, I became: I need this!

    • Hahaha see I told ya it’s good!

  • Interesting…. But costs much more =(

    • Yeap! I only use it when I feel that I wanna pamper my face 😉

  • The price is still ok, but it’s best to keep the knowledge to myself. Bf will freak out. It’s only ‘facial cotton’.

    • If you are Skintuner user it’s best to use with this facial cotton. For toner, well once in a while is okay

  • Two different materials in one facial cotton, amazing!

    • Yeap. I like the “gel” in it 🙂

  • i got my facial cotton from Etude house also have mesh side and linen gel side tooo…not sure if it produce the same results…but Etude one is much cheaper la…hahahaha mayb I should try out the one in RMK one to compare the results!!

    • I have only walked in to Etude House once LOL. I believe this type of cotton is everywhere :D. RMK one is pampering ma haha


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