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What I Wore Vol. 5

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Happy Saturday everyone! I did not plan to have a post up for today but suddenly, while I was rolling on the bed after a market run, I remembered that I sort of forgotten to have a What I Wore post up LOL. Yet again. I would be missing another week of update if I continue rolling on the bed so here I am.

This OOTD was quite recent however the dress is not. I bought two of the same dress several years ago for a steal. Two for the price of one if I’m not mistaken. I have one in turquoise blue/green and this one in purple. I have not wore this dress before at all, not even once until last year, when I lost 7kg from depression. It’s funny how depression changes you and fitting into a dress which I had for years but never worn is not something I expected.

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My Obsession With Lovisa

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The title says it all. Yeap. I am a Lovisa addict. I have an addiction problem with Lovisa jewellery. It all started with a friend Joy Chong (yes Joy, you) gifted me with beautiful Lovisa statement necklace for Christmas two consecutive years. That is where it all begins. Well, not quite immediate but it took me a year or so to get on the Lovisa bandwagon. Then it was all hell breaks loose. I never stop. The collection continues to build more and more.