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Make Up - Face Review: Make Up RMK

Review: RMK Pressed Powder N #03, 4 Different Textures Setting Powder To Perfect & Enhance Complexion

RMK Pressed Powder N has always been in my to-buy list ever since I had my first RMK makeover last year and I finally got my hands on it a few months ago. It took me this long because it’s one hell of an expensive finishing powder! As I said in an earlier post before this, I love stocking up on finishing powder. The plus point in getting this RMK Pressed Powder N is that it’s refillable, a major cost reduction on long run 😀

There are five different shade to choose from. I chose #03 which bears a tiny blue square on the top right. I’ll tell you why later on 😉

RMK Pressed Powder N1
RMK in my opinion has the simplest, nicest silver matte surface casing. The kind that I appreciate very much. Even though so, this RMK Pressed Powder N double-decked compact is quite bulky. It’s quite small in size but thick. And RMK have a very good reason for that.

Kanebo RMK

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc., Lissage Ltd. and E’quipe Ltd.Voluntary recall of products containing the quasi-drug ingredient Rhododenol 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol

I decided to post this up eventhough it has been a few week since Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. announced their voluntary product recall early July 2013. Reason being is that I find that the product list posted by every other portal is different from the one I have from Kanebo press release.

I will separate the press release into two. Do read entirely 🙂


Kanebo Cosmetics Inc., Lissage Ltd. and E’quipe Ltd.


Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up RMK

Review: RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple, Liking The Color On The Palette But Not On My Eyelid

I am not someone that will chase for the latest launch but I am more of a someone that will let the hype subside first, wait for a few reviews to pop up in Google and then only I will get my hands on the product that I had my eyes on. So yeap. You will not see me running like a mad woman to the counter when new collection is launched.

Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of review or coverage on RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes despite being launched back in September 2012 for Autumn/Winter collection. I saw this popped out at a forum for a steal price so I grabbed 04 Iridescent Deep Purple.

RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple is a dual shaded eyeshadow palette that comes in a shiny silver casing that of course attract finger prints and dirt. The design is kept minimal with only the brand name printed in the middle on the front of the palette.

Burberry Coffret D'or Estée Lauder Guerlain Kanebo Lunasol Make Up Tips & Tutorial Paul & Joe Review: Make Up RMK Ronasutra Shiseido

Make Up Tips – Pencil Eyeliner as Base; Perfect for Everyday Wear

Since CNY is just around the corner and I’m already on leave so I thought I’d wake up earlier to do this makeup tips post. I have been wanting to post this up months ago but just didn’t have the time. This is a tips from Adrian Sin; Burberry and RMK Beauty Trainer which I picked up at RMK makeover last year. It is simple and yet useful and versatile for everyday wear that I’ve been implementing to my daily makeup myself.

Before I start I must mention a disclaimer in advance as I know some of you can be quite judgmental and harsh. I’m no makeup expert, this is a tips that I picked up personally from a makeup guru which I think is worth to be share to you guys as I had the privilege to meet and had my makeup done by Adrian not once but twice. And during numerous encounter with Adrian I managed to get some pointers, tips and tricks from him.


I’m not going to talk about prep-ing your face with skin care or base makeup. I assume you guys are expert now. I’m just going to jump directly to the main topic which is using pencil eyeliner as eye makeup base.

Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up Review: Skin Care RMK Skin Care - Beauty Tool

Review: RMK Cotton is Not Your Ordinary Facial Cotton

I’ve always wanted to do a review on RMK Cotton but put it on hold as it’s out of stock at all counters. I bought the last box from Isetan KLCC and the last 2 boxes from Isetan The Gardens heh! Estimated stock arrival would be about 3 months or more so if you’re interested please do contact relevant counter to check on stock availability ya.

I was first introduced to RMK Cotton back in July 2012 when I had a makeover with Adrian Sin. I was sold the moment I hold the cotton on my hand as it’s nothing like I ever used or seen.

RMK Cotton is not the cheapest facial cotton in the market. It’s retailing for RM20 with 72 pieces in a box. Considering the size, quality and multi-purpose usage of the cotton…the price is not too bad. I’ll tell you why later on.

What makes the cotton so special is the dual-sided and texture. Linel-gel side will transformed it’s texture when in contact with liquid making it an optimum massaging tool while the Mesh side have a soft mesh texture for a gentle exfoliation purposes.


RMK Member Monthly Redemption – Gel Creamy Foundation

When RMK launched a new foundation; Gel Creamy Foundation and a foundation brush last month…I was on “0” shopping mode. But I was still curious about the new foundation and how is it different from the iconic Liquid Foundation so I redeemed my member monthly redemption from Isetan KLCC counter.

Nah they didn’t just gave me one sachet. I was given two sachet. Immediately I depot one sachet to an empty jar to use.

Here’s the swatch. I know you must be wondering what’s the different so I swatch both Gel Creamy Foundation and Liquid Foundation side by side.

Although both is shade #102, Gel Creamy Foundation appear lighter while Liquid Foundation appear darker.

Gel Creamy Foundation gives full coverage while Liquid Foundation is more watery and gives medium coverage that’s buildable to full coverage.

RMK is still my current foundation and when I’m running low I’d definitely consider Gel Creamy Foundation. Oh ya just so you know…their foundation brush is all sold out. Shipment would be another few more months.


Have you tried or bought RMK Gel Creamy Foundation? Do you like it?