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eBay Purchase – Crabtree & Evelyn Red Packet Set, Ronasutra, Dior + Freebies!

When I saw Crabtree & Evelyn GWP for the purchase of RM250 a few weeks ago is the angpow pouch set, I wanted that! The only problem is I don’t have anything to buy from Crabtree & Evelyn. I do have the thought of impulse purchase something from the store just to get this set. Then I remember Jenny; the eBay seller that I deal with from time to time. So I begin stalking her selling page a few times a day. Hey I’m not a stalker but just don’t want to let this set grab by other people 😀

On Tuesday morning I reached office late due to a massive jam. I only have half an hour to enjoy my coffee before rushing off for a back-to-back meeting outside. While sipping my coffee I decided to take a look at Jenny’s eBay selling page. To my delight she listed the Crabtree & Evelyn Red Packet Holder + Red Packet Set! That’s not all. Here’s what was in my parcel.


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Review: Scent Your Room with Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Home Fragrance Sprays

I’ve been dying to get a room spray despite having fragrance diffuser and scented candles in my room. I like to walk in to a room which smells good. The air, the pillow, the blanket. Isn’t it wonderful :). When Jenny listed a miniature set of room spray by Crabtree & Evelyn for an irresistible price…I purchased it right away.

Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Home Fragrance Sprays is a set with four 30ml fragrance spray. A miniature set is always wonderful and useful for someone who wanted to get a room spray but couldn’t decide on the scent. Someone indecisive like me hehe! But I look at it another way. I like to have different scent in my room everyday. So this is perfect!

Don’t cha love the floral box.

I thought there’s scent description for each bottle at the back of the box but turns out it’s not. It’s just the usual description and caution in 2 languages.

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Favorite 2012 Christmas Snacks

Merry Christmas Street Lovers!

Although I am not celebrating Christmas due to various reasons this year but I do like to indulge in Christmas snacks. I never thought of featuring these lovelies from Crabtree & Evelyn but after seeing so many blog post on it I thought why not share with you how I like to munch on it.

Did you know the Christmas festive food sold at Crabtree & Evelyn stores are highly raved and famous? Almost everyone I know told me how good it is. I couldn’t really comment much as I only gotten a set of Triple Treat (2 cans of 200gram All Butter Biscuits) and recently redeemed a jar of Cranberry and Orange Sauce. The sauce is not a jam. It’s a sauce for meat. That’s what the peeps over at Crabtree & Evelyn told me.

Crabtree & Evelyn 41
Although Cranberry and Orange Sauce is not meant for biscuits, I like to be a rebel and eat it my way. The biscuits is flavored biscuits but it can be a bit boring and blank unless you had it with coffee. So what I do is that I like to put a lil bit of the cranberries on the biscuits. I’m pretty amazed with the Cranberry and Orange Sauce because it’s full with cranberries! Everytime I tried to scoop some of the sauce out I get loads of cranberries. It’s a bliss.

Avène Crabtree & Evelyn eBay Laura Mercier

eBay Mini Haul Time!

It has been quite some time since I last purchase anything from my favorite eBay Malaysia seller jjj*2008. Yes that is the eBay seller ID so please read properly before bombarding my email asking for seller ID. It’s all written in the post and you should read. That’s what blog are for. To read!

Anyway, this week I spotted 2 things I want from her store and I placed my order in the morning, paid in the morning, parcel sent out in the morning as well and I received the parcel the next day! The most satisfied and efficient purchase ever.

Jenny (the seller) is known for her most secure wrapping, nice box packaging and extra gift generosity. My purchases this time arrived in a L’Occitane gift box.

Let’s see what I get in the box shall we?

Clarins Clinique Crabtree & Evelyn Estée Lauder Gifts from Friends Giveaway L'Occitane

Wonderful Saturday with Meeting Friend, Beauty Shopping + Gifts & Giveaway

I had a wonderful and relaxing Saturday not rushing to blog or take product pictures but meeting up with a friend; Kamsiah who if you still remember sponsored all the wonderful Clarins giveaway in Street Love, we did some beauty roundings and shopping at Pavilion.

As Kamsiah is attending Clarins Beauty Gathering at 11am, I met up with her 10+ish before that and I followed her to the gathering so that we have time to chit chat before her hubby picked her up at 1pm. I have no intention at all to go for the Clarins event so I didn’t queue for the door gift or whatsoever just in case someone is wondering 🙂

I came home with these! Actually there’s a full size Clinique Chubby Stick but I forgotten to include in the picture.

Kamsiah gave me loads of gifts and she really know me well. Everything she gave me is exactly what I like. Exactly. Every single one of it.

If you have been reading my lil bloggie you’d know that I love rose scented stuff. I’ve been eyeing on Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose Solid Perfume since last month when I finally take a look at KLCC outlet. I didn’t get it as Christmas is near so I thought maybe there’s Christmas set for it lol. Love this so so much! It came with a cute pouch too!! Thank you Kamsiah *hugs*

b.liv BEAUBELLE Clarins Crabtree & Evelyn Estée Lauder H2O+ KOSÉ L'Occitane Olive & Tebe Pure Beauty Random Skinz Victoria's Secret

My Skin Care & Body Care Stash

3 months back I showed you my brand new unopened makeup stash at this post I’ve lots of brand new skin care here and there and I’ve gotten tired searching and thinking what I have on hand. So yesterday I took out all my Clarins gift box which is taking lots of space from my huge drawer and decided to place each products in the drawer instead. I’m almost done arranging yesterday night and finished off the balance this morning.

Here is it! All in this drawer is my stock. Brand new, unopened. From right to left is Sephora gift box, Michael Kors Estee Lauder pouches, Victoria Secret Delicate Petals Body Mist (discontinued, last 2 bottles), one row of body care, one row of serum/moisturizer, one row of cleanser, one row of cleansing milk, one row of toner, one row of mix eye serum with sunblock and the last two row is gifts to future recepient lol! There’s a few more hidden in front of the drawer which I didn’t managed to capture.

Easy access and better view for me. I’m gonna put all sachets and trial size in the gift boxes that I have.

Blog sale coming soon!