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My Obsession With Lovisa

Lovisa 1
The title says it all. Yeap. I am a Lovisa addict. I have an addiction problem with Lovisa jewellery. It all started with a friend Joy Chong (yes Joy, you) gifted me with beautiful Lovisa statement necklace for Christmas two consecutive years. That is where it all begins. Well, not quite immediate but it took me a year or so to get on the Lovisa bandwagon. Then it was all hell breaks loose. I never stop. The collection continues to build more and more.

All the photos in this post was taken 6 months ago. And my collection has increased since then. Everything no longer fits in my jewellery box. I am still scratching head on how to store them as I do tend to ‘forget’ what I have and wore the same thing again and again. One thing about me and Lovisa shopping, which I learnt from observing after a while is that – I do not buy retail price. Why should I? Lovisa goes on sale almost twice a month if not almost every week LOL. And when Lovisa do goes on sale, I will “Lovisa hop” all over Klang Valley as each store carries slight different jewellery.

Lovisa 2
As much as I love statement necklace, I do not find any that I like at Lovisa almost 80% of the time. When I do, it is usually a retail price piece or the discount price is above my budget. So I do not have much necklaces from Lovisa.

Lovisa 3
I’ll tell you my current obsession and favourite. Earrings. Not just any earrings BUT earring jacket. You know, the kind that comes with two parts, one for the front and one for the back? Yeah, that is called earring jacket. When earring jacket trend started in Malaysia, I cringed at it. I thought it was hideous. Well look who is talking now. The same girl who cringed over earring jacket now cannot stop buying earring jacket! My other favourite is side earrings, which is the elephant earrings on the bottom photo. LOVE that alfie! I have been eyeing for so long. And when they are finally up for sale, I grabbed one immediately. These are actually quite rare in Lovisa. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not.

Lovisa 4
The only jewellery that I paid in full retail price is this GORGEOUS star earring jacket. It cost me about RM37.90 and I seldom wore it as it is so precious to me. I like anything with stars on it 🙂 . Right before Chinese New year 2016, I wore this earring to a fashion store launch event and lost one side at the changing room. I went back the next day and the store people kept it. I was handed a broken earrings. 3 out of the 5 stars were missing and broken. I went back to several Lovisa store to look for these and they are out 🙁 . I will never ever pay full price again 🙁

Lovisa 5
My preference for earrings is only one – they must be HUGE. I have long hair covering my ears most of the time so small earrings does not do it for me. Even earrings that are huge are covered by my hair. So the bigger the better I suppose. I like this ala-Versace gold earrings, which was the last pair on the rack. Actually most of my earrings bought last year 2015 was just RM8. The most expensive is RM15 😀

Lovisa 6
Last year also I found out that Lovisa carries a small selection of body jewellery. I saw it on sale one day but did not get it. I went on a frantic search for that navel jewellery a few days after that and was lucky to score the one and only last piece.

Lovisa 7
I have an obsession for star design. It is my mission to look for anything with a star shape at Lovisa everytime I am at the store. So far I have been quite lucky with my findings. The 2 little star silver necklace was also last on the rack. Phew.

Lovisa 8
Yes girls. The huge red SALE word which you can spot from miles away are extremely dangerous. I love it but at the same time scared of it. I can go back continuously until the sale ended. No kidding! The good news is, it does not really put a hole to the wallet due to the low sale price.

Lovisa 9
What about you? Do you have a Lovisa obsession? I am pretty sure you do! Come one! Spill it!


Comments (12)

  • Wow! Lovely and extensive collection you have there, Fiona!

    • Thanks Carrie. The collection is bigger now but lazy wanna retake all the photo. Not fun laying everything out and to keep everything back lol.

  • Lol we are so meant for each other. I love Lovisa too! Your collection is remarkable! Way to go girl!

    • We are babe. High five. Loveeeeee Lovisa. Especially when they’re on sale HAHAHAHA. Now hardly can find good RM8 jewellery. Oh! And I found a bronze alfie side earring for RM6. Wayyy cheaper than my silver one which is RM15. So tempted to sweep all the elephant from the shelf lol. Gonna grow the collection more. I felt sad the sale ended the other day 🙁 I haven’t done buying!

  • Impressive!
    I know that feeling!
    But please, don’t tempt me down this slippery slope haha I have enough obsessions lol

    • You know you want it babe. It’s not going to take a lot of space and bank notes hahahaha!

      • You Enabler, you lol!
        It’s okay, I can handle this brand…just please don’t go all Designer Datin on me, ok! Then I can’t keep up haha

        • Lol. Won’t. Promise you. I can’t afford Designer Datin 😛

  • I can understand your “Lovisa hopping” habit, as I do that too, especially when they’re having sales and I happen to pass by one. XD I don’t think I’ve ever bought a full price Lovisa item, hahahaah!

    • Don’t buy full price because it might end up in two pieces like mine LOL

  • hahhaha i also do lovisa hop too…most of my jeweleries are from lovisa…..I think if i go australia I will go crazy because their price so cheap….

    • That’s why I don’t pay full price lol. I can justify RM8 earrings, not RM29.90 haha. Can’t wait for the next sale! Every store is like treasure hunt as every store carries slightly different design 😉


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