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This Is What Happened When I Finally Take Out CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer To Good Use

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 1

Two weeks ago I wanted to paint my nails after what seems to be forever since I last painted them. I used to be very diligent in making sure I have colors on my nails but over the past few months I just did not have the time. And I was enjoying the bare nails look. However I started to missed my funky accent nail-do and I did not want to use the same ol’ nail polish I had so I went on a stash shopping looking for new nail polishes.

Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. London ‘Judo Red: The one nail polish that got me love at first sight

NailsInc Victoria Beckham Judo Red

Recently I went slightly obsessed with nail polish. I am not someone who is into nail polish before this. Even painting my own toe nails is such a chore to me. With my previous work requirement to look presentable and meeting corporate clients all the time, painting my nails is not something that I would even consider, unless it’s nude but I’m not into nude at that time 😀 . When I saw that Sephora brought in the Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. London, I got to have it.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter: Not really magic but it wasn’t bad either

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter

Two months ago, I randomly stroll at the nail polish section at Sephora KLCC and stumbled upon this beautiful glitter nail polish by Nails Inc. I was contemplating if I should get it because glitter nail polish can be so gorgeous on the nails but it is an absolute pain to remove. I bite the bullet and got it, happily applied it on my nails and a week later, I needed to remove it as it was chipped all over. I cried. I regretted. I couldn’t understand why I bought the nail polish.

Review: China Glaze #Hopeful – One Of The 12 Polishes from United For A Purpose Collection For 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness

Many months ago I was gifted with this beautiful creamy pink nail polish from China Glaze. It has been sitting in my drawer until recently I changed the shape of my nails and immediately took this out to use. I’ve been saving it for the nails as I knew it will be beautiful, and I was right 😀
Hopeful is the shade that I received. It is a part of a 12 polishes in the United For A Purpose Collection which is also a China Glaze’s 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness release.

Review: Ultimate Seche Duo To Protect Your Nail and Nail Polish – Crystal Clear Base Coat & Dry Fast Top Coat

The one brand that nail polish geek talk constantly about is Seche. It is also a brand that I see appearing at every nail polish blog. So what exactly is Seche? The first time I ever read about Seche is from a beauty blog but I cannot remember which. It was actually a mixed review so let’s just say I wasn’t interested with Seche since then because of that review. There is one point of time where I was very much into nail polish.

Review: China Glaze #Sass In A Glass; The One Nail Lacquer That Makes Me Happy

3 weeks ago I had some time off before starting a new job so I looked through my LENNART drawer to find a bright nail polish and I decided on China Glaze #Sass In A Glass which I’ve gotten from recent China Glaze blogger event.
Sass In A Glass is a bright dark pink with a hint of shimmers. The sun was glaring on the day I took the picture before therefore it looked slightly red. Maybe because it’s really dark pink which resulted in reddish picture.