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What I Wore Vol. 5

What I Wore Vol 5 2
Happy Saturday everyone! I did not plan to have a post up for today but suddenly, while I was rolling on the bed after a market run, I remembered that I sort of forgotten to have a What I Wore post up LOL. Yet again. I would be missing another week of update if I continue rolling on the bed so here I am.

This OOTD was quite recent however the dress is not. I bought two of the same dress several years ago for a steal. Two for the price of one if I’m not mistaken. I have one in turquoise blue/green and this one in purple. I have not wore this dress before at all, not even once until last year, when I lost 7kg from depression. It’s funny how depression changes you and fitting into a dress which I had for years but never worn is not something I expected.

What I Wore Vol 5 1
I wore this dress for Alainn Medispa launch at Platinum Park last month. It was a Saturday evening event and I didn’t want to dress up extravagantly so I went there quite casual. I wished I took a photo of the back of the dress because it was a low back dress. I think I lost some fat on my upper body that my shoulder shrank quite a lot despite not exercising for some time and all my clothes now are quite loose on the top. Everything just fell off my shoulder and that’s annoying. I had a glance of my back right before I left the house and I saw the bones of my spine poking out of my skin. I’m not skinny or whatever and I don’t know how I feel about that. The fat somehow ended up on my tummy. Darn it! So yes, tummy is not as flat as before *damn it!* but what the heck la. I don’t even bother now 😀

What I Wore Vol 5 3
Dress: P&Co, from many years ago (RM69.90, if I’m not mistaken)
Shoe: Sidewalk (RM69)
Necklace: Lovisa (can’t remember the price)


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  • Two dresses for the price at one? It’s a superb deal. Plus you look good in it. I wish I could hunt for super good deal, I don’t even have time to go window-shopping

    • Padini group always have good deal. I bought a dress (the red one I wore to Clarins last week) recently for RM9 😀 . Haven’t step into their store in years!

  • You really pull off this colour really well!

    • Thanks haha 😉


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