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Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation: An Intelligent Foundation That Adapts To The Skin and Beautifies It

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation
Nothing excites me more than a new foundation release. Exactly a month ago, Shiseido released Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation, which is said to be a smart, modern matte, long-lasting foundation that synchronizes with each skin type.

When I heard that this foundation is matte, that is it! I was sold. I have not been using any Shiseido foundation for quite some time so I was not sure what differs this from the rest of the foundation clan within the brand. My last Shiseido foundation trial would be the Sheer and Perfect Foundation, which I like when I want a dewy, light coverage.

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Beauty News: Shiseido ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate, world’s first pre-serum to rejuvenate natural skin immunity

No other brand than Shiseido that are with 140 years history of skin care innovation, with 20 years of research on skin immunity and conducted 400 formula trials that is able to came out with a pre-serum product named ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate. ULTIMUNE is the result and it now has 31 patents worldwide.

Shiseido ULTIMUNE is not just any topical skin care, it’s a new booster serum that supports the skin’s natural function to maximize its ability to fight against all skin damages. In short, ULTIMUNE is able to rejuvenate your skin’s immunity.

Shiseido ULTIMUNE 3


What is skin immunity?

Our body immune system defends us from any foreign invaders, so does the skin. Our skin too has its own immune system to fight against environmental aggressors, emotional stress and skin aging that wear down the skin’s strength in the long run. It’s simple to identify when the skin’s immune system is deteriorating. When the skin develops skin concerns that never seem to resolve no matter how you treat it, that is when your skin immunity is down.

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Shiseido Suncare now with SuperVeil-UV 360™ for an all around 360° sun protection

As I was composing my thoughts and gathering all the infos needed for this post, I feel content, relax and not forgetting to mention lazy. I partly blame it on the cloudy weather. There’s a pros and cons of working from home. One of it is not being able to dress up nicely and put on makeup. This might come as a surprise to you because I do put on makeup and sunscreen while working from home. If I don’t, I will just slather on a thick layer of sunscreen. Why? Because I’m on my notebook and I work under two fluorescent light the whole day.

No matter how high an SPF you use, there are tiny creases and furrows in the skin’s surface that until now, sun protection hasn’t been able to reach evenly. Shiseido managed to identified these little gaps between the layer of sun protection and the skin. It turns out covering every bit of the skin’s surface with sunscreen is surprisingly difficult to achieve. The solution? Shiseido’s patented leading edge UV protection technologies – SuperVeil-UV 360™.

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50
Because the skin’s surface texture comes from its microscopic network of ridges and furrows, it can cause “gaps” in sunscreen application that will leave skin vulnerable and open to UV rays. What SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology do is to help to provide optimal sunscreen application over the skin’s intricate surface contours. Here’s a simple skin chart to help you understand better on how SuperVeil-UV 360™ can help to protect the skin surface from harmful UV rays.

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Sampling Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013

Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013_5
Somewhere early or middle this year I redeemed a Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013 from Isetan KLCC counter but I couldn’t recall where I get the info from. The only thing I remember is being excited about it and rushed to redeem the sample kit mainly because I was interested with the serum+ and of course the mask as well.

The Perfect Whitening Kit has been sitting in my stash drawer comfortably, up until a few days ago where I took it out while cleaning the drawer. I’ve ran out of whitening serum and this sample kit is just perfect :D. I give credit to counter brands that came out with such a nicely done and complete sample kit. This Shiseido one although comes in a simple cardboard leaftlet-like, at least they put in effort and not just giving the sample out as it is. I also managed to get this sample kit without any issue or whatsoever from the friendly BA. They are well aware of the sampling exercise and I was not badly treated at all eventhough I wasn’t buying anything.

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Shiseido 2013 Autumn/Winter New Makeup: Sheer and Perfect Foundation Cancel Color Noise for a Smoother, Even Skin

Shiseido Malaysia had just released a series of new makeup item as well as additional shades to the current collection for its 2013 Autumn/Winter look and collection just less than 2 weeks ago. For 2013 Autumn/Winter, we have a new base makeup added into the array of existing base makeup collection which is the NEW Sheer and Perfect Foundation SPF 15.


Sheer and Perfect Foundation SPF 15 ( RM135/30ml)

I never knew this before but according to Shiseido, our skin’s smoothness and evenness can be interrupted by color noise. Just like a camera, you can cancel these so-called color noise with the new Sheer and Perfect Foundation. This is because of Shiseido’s advanced light technology in it that selectively cancels the interference without concealing skin’s beauty. As a result skin is more even with all the red acne scars, brown undereye circles and black pore shadows neutralized and also skin is more smooth, fresh and glow.

Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation1

Crabtree & Evelyn Dior eBay Ronasutra Shiseido

eBay Purchase – Crabtree & Evelyn Red Packet Set, Ronasutra, Dior + Freebies!

When I saw Crabtree & Evelyn GWP for the purchase of RM250 a few weeks ago is the angpow pouch set, I wanted that! The only problem is I don’t have anything to buy from Crabtree & Evelyn. I do have the thought of impulse purchase something from the store just to get this set. Then I remember Jenny; the eBay seller that I deal with from time to time. So I begin stalking her selling page a few times a day. Hey I’m not a stalker but just don’t want to let this set grab by other people 😀

On Tuesday morning I reached office late due to a massive jam. I only have half an hour to enjoy my coffee before rushing off for a back-to-back meeting outside. While sipping my coffee I decided to take a look at Jenny’s eBay selling page. To my delight she listed the Crabtree & Evelyn Red Packet Holder + Red Packet Set! That’s not all. Here’s what was in my parcel.