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What I Wore Vol. 11

What I Wore Vol 11
Does this dress look familiar to you? Yeap! It’s the turquoise version of the purple dress I wore in What I Wore Vol. 5.

In the recent post I shared about Losing Weight, I’ve lost about 2kg at that time and since then I’ve lost another 1-2kg. Lost of appetite is one of the main cause among other contributing reasons. This dress has been fitting me nicely since post-depression 2 years ago. Now, it fits even nicer in my opinion as I’ve also lost that little tummy from What I Wore Vol. 5. The only thing I still don’t like about the dress is the low back. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of a low back dress but somehow it shows my boney spines. Bones that I never knew existed!

It’s a simple look for a quick event. On days I want to cover up more, this is what I prefer to wear.

Dress: P&Co, from many years ago (RM69.90, if I’m not mistaken)
Shoe: Crocs Leigh II Ankle Strap Wedge (RM289)
Necklace and Earrings: H&M
Watch: Garmin Forerunner 235 (RM1,550)
Tracker: Fitbit Flex 2 (RM480)


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  • Lovely combo!
    In fact, you look good in almost anything, Fiona (Y)

    • Thanks dear ❤ 🙂 . Now spare tyre gone so yes haha!!


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