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Swap with eBay Seller jjj*2008

There is only 2 online shopping portal that I get my beauty fix. One is Best Buy World and another one is from a seller ID jjj*2008 in eBay Malaysia. I cannot stress enough how much I adore Jenny (real name for seller ID jjj*2008). Her price is normally a lot cheaper than retail. And she wraps parcel so perfectly and securely that no one is able to replica. Not only that. She include extra gifts in like no body’s business.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet up with Jenny for lunch and for a little beauty swap. She told me that she put herself in her customer’s shoe. She knew that her customers would be happy to receive the extras cause she would too! And the super perfect and secure wrapping is from her bad online shopping experience. All these bad experience will only make her do the best for her customers. She wouldn’t want her customers to frown upon receiving badly wrapped parcel 🙂

This is what I swapped from Jenny. What I have chosen is slightly more so I paid the excess back to Jenny. The funny part is I forgotten to do so and I did online transfer to Jenny upon returning to office. Oppss!


Crabtree & Evelyn Dior eBay Ronasutra Shiseido

eBay Purchase – Crabtree & Evelyn Red Packet Set, Ronasutra, Dior + Freebies!

When I saw Crabtree & Evelyn GWP for the purchase of RM250 a few weeks ago is the angpow pouch set, I wanted that! The only problem is I don’t have anything to buy from Crabtree & Evelyn. I do have the thought of impulse purchase something from the store just to get this set. Then I remember Jenny; the eBay seller that I deal with from time to time. So I begin stalking her selling page a few times a day. Hey I’m not a stalker but just don’t want to let this set grab by other people 😀

On Tuesday morning I reached office late due to a massive jam. I only have half an hour to enjoy my coffee before rushing off for a back-to-back meeting outside. While sipping my coffee I decided to take a look at Jenny’s eBay selling page. To my delight she listed the Crabtree & Evelyn Red Packet Holder + Red Packet Set! That’s not all. Here’s what was in my parcel.


Avène Crabtree & Evelyn eBay Laura Mercier

eBay Mini Haul Time!

It has been quite some time since I last purchase anything from my favorite eBay Malaysia seller jjj*2008. Yes that is the eBay seller ID so please read properly before bombarding my email asking for seller ID. It’s all written in the post and you should read. That’s what blog are for. To read!

Anyway, this week I spotted 2 things I want from her store and I placed my order in the morning, paid in the morning, parcel sent out in the morning as well and I received the parcel the next day! The most satisfied and efficient purchase ever.

Jenny (the seller) is known for her most secure wrapping, nice box packaging and extra gift generosity. My purchases this time arrived in a L’Occitane gift box.

Let’s see what I get in the box shall we?

Burberry eBay Urban Decay

Urban Decay & Burberry Mini Haul

My fav eBay seller; jjj*2008 finally listed Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion just last Saturday. Not that she listed a trial size item or a full size item. She actually listed the 11ml one which is “10% more primer” (according to UD) for a really cheap price and I happily spotted Burberry Lip Cover #03 Cameo Pink too so I grabbed both in order to be eligible for free courier.

My purchases came in a gold Sephora box which is very similar with the one I got back in October purchases. Read here.


The interior packing is also similar with my previous purchase from the seller. The only different is the shredded paper colour and the pouch colour. Gosh I love this seller to bits.

Benefit Burberry eBay Laura Mercier Origins Urban Decay

eBay Purchase – Urban Decay & Laura Mercier

A few days ago I made a purchase from my favourite ebay seller; jjj*2008. I’ve been eyeing on her Urban Decay De Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray (phew! what a mouthful) for a week now and never have the time to login to eBay to bid for it. Finally I placed my bid on Monday, paid on Tuesday and my parcel arrived on Wednesday. Yes, the wonderful seller sent out my parcel on the same day. In order to eligible for free shipping, I pick up a Laura Mercier Lip Pencil #Naked as well.

As usual unwrapping the parcel is just like unwrapping a Christmas present. This time the seller sent me my purchase using a Benefit Cosmetics gift box as seen here.