Another Ikea Addition – LENNART Drawer Unit

I’ve been wanting to buy LENNART drawer unit for months. Everytime I’m at Ikea I constrain myself from getting it. I finally gave in last week lol. I need this to store all the stuff I bought from all the sales recently.

I only assemble this drawer unit 2 days ago. Here’s a peek at what I store inside. Nothing is firm yet. Just a preliminary arrangement. This whole unit is going to store my brand new makeups.


Let’s start at the bottom drawer.

Here I used up all the space to store my L’Occitane gift sets.


At the front I stuck in 4 pieces of Lip Smacker lip balm just because they look nice hehe.


My most favorite drawer is the middle drawer.

This is where all the new makeups are at. At one glance I can see what I have so I won’t be buying the same thing again and again.

Far hidden inside is a box of Dove shampoo and conditioner trial set and also a box of Lip Smacker.

Below Lancome Virtuose Drama mascara is where I put all the new refill for Kanebo Eyebrow pencil.

Below Estee Lauder palette is also another Estee Lauder palette 😛

I used a Estee Lauder eye cream box to store all the minis. Perfect as it’s not too small or too big. This way they can stand properly without falling everywhere.

Okay. The MAC pigment globe is too huge. Gonna remove it when the collection turns bigger.

After this picture is taken, I actually added in my new 7 bottles of China Glaze nail polish 🙂


There’s nothing to put at the toppest drawer so I just temporary put my Estee Lauder Pleasure perfume set, Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml and Estee Lauder mascara set. Will reorganize what’s in here to second drawer soon.


How do you like my new storage? ZOMG. I have too many makeups! Gulp.


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  • Very nice how much is it, I bought those plastic not long lasting and wheel also come out

  • RM49. But it’s quite small. If you have lots of stuff to put I won’t recommend this.

  • Wow…you seriously have a LOT of gift sets from L’occitane! And the organizer is chic! I like!

  • You do have ALOT of makeup! But, it’s nice to look at.

  • It seem that can fit in so manythings~ LOLX. But your middle drawer seem to be full (from the picture) just wonder how you gonna fit your toppest drawer things in it LOLX. But anyway I think i do understand how happy your feeling is when you arrange or put in all the girl’s thing (:

  • Jo – Yes! I call this my “stock pile” 🙂

    Aby – You’re right. Middle drawer is full. Was thinking to sell off the MAC pigment globe and some of the item inside is also selling off. Another way is I’d need to remove the boxes of the stuff in first drawer 🙂

    giddy tigress – Hello. Haha yes. Bought lots of them so that I don’t need to go L’Occitane for the time being 😉

  • Nice storage, saw at Ikea the other day and was contemplating to get it or not 🙂 The L’Occitane boxes just fitted nicely lol.

  • Fits all 10 boxes of em’!

    The only bad thing abt this drawer is that it’s full with holes and there’s a big gap in between each drawer. Gonna be lots of dust :(. I’m gonna DIY some covers lol

  • Hmm, maybe since it’s so “holey”, wiping will do? Yes, I think you’re a creative person and will have make some nice covers for it. I got the Lillholmen table mirror from Ikea so that I can apply my skincare without going in and out of the bathroom. Hehe, I was very happy with the purchase.

  • RM49 for this big drawer ? awesome find, shall go check out this one to store my stuffs!

  • Jen – The area of my house is dusty. My room need constant wiping all the time. If can I don’t wanna wipe this. Imagine wiping all the lil things inside one by one. OMG. Can die haha

    Jess – Yes :). It’s not small but it’s not big either. I prefer HELMER which I bought last year to store all current on the use skin care and makeups. The only thing about HELMER is that it’s not tall enough. Sigh.

  • Yes agree cover the holes

    Need check this out if got go ikea, so fast weekend soon

  • Yea so fast my 1 week holiday is ending soon 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Girl! You are seriously a bona fide beauty blogger now!

  • I just got this drawer today and currently frustrated with installing the drawer baskets together, and I would appreciate it very much if you help me how to put the baskets with the pins together. Whenever I put the pins in the holes for the baskets…it falls apart. Is it suppose to do that? because from the picture the drawer looks in tact.

    • Actually there’s an instruction paper and I followed exactly as per what it was written.

      From the instruction paper…you’re suppose to split open the pin’s leg so it doesn’t fall off.

    • I did some googling because I’m having the same problem, even while they’re together and I’m trying to use them. Turns out that what Street Love said below may not be true for all of them; perhaps the design changed at some point. Because there are no such indications in my instructions, and there are no legs on the pins to split. The pins pop into little plastic clips or whatever you call them, and I guess theoretically are supposed to stay there. But they pop out at the slightest provocation. So I’m spending time Christmas Eve putting drawers back together on my kitchen floor, and can’t contact anyone at Ikea for a couple of days. But they will either get me better clips or give me a refund on this, because as it is now it’s not even functional.

      • Maybe. But as for me I’m just following what was written on the instruction. It’s hard for me to tell you how to do it as (1) I’m not there with you, (2) I can’t remember my instruction as I’ve throw away the paper, (3) I’m a noob in all these too!

        It’s good for all of you to contact your local Ikea store or better still bring it back for exchange.

        Good luck.


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